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Actual Enforcement of Keep Left laws?

el 21 October 2007 27


Now, I’m not usually one to forward on unconfirmed ‘chain’ emails, but I’ve just received this.

“Word is that the ACT Government is looking at implementing signage stating ‘Frustration causes accidents” and “Please allow overtaking‘ on major roads including Parkes Way, Hindmarsh Drive and the Barton Highways to go with newer ‘Keep left unless overtaking’ signs advertising the possible fines for non-compliance.”

Personally I think it’s a great idea, if people actually bother to read the bloody things (and of course *if* it’s true).

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27 Responses to Actual Enforcement of Keep Left laws?
jasere 11:41 pm 25 Oct 07

if you in the right lane and NOT PASSING, speed limit or not I’m sitting on your ass till you move. Monaro Hwy, TUGG – FYSH and back Mon – Fri , I like to sit on your ass while you public servants wave your arms about and tap on the brakes gives me a good laugh

el ......VNBerlinaV8 6:05 pm 23 Oct 07

Aidan – I forgot common courtesy on the road doesn’t apply for Canberrans. My mistake.

Lord Mælinar 8:34 am 23 Oct 07

You don’t think there is a coincidence between people that can read and use computers and driving skills ?

I think a majority* of RA contributors have 1/2 decent driving skills

*excepting loonies.

la mente torbida 8:08 am 23 Oct 07

So good to see that RiotACT people are such great drivers (it’s just everyone else that’s crap)

boomacat 9:22 pm 22 Oct 07

I agree VY, the convention is that you keep left, the right hand lane is for driving fast.

I don’t like to drive above the speed limit (I don’t think my old shitetin of a car, god love her, could manage continuous fast driving), but I know the rule and keep left. It is courteous and traffic flows more efficiently if you abide by this rule.

Mind I spend a lot of time moving into the right hand lane temporarily to overtake, as people in Cbr just seem to struggle with the whole idea of “speed limit”.

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best 1:13 pm 22 Oct 07

When I learnt to drive, keeping to the left unless you were turning or overtaking was called ‘courteous driving’. A concept lost on a lot of Canberrans.

aidan 1:05 pm 22 Oct 07

If you’re not overtaking someone it *is* an offence (on roads with the large ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ signs at least).

It is an offence if the road has a speed limit of greater than 80 km/hr *or* there are “Keep left …” signs.

Are there keep left signs on Adelaide Ave? If not, then there is no reason for people not to use whatever lane they want.

Tempestas 12:54 pm 22 Oct 07

Caf: Coming from Tuggeranong/Woden, once you are in front of the set of lights that crosses the west bound (to west belconnen) traffic there are two lanes the turn right into Civic and a left lane that goes up Caswell drive. On the rare occasion that I drive this way there is usually some precious soul who misses the two “Belconnen Left Lane” signs proceeds to cut into the left lane traffic, bringing the entire traffic flow to a halt. My point is that here is a classic case of some Canberra drivers believing that the signs don’t actually apply to them. If they wanted vehicles to have the option of not turning right from the two lanes going back to Civic, just maybe they would of configured this temporary intersection a bit differently.

caf 11:19 am 22 Oct 07

Tempestas: if you’re going onto Caswell then you have to either use that right lane or change into it after the lanes converge again, it’s the same path as going to the City until you get to the last lot of lights.

Maelinar 11:02 am 22 Oct 07

I would encourage the police to reinforce this measure by sitting on the right lane of any given thoroughfare during peak traffic periods, and infringing anybody going 10km under the speed limit with a vehicle behind them.

Actions speak louder than any sign ever will.

Tempestas 9:38 am 22 Oct 07

Surely no sign will convince some of Canberra’s “special” drivers to treat others with courtesy and respect. I mean where else can they take out the frustration of missing out on that EL2 job but on the roads.

Just watching the number of people who think “Belconnen Left Lane” at northbound Glenloch interchange means that being the right line is the best way onto Caswell drive is proof enough of the quality of idiot we produce behind the wheel,

burninator 10:55 pm 21 Oct 07

I meant that I don’t enter that lane unless overtaking at the speed limit, hence I’m not an offender.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:51 pm 21 Oct 07

(and no, I am not one of the offenders 😛 … unless doing the speed limit is an offence…)

If you’re not overtaking someone it *is* an offence (on roads with the large ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ signs at least).

burninator 10:46 pm 21 Oct 07

Going slower than the speed limit in the right lane is a cardinal sin in Canberra, but unfortunately, so is doing the speed limit in that lane.

It’s time everyone stopped treating it like their god-given-right to drive in that lane uninterrupted.

(and no, I am not one of the offenders 😛 … unless doing the speed limit is an offence…)

bd84 10:32 pm 21 Oct 07

i think it is well known that people generally cant read these kind of signs or take no notice.

I just object to the morons who tailgate you when you’re overtaking AND you’re already doing 10kms over the speed limit, this reminds me of the moron I encountered in the green falcon the other week (on a one lane road though) I should have taken the small chance to run him off the road 😉

anon1972 10:08 pm 21 Oct 07

It is amazing how people with blue on white number plates can only do 80kmh on the Kings Hwy…until the overtaking lanes appear that is…..

el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:49 pm 21 Oct 07

There seems to be a trend on multi lane roads such as Adelaide Ave in the mornings towards Civic. A huge convoy of people move to the right hand land as soon as they possibly can travelling at around 70km/h. As soon as the convoy passes the Japanese embassy in Yarralumla, probably 80% of them return to the middle and left hand lanes, and a large number of them exit.

I can’t really see the reason for this behaviour myself.

boomacat 9:36 pm 21 Oct 07

I am so sick of being caught behind retarts that drive below the speed limit in single lane no overtaking roads, eg Yass Road between Queanbo and Canberra.

What is so hard about driving the speed limit? Pay attention you nobs.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:33 pm 21 Oct 07

Sounds good. Maybe this sign can replace my flashing of the headlights and hand gestures. I am pretty fed up with people driving slower than the speed limit in the right hand lane. If they want to do that, pull over to the left and stop being a power tripping jerk off.

ant 8:59 pm 21 Oct 07

Just keep tailgating them. I’m sure they’ll move over for you eventually.

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