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The Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Canberra


Kids birthday parties Canberra

Is your little one’s birthday coming up? Are you looking for unique birthday party ideas in the Canberra region? You’ve landed in the right place.

After reading through our commenters’ feedback, we’ve put together a list of five super-fun birthday party ideas that are sure to make your child’s special day one to remember.

Let’s get right into it.

What to Consider when Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party is more complex than it may seem. The best advice we can give you is to stay organised and avoid becoming overly stressed.

To do this, you’ll need to consider a few crucial factors as you embark on the party planning process. Here are the questions you must answer.

  • When is the party? Is it two months away, or two weeks away? While not ideal, if it is just around the corner, don’t panic. Successful parties can be planned at short notice.
  • How many kids and adults are you inviting? This will determine which venue and/or activity you chose.
  • What is your budget? Again, this will influence where the party is held, what types of activities are available, and how many people you can invite. Once you set a budget, stick to it. Memorable kids’ parties don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
  • What kind of food do you want? Will you be serving lunch, or just snacks? Do any of the kids have allergies or intolerances?
  • What kind of games will the kids play? Make a list of all the supplies you will need to facilitate the games.
  • How much do you want to be involved? Do you want to organise food and games, or do you want a venue that takes care of that for you?

Once you have answered these key questions, you are well on your way to planning a successful birthday party. Next step – pick the venue.

The Top 5 Canberra Kids Birthday Party Ideas Suggested By You

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing

With 2 great locations in Hume and Mitchell, Indoor Rock Climbing is an active birthday party for groups of 10 or more. There is access to downloadable birthday invites and no time limit for your party! Manager Riahnne started climbing for a bit of extra fitness and now she runs the show! Facebook reviewer Rachel says: ‘The girls had a great time, staff were friendly and available to assist, and the rock climbing itself was good fun.

Power Kart Raceway

A favourite among Canberran’s, Power Kart Raceway hosts parties for kids aged 6-16 and offer a range of packages to suit your budget. Dan is focused on safety but at the same time makes sure all his staff are great at customer service and have a bit of fun! ‘Local Guide’ Google reviewer Cyan says: ‘Excellent experience, friendly helpful staff and great facilities.

ZONE BOWLING Tuggeranong

Bowling, laser tag and a handful (or two) from the Candy Caddy can be included in Birthday packages for kids aged 5 and up. Midweek birthday specials and extra cake decorations. Who says you need to be a kid, this is a great party at any age! Google reviewer F Laimo says: “Friendly staff. Good bowling alleys. Good for birthdays parties and small groups.

Canberra Reptile Zoo

Starting at $17 per kid, birthday parties at Canberra Reptile Park are educational and fun! There are over 50 different species of reptile and frogs for the kids to meet and learn about while eating birthday cake and socialising. Owner, Peter has been a reptile lover since he was 10 years old and has grown his passion into a Zoo! Google reviewer Nico says: ‘Awesome place to have a birthday party. The show was cool, we got to meet some animals!

Zone 3

Zone 3 have been hosting kids birthday parties for kids in Canberra forever and know how to do it well! Laser tag is fun and noisy as well as being active. Available to kids aged 6 and up, all the party people get a briefing before they play. Call Ellie about their Tuesday to Thursday party specials. Google reviewer Lisa and Cerri say: ‘Great family run business, perfect kids birthday party venue.

 Who did you pick?

Thanks to our commentators who have provided insightful feedback on the best and worst Canberra kids birthday party ideas.

If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Please comment below detailing your experience with Canberra based kids birthday party ideas. Who would you recommend? Who would you use again? Who would you steer clear of?

What's Your Opinion?

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26 Responses to The Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Canberra
knowledgeseeker 11:31 pm 12 Oct 18

Hi guys , my son turns 3 in 2 months , and am looking for options to celebrate his bday where I can invite the parents and some older kids 8-12 years old aswell.. any suggestions please

canberrabollywood 10:43 am 21 Jan 18

Organizing kids birthday parties can be hard. Here is an idea if your child likes dancing or want to try some new activity. We now offer dance class party for any ages (3 years upwards). Great way to keep them entertained for 1 hour plus while learning and dressing up in bollywood costumes. Dance Studios can be organised in any suburb in canberra. And depending on the studio chosen there will be areas for food/cake cutting celebrations. Enail us on and will make your kids party a truely memorable one.

Deborah 7:02 pm 13 Jun 14

Best kids parties I've been to (and hosted) have been Gymbaroo parties. They have a great set up for the food (which you bring yourself) and the kids have a fab time on the equipment too.

gladbag 10:43 am 13 Jun 14

Belco Gymnastics = Canberra City Gymnastics Club, College Street, Bruce

switch 6:26 pm 12 Jun 14

[quote comment="526777"]Where is the Belconnen Gymnastics Centre?[/quote]

In Belconnen.

leoplanet 4:42 pm 12 Jun 14

[quote comment="354621"]Our six year old had his party at the Belconnen Gymnastics centre. It was great for the kids and the parents. The kids were entertained by two staff for 90 minutes and had a blast jumping in the cushion pit, negotiating obstacle courses, doing parachute games etc. In fact all the parents of the other kids left and we just sat and watched and drank coffee! Last 30 minutes you sit them all at a table with chips and drink (supplied by you), cut the cake and sing happy birthday then all the other parents come and take them home. Perfect! Much better then doing it at home and we had the whole place to ourselves.[/quote]

Where is the Belconnen Gymnastics Centre? Do you have an address or number??

dtc 6:03 pm 21 Aug 12

[quote comment="427198"]Leaning towards the gymnastics in Belco for this year or the CSIRO Discovery centre. Given my daughter will be 5, is this too young for either of these?[/quote]

My daughter had her 5th at the gymnastics, so that is no problem; they look after them well. I recommended them last year and still think its one of the best parties she has had (although the eating room is just a little kitchenette)

CSIRO might be a year or two away - depends on her concentration span (and those of her friends) and ability to sit still and no squash the mices.

allyroger 3:53 pm 21 Aug 12

Have to resurrect this great thread, it helped my last year when we chose Cherry Seed which was really good. Staff were nice, kids played traditional games and ate and decorated cup cakes.

Went to a kids party at the mpower dome recently and apart from it being freezing, was really good, kids got to run around and play sporty games and have a lot of fun.

Leaning towards the gymnastics in Belco for this year or the CSIRO Discovery centre. Given my daughter will be 5, is this too young for either of these?

Chop71 3:10 pm 29 Sep 11

The Pot Belly - Belconnen :)

gourmetmumma 2:55 pm 29 Sep 11

Thanks for the feedback again everyone...she loves the idea of gymnastics so we've booked in. Last available booking mind you as they are all booked out till Christmas! I'm hoping this is a good sign :)

gladbag 11:07 pm 25 Sep 11

CISAC - they do parties, the kids swim and slide and have fun, the food is standard and pale, cant remember the coffee - was to scared someone would drown so spent the party pacing the pool.

Kids City - Kids love it - really a long time for parents - food is awful and pale

Monkey Mania - bit better than kids city (if you can go on the falling net thingy it is seriously fun), foods ok, but the noise is awful - you will have a headache afterwards.

Questacon - Very controlling - not what a kids party should be

Federation Square - gentle and kids like it

Zone3 - older kids love it, pretty fun for parents too (only time you can legally shoot someone else's child)

Fun Factory - Haven't been to the new venue - don't know if they still have the bumper cars which was the only attraction above Kids City in the old venue

Park next to Ginninderra Lake - Good equipment, kids get lost but they do get found again - success depends on weather and number of spare clothes

Small train rides at the Train museum in Kingston - only open once a month but the little ones love it - self catering picnic and unending train rides - depending on weather again

Maccas with playground - the other parents will understand, the kids will still have fun and the coffee is ok.

Don't stress too much - there is not really such a thing as a bad party at 7

Bad Seed 8:50 pm 25 Sep 11

Anothe vote for Kid's Pantry. We did the Mystery Box party earler this year (although your daughter is probably too young for that one). It is a really well run place with lots of staff that really take care of you (and are especially watchful over kids with allergies). Its on the expensive end but we don't do parties every year so were okay with it. My kids (9 and 11) both love Zone 3 and have for a couple of years but if your party is all girls it might be less appropriate. Another option is Henry's at the Southern Cross Club where you get fed and get tokens to play on the games machines - a bit like gambling for kids but hey, its another option. Both mine think that place is "awesome" -exchaning tokens for pieces of plastic crap or lollies - what more could you want? I would rather eat broken glass than go to Kid's City - we have been to the one at DFO -Monkey Mania? Still loud but not nearly as bad -not as cavernous so not as echoey. Have fun deciding.

emmy-lou 1:51 pm 25 Sep 11

My nephew had his 7th birthday party at the CSIRO Discovery Centre this year - he had a fantastic time. There's a spot near the cafe where you set up the food/cake/presents, then a staff member takes the kids for a bit & keeps them (& the parents) entertained. While I was there they brought out a couple of turtles, some stick insects, then moved onto another section where the kids put on lab coats & looked into microscopes, then my over-organised sister had arranged for them to make sherbert.

If the person with the right licence is there, I think the kids can even try their hand at making ice cream.

dtc 1:25 pm 25 Sep 11

I will second the Beclo Gymnastics Centre. You do have to provide all your own food and drink and the eating room is spartan and small, but the kids have an absolutely fantastic time - and providing your own food means you have control. As a parent you dont have to do anything, although I have seen parents diving into the foam bit (which is harder to get out of than you might imagine)

Discovery Centre parties are also good, although maybe in a year or two - for slightly older kids I think, unless they are into sciency stuff.

Most kids love kid city; most adults dont. However kid city is a very common party venue so try something different. You will attend a party there sooner or later.

Some of the dance studios also run parties - they get the kids to dress up and teach them to dance etc. Depends on the kid of course. There is one in Mitchell that does this, although I can't remember its name at the moment.

Zone 3 is for older kids - I have seen plenty of younger kids terrified by the maze/fighting area.

gourmetmumma 7:39 pm 24 Sep 11

Wow what fabulous responses thanks heaps guys!! the idea of Cherry Seed...I actually love not far from Fed square in Nicholls and I must admit I've never seen it! Checked out the website and I'll pop in and chat to them...almost-7-year-old seems keen too :)

She's been to a Pink Kisses party last week so I'll probably give it a miss but thanks for the idea. I'm also considering Kids Pantry as something different to do as she loves to cook.

As far as the Kid City comments go I have to agree a big thumbs down :( I have no problem with the noise as you'd expect that in such a place, but the service, coffee and food is pretty disgraceful and if I'm going somewhere to let my kids run around I'd actually like to have decent coffee and snacks for the grown ups. I've noticed there's actually a new Kid City being built at Gold Creek Country Club (not sure if it's actually the same company, but it's one of those big playcentres) so I'm hoping its a big improvement on the Mitchell one.

Gungahlin Al 6:48 pm 24 Sep 11

As usual with this sort of request, if you give an idea where in the city you are people can be more helpful...

If you can find a venue - like hiring a local hall for a few hours (like Palmerston Community Centre, which GCC used to manage but it is now GRCS) - then Marianne Mettes' new business Puppetoodle will go down well with girls of that age. You'll find her on Facebook.

We went to a party at the ice rink, and while the skating was fun, the boots weren't (as someone else said) and the management assistance was non-existent.

Makesse 5:24 pm 24 Sep 11

My daughter is 10, we have had parties at many different venues. The nicest by far was Cherry Seed at Federation Square. We set up a picnic outside on the grass for the adults whilst the venue took care of the children.

Kittykate 4:55 pm 24 Sep 11

My daughter had her 6th birthday party at Kid's Food Pantry this morning. They had a great time making and decorating cupcakes while the parents had a sedate coffee. Would recommend it to anyone who was looking for something a little less manic than Monkeymania and Lollipops.

tommy 4:36 pm 24 Sep 11

[quote comment="354600"]There is an ice-rink in Philip (Woden) which will probably do parties.


The ice rink at Philip is pretty much worn out. The skates are antique so it's pretty frustrating getting a bunch of skates on 7 yo kinds.

Some not so common options are:

Kids Pantry cooking class -

CSIRO Discovery Centre -

krats 4:06 pm 24 Sep 11

[quote comment="354604"]Has anyone been to Kid City in Mitchell recently for a kid's party - is it value for money?

I've been waiting for nine days now for them to send me information on their parties - I have emailed them once, and phoned them once, and still no response.[/quote]

nine days?? and still waiting... surely that should tell you something!

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