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King hit outcome lets Canberra down again

By sunshine - 23 January 2014 48

3 months weekend detention is disgraceful. [Canberra Times story]

Hopefully the offender doesn’t go and he ends up serving his time out in full at the AMC

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48 Responses to
King hit outcome lets Canberra down again
colourful sydney rac 3:25 pm 23 Jan 14

You do all understand that if he had received a significantly longer sentence, it would, in all likelihood, be overturned on appeal as it would be a significant departure from sentences for similar offences? Probably, not that would have required giving it a little more thought than the knee jerk ‘hang-em high’ which is so much quicker than reading judgements etc. plus it’s quicker so you can get back to catching up on episodes of the Bolt Report on youtube.

obamabinladen 1:53 pm 23 Jan 14

The proposed laws in nsw have some good aspects to them but also punish the majority of people who do the right thing. First can I ask what is worse king hitting someone while your under the influence or while your straight? The new laws implement a minimum mandatory 2 year custodial sentence if the person is drunk however if the person isn’t under the influence there is no minimum mandatory sentence.

The laws affect some businesses and favour others. The casino can still sell alcohol after 3am but other establishments are being forced to stop service. Bottle shops will have to shut at 10pm.

These new proposed laws are punishing the wrong people. If Barry O Farrell had half a brain all he had to do to fix the problem is pass tough laws on violence with a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years. I guarantee you after a few of your mates going to gaol for violence people would stop committing these stupid acts of violence.

astrojax 1:41 pm 23 Jan 14

gizmo1 said :

Lesson, defend yourself (if you get the opportunity), bugger the consequences cause odds are you can pretty much do what you like.

i gather the concept of these ‘cowards punches’ (the new nomenclature) is that there is little provocation and no time for self defence. not much of a lesson, then.

the lesson should be writing to your local mla to have the government put some pressure on the judiciary to award penalties more in line with community expectations. merely voicing displeasure on a (albeit most excellent and influential) web site is insufficient.

that said, i have no idea of this offender’s personal circumstances or history, so perhaps in his infinite wisdom, this actually was an appropriate sentence by the learned magistrate?

roshen 1:22 pm 23 Jan 14

I’m guessing the victim can lodge civil action against the attacker for financial losses relating to the medication, loss of work, income or future income. No mention of them doing that though.

Ben_Dover 1:16 pm 23 Jan 14

I suppose the fact that he is out means that the friends and family of the victim can have a full and frank exchange of views with him. Preferably with an baseball bat.

Tooks 12:58 pm 23 Jan 14
gizmo1 12:30 pm 23 Jan 14

Typical of the court system in the ACT. Having been in a similar situation, although the magistrate was a different chap, I have been left with very little faith in the what is claimed to be the ACT legal system.
It has been made abundantly clear in the last few years anyone can beat the crap out of someone, wait to go to court and unless they have grievously injured or killed someone, get off scott free. Even if the worst case happens, the magistrates seem to be totally gutless and unwilling to actually do their job. It will be interesting to see what happens when this happens to the child of one of our so called legal eagles. Bet the little toad gets the book thrown at them meanwhile us normal people just have to put up with being shafted.
Lesson, defend yourself (if you get the opportunity), bugger the consequences cause odds are you can pretty much do what you like.
Having said that, these “king hit specialists” need a thrashing with a stock whip……just for starters.
Would be nice to have a legal system that at least sentences people with a suitable punishment for the crime. BWHAHAHAHA yeah right

Tooks 12:00 pm 23 Jan 14

MERC600 said :

Ah,,, Judge Higgins has gone, but his legacy lives on.

Can’t blame the judges for this one. I believe it was heard in the Magistrates Court.

Let’s see, a serious, unprovoked assault causing serious permanent injury and this is the sentence? I’d like to read the judgement before commenting in any detail, but I can’t see how such a light sentence can be deemed acceptable by anyone with a modicum of common sense.

This kind of assault sickens me. This sentence sickens me almost as much.

Dork 11:39 am 23 Jan 14

This is terrible. What the Mother said about this incident made me super sad. This result makes me super angry.

In regards to what happened with the new legislation in Sydney, not a fan. I think there are more effective ways of dealing with it, but this is what happens when the public call for action.

The difficult thing about these type of laws, is that they implement many solutions at once, which makes it harder to pinpoint what is effective and what’s not. It may well work, but at significant cost, and it punishes the many people doing the right thing. If there was a more effective solution it’s worthwhile investigating, they haven’t done that though.

In regards to what Canberra should do, even though it’s not the clubs problem. I believe it’s in their best interest to come up with a solution before one is forced on them. ID scanners have been suggested on a lot of online forums/blogs as an alternative to the NSW laws.

curmudgery 10:42 am 23 Jan 14

I’ve said before, the judiciary is all about looking after the bad guy – in effect, he lays their golden egg.

The victim is just an unpleasant necessity to proceedings and the sentence reflects how highly the judiciary values you.

magiccar9 10:40 am 23 Jan 14

This crime sickens me to the core. Anybody who engages in this type of assault should be spending the rest of their worthless life in prison – rotting in a small dank cell.

Alas, nothing is going to be done any time soon, as the Government says it’s the establishment’s job, the establishment says it’s the police, and the police point at the Government again. It’s a cycle where nobody wants to step up and take responsibility or work together, meanwhile more and more people are having their lives destroyed because of this senseless act.

On the topic, I’d be keen to hear people’s opinions on the related NSW law changes in the last couple of days…

chewy14 10:40 am 23 Jan 14

So NSW go completely overboard with their proposed legislation and we are left with this crap.

Isn’t there a middle ground where these d***heads get a decent stretch at AMC instead of being hit with the wet lettuce of the ACT justice system?

MERC600 9:51 am 23 Jan 14

Ah,,, Judge Higgins has gone, but his legacy lives on.

Genie 9:43 am 23 Jan 14

If all he is going to get is 3 months weekend detention. Can we, the taxpayers, at least send him the bill for his victims medical needs.

pptvb 9:37 am 23 Jan 14

Sadly, most offenders know, or quickly learn, that weekend detention is massively under resourced. This means, if you turn up at 4:58 on Friday afternoon, chances are it will already be full.
You will then be sent home.
Sadly, this loser will spend very little time in any form of detention.
The victims are the only ones being punished here.

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