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King hit outcome lets Canberra down again

By sunshine 23 January 2014 48

3 months weekend detention is disgraceful. [Canberra Times story]

Hopefully the offender doesn’t go and he ends up serving his time out in full at the AMC

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48 Responses to
King hit outcome lets Canberra down again
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A_Cog 12:01 pm 05 Feb 14

The ACT doesn’t need one-punch laws because we already have prescribed imprisonment penalties with maximum numbers of years attached to each offence type. What we need is for our judges to consider ALL F#$KING SEVEN factors for sentencing as they exist in the Crimes (Sentencing) Act 2005, and also consider the maximum imprisonment prescriptions under the ACT’s Crimes Act and Criminal Code. Anything else, and it shows that they’re out of touch with the community they purport to protect, and unfamiliar with the laws they follow when imposing sentences.

Why can’t Murrell CJ and Refshauge (miserable failure of a J) be more like Justice Neild (the recent NSW import)? Burglary? SIX YEARS! Violent attempted armed hold-up? SEVEN-AND-A-HALF! Murder? TWENTY-TWO! Neild is imposing sentences under the same legislation which Refshauge and Murrell ignore.

I agree with AG Corbell (or as I refer to him, Batman) that the ACT doesn’t need new laws or sentencing provisions. No Batman, we don’t need new tougher laws. We need a new tougher bench, modelled after Neild. We need these jokers masquerading as justices (and chief justices) to apply the ACT laws Neild has applied in their own sentences in a way consistent with Neild’s measure of justice.

bundah 10:23 am 05 Feb 14

Unsurprisingly Attorney-General Corbell thinks nothing needs changing with the current laws and doesn’t want to undermine judicial independence in any way unlike NSW. He’s so politically correct it’s sickening…

Tooks 11:52 pm 04 Feb 14

incredulousandridiculous said :

Skidd Marx said :

Check out his FB profile. Dude is a complete sack.

I was heartened to know we have no mutual friends. What’s atrocious, though, is that some 1300 people have seen fit to have him on their friends list. Surely at least a quarter of them would know about the conviction now and not be so close to him as to be proper friends in real life. Plus the fact he seems to have been a bastard before this.

I cut my own list down to just over a 1000 for crimes as terrible as someone posting more than three photos of their dog, inviting me to Farmville et al or talking about My Kitchen Rules. Why do people want to be associated with a criminal dropkick?

I’ve never coward-punched anyone, but these sagas only confirm to me how the more mean you are, including ruining someone’s life through violence, the greater the popularity you can maintain. A majority may hate you (if they figure out who you are, which they usually won’t). But you attract enough people with your dropkickery who like to be around you, even if online.

No, I think it is weak as piss.

banco 9:39 pm 04 Feb 14

A_Cog said :

Another dud sentence from a light touch CJ. First it was the library pedo, now this.

She’s a left wing luvvie, former legal aid lawyer so hardly surprising.

milkman 6:01 pm 04 Feb 14

A_Cog said :

Another dud sentence from a light touch CJ. First it was the library pedo, now this.

I have to wonder how long it will be before people start taking the law into their own hands to deal with these scumbag offenders? What’s the point of having them prosecuted? And besides, if you go and kill the scumbag who hurt your kid/brother/etc you’ll probably get off with a slap on the wrist yourself!

A_Cog 3:14 pm 04 Feb 14

Daniel Byrne’s sentence is a joke. ACT judges have seven grounds to consider when sentencing: justice, deterrence, protecting the community, rehabilitation, personal accountability, denunciation, recognition of harm to victim.

Sure, because Byrne is 21, he has prospects of rehabilitation, and sure, AFTER he’d done it he expressed remorse (personal accountability) so go lightly on those two factors. But to basically disregard the other five factors?

Another dud sentence from a light touch CJ. First it was the library pedo, now this.

NoImRight 2:48 pm 04 Feb 14

Wait. Changing the name to coward punch hasnt resulted it its immediate cessation as a form of attack? Im amazed.Usually Govt changing the name of something is all thats needed to immediately destroy the victim of their anger. No further action needed. Oh yummy Freedom Fries!!

bundah 2:39 pm 04 Feb 14

Tooks said :

Tooks said :

Despite what many people think, a hell of a lot of crooks are being sent to jail, but for fairly short periods of time. Being recidivist offenders, they do their short lag, get out then do what they know best.

Have a look at the Crimes Sentencing Act (particularly around pages 30 and up) and look how much the victim is taken into consideration compared to the offender. That act is broken in my opinion and needs to be reviewed.

It will be interesting to see what sentence that Daniel Byrne coward gets next month for his dog shot on the Irish bloke who has permanent brain damage.×65.html

Well, that answers that.

So do you believe that 3½ years’ prison, to be served as 12 months’ full-time custody, followed by six months of periodic detention is a reasonable sentence particularly as the victim has permanent cognitive impairment due to the coward punch?

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