Kombi Keg: a party idea ready to roll in to Canberra

Michelle Taylor 14 August 2019 40
Kombi Keg

Kombi Keg is coming to a party near you. Photos: Supplied.

Heads up, Canberra! A fun new way to slake your thirst is blazing a path to the capital. Well, ‘puttering’ may be more accurate.

Kombis encapsulate a laid-back lifestyle; conjuring up images of wanderlust, adventure and beachside bonfires.

One Kombi in particular plans to deliver the festivity to any party you have planned this summer.

Phil Hoken launched a fresh approach to the bar-catering scene four years ago, when he painstakingly restored an old Kombi and began transforming it into a mobile bar. Two months later, he debuted the original Kombi Keg in time to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Chilled tubs keep bottled wine and soft drinks cold.

Phil posted an image of his Kombi Keg on Facebook, and the overwhelming response to the concept floored him. Off the back of this exposure, Kombi Keg morphed into a business and Phil, with his co-owner Zac, grew it into a successful 42-strong franchise.

There is even a pop-out wide screen TV.

Two local Canberrans, Marty and Camo, noticed Kombi Keg on their social media channels.

“It’d been popping up our Facebook feed quite a bit. And then one day, we talked about joining Kombi Keg. It literally took us about 30 seconds to decide!” they tell me, laughing.

Marty and Camo are excited to embark on their Kombi Keg adventure. Their 1973 T2 is currently receiving its Kombi Keg makeover.

Marty tells me that they plan to branch out beyond Canberra, servicing parties and events as far south as Jindabyne and throughout the South Coast.

Its mobility factor enables the Kombi to go off the beaten track as well as access backyard events.

Kombi Keg can cater to your wedding, backyard party, VIP Corporate function or festival.

A wide selection of beers, wine, spirits, cider or non-alcoholic drinks can be poured simultaneously as Kombi Keg boasts six taps. Bottled wine and soft drinks can easily be stored on ice in the chilled tubs. The pop-out wide screen TV is perfect to display a slideshow at a birthday or wedding, or to stream the game at a Grand Final party or corporate event.

Six taps means a lot of variety being poured.

While they can run any beer through the Kombi Keg, Marty and Camo are keen to tap into the strong microbrewery and cider scene in Canberra. They hope to link with and promote local brewers like Zierholz, Bentspoke and Capital Brewery.

Drinks can be as varied as your imagination.

Kombi Keg are happy to teetotal, in fact they will be pouring kombuchas at the Oh Baby Expo at Thoroughbred Park on the 26 and 27 October.

So if your event is a bespoke wedding, backyard party, VIP Corporate function or one of the many festivals around town and surrounding areas, watch this space.

Kombi Keg will make its Canberra debut in spring.

Head on over to their Facebook page, Kombi Keg Canberra or email your enquiries to hello@kombikegcanberra.com.au to learn more.

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40 Responses to Kombi Keg: a party idea ready to roll in to Canberra
Abby Truesdale Abby Truesdale 1:12 pm 15 Aug 19

Sammy Truesdale oh my god 😍

Dale Salmi Dale Salmi 10:02 am 14 Aug 19

Brenton Skurowski.... I'm sure we spoke once along these linez🤔🤔

Su De Mel Su De Mel 9:23 pm 13 Aug 19

Mark French Rachel Meyer party at yours ? 🙂

Laura Koerbin Laura Koerbin 9:08 pm 13 Aug 19

Hanna Koerbin Megan Weirdnock just hire this for a standard Tuesday afternoon

Andrew Smith Andrew Smith 3:10 pm 13 Aug 19

Ebonee Miller you need a party in Canberra

Judy Hase Judy Hase 12:07 pm 13 Aug 19

Claire Sinnott hmmmm Vincent!!!

Mick Demetrius Mick Demetrius 9:39 am 13 Aug 19

Where is my invite

Jacqleequack Hassall Golding Jacqleequack Hassall Golding 9:24 am 13 Aug 19

Craig here u go 👌🏼🍾🥂🍺🍻🍷🥤🥃🍸🍹

    Craig Allen Craig Allen 9:25 am 13 Aug 19

    Jacqleequack Hassall Golding ain’t letting no drunk peeps near my kombi!! 😝

Michelle Ayers Michelle Ayers 9:28 pm 12 Aug 19

Ooh time to plan a wedding!!

Mel Stephens Mel Stephens 9:20 pm 12 Aug 19

Mark we can get this for the wedding.

Gill Battye Gill Battye 9:07 pm 12 Aug 19

Jo this makes me think of you

Steve N Carol Trute Steve N Carol Trute 9:06 pm 12 Aug 19

Evelyn Nesbitt-Heelan four 21st?

    Evelyn Nesbitt-Heelan Evelyn Nesbitt-Heelan 9:11 pm 12 Aug 19

    Steve N Carol Trute yes!!! How awesome is that

    Steve N Carol Trute Steve N Carol Trute 9:29 pm 12 Aug 19

    Evelyn Nesbitt-Heelan tailor made for u 🎂

Colin McIntyre Colin McIntyre 9:01 pm 12 Aug 19

You guys should get on board with the Camp Quality Golf day👍

Anthony Pickrell Anthony Pickrell 8:58 pm 12 Aug 19

Zak Lamrock a reason for you to pay Canberra a visit..

Alyssa Hicks Alyssa Hicks 8:42 pm 12 Aug 19

Annie Jarman...next years party 🤣

Cindy Pearlo Baker Cindy Pearlo Baker 8:30 pm 12 Aug 19

Michelle Alnis Kylie Bryant Melissa Bryant Steve McLaughlin Bert Willis how cool

Dianne Gilbert Dianne Gilbert 8:30 pm 12 Aug 19

Mikayla May just another idea😊

    Mikayla Gilbert Mikayla Gilbert 8:31 pm 12 Aug 19

    Dianne Gilbert oh what a great idea! Thank you 😁

Jonas Manley Jonas Manley 8:25 pm 12 Aug 19

Kane Bagnall interesting

Tegan Farrelley Tegan Farrelley 8:22 pm 12 Aug 19

For the wedding Sophie Gemmell Tyler Farrelley?

Billy Demetrius Billy Demetrius 8:19 pm 12 Aug 19

Emma Bell when we get married ?

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