Konrad Lenz near death experience at In Blue

johnboy 23 August 2005 8

Contrary to rumour, it isn’t every day I walk into a bar and get accused of attempted murder. But last night in the Phoenix it came out that I’d missed a few things in my review of the “In the Can” 2XX promo fundraiser. I totally forgot Randall Blair’s set which I think was very good but, um, yes I don’t remember. I’d also forgotten that when Konrad Lenz had asked the audience to buy him double vodka’s I’d set a leadership example by immediately delivering him one.

It would seem I wasn’t alone and a great deal of vodka later there were ugly scenes in the toilet and an ambulance was needed with Konrad taken to hospital.

The great man had this to say:

By my reckoning I had about 19 vodkas in an hour. Some reports say 24 and some go as high as 33 (a Biblical number)… What can I do when everyone in the audience is buying me drinks? It would be rude not to sink em down… It was my Jim Morrison/Bon Scott moment (I share a birthday with ol’ Bon). I’m now an official rock dog… If it wasn’t for Randall Blair I could have been an official corpse in the toilets (appropriate for the Christening of the Spirits of the Dead)… Good Mr Randall discovered me and a team of 7 carried me on a stretcher to the ambulance… I don’t remember the end of the gig… I do remember some bits after… I suppose I have, to quote one of my songs, “a death wish buried deep in my skull.” But right now its just a dull ache. I had enough alcohol to kill me and like I said I beat Dylan Thomas’ record and lived to tell the tale…

As far as light at the end of the tunnel, as soon as I was conscious I saw Canberra surroundings and knew I hadn’t made it to Heaven…

You can quote any of this or none of this. I’m putting in an application next week for the Folky, don’t know if they’d see this as very professional behaviour. Then again, its doing wonders for my status as a myth/legend… There’s a plus and minus to every action… It was a damn good gig too… Adios Kemosabe – Tonto…

It’s real rock and roll when In The Can hits In Blue folks.

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8 Responses to Konrad Lenz near death experience at In Blue
dragcity_cowgirl dragcity_cowgirl 4:10 pm 29 Aug 05

I’m responsible … or irresponsible too … the goings on in the dunnees during Aaron’s set put a whole new meaning to “In the Can”

Happy trails … see y’all @ the Gilded Palace of Sin [PHX 31st … where I’m sure Koni will be holding court] for the indestructible Randall Blair & Wedded Bliss … some of whom have been known to leave carrot and pea trails on carpets … probably for wildlife to follow.

Mizz Deb

gavin-j gavin-j 3:38 pm 24 Aug 05

Konrad Lenz is GOD!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:23 pm 24 Aug 05

mmm I remember most worst stage effort…. I was in canberra visiting family and rang up a mate and asked if he wanted go and do a duet cover of a teenage fanclub song at the potbelly ope n mic night…..he said yes, we both learnt the song… on the day we were playing I went to the wig and pen and spent the afternoon drinking their beautiful rasberry beer (so thirsty)… rocked up to the pot smashed…got on stage realised we only had one mic between the two of us, undeterred we went on stage and I went on to knock my mate on his arse as we went to sing the 1st chorus….geez it was funny – the worst thing was (and probably still am) a very very bad singer and my mate was quite good…

Thumper Thumper 2:09 pm 24 Aug 05


its a pretty good effort.

One vodka per two minutes….

Jay Wayward Jay Wayward 1:20 pm 24 Aug 05

Geez, my music is louder and angrier than Konrad’s but as far as consuming 19 vodkas in an hour – wow. That’s extremely Rock n Roll of him.

I’ve had six beers + half a bottle of beam onstage at my work xmas party, but i’m not capable of doing anything anywhere within the realms of consuming at least 19 shots in an hour.

I think there’s something wrong with my lifestyle. I’m off to build up my tolerance now.

Rest up Konrad !

Thumper Thumper 7:57 am 24 Aug 05


They’d be out there selling CDs like crazy….

terubo terubo 8:15 pm 23 Aug 05

Hmmm, interesting one, this. Say Konrad had karked it in the khazi, would JB and a few others now be in the slammer on manslaughter charges?
Comments, legal eagles?

Thumper Thumper 6:45 pm 23 Aug 05


That is serious Jim Morrison Lizard King stuff….

My best efforts have been as follows;

Faling of the stage at the old hungarian club, pissed, and get tangled up in my guitar lead. Pride and body very bruised but bass untouched. Divine intervention?


ORs mess at the RAAF base back in the 80s when it was a free XXXX promotion night. I spent the comlete last bracket swaying on stage and doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I couldn’t even help pack up the gear, and didn’t remember a thing about it.

Gotta love the lifestyle sometimes….

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