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Lady Denman Lycra

By wildturkeycanoe - 13 November 2010 107

To all the lycra clad cyclists [up to 20 of you] on Lady Denman Dr. at the dam wall 0600-0630 every blxxdy morning…..get off the narrow 70km/h road and ride on the taxpayer funded cycleway provided on your right and left! You might believe you’re an Olympian athlete in the making, but training for this can be done in a safer environment than a busy motorway where cars have to either brake suddenly, cross over double white lines, veer into oncoming traffic or just stop and abuse you for your inconsiderate behaviour.  All of this occurs at a time of day when into the rising sun you decide to ride a meter into in the vehicular lane, in non-reflective clothing, whilst a cycle lane is available….on Cotter Rd.

How can a person dob in bad behaviour by a cyclist, when you can’t stop and talk to them and they haven’t got an identifying mark? Should I do a citizen’s arrest????? Help someone before I commit cyclicide!

Anyone else feel like I do. I’m sure there are, all those traveling with me every morning. C’MON, speak up before we all end up doing 25km/h at the mercy of these temporary Australians.

What’s Your opinion?

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Lady Denman Lycra
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Kan 12:08 pm 23 Nov 10

In response to beejay76 – my post was about the drivers, not the traffic.

We lived in several places – Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Parramatta – and worked in the city. Like so many, we had to put up with either inconsistent train services or appalling traffic conditions. I agree traffic is dreadful in Sydney but from our experience, the drivers are mostly a polite lot. We never had an accident in Sydney but my spouse did when he came to Canberra because a woman (while chatting on her phone) drove into the back of his motorbike. Apparently she didn’t see him stop at the roundabout!

I am not the only one who witnesses near misses on a regular basis. Recently had lunch with a few ‘locals’ and when I asked them what they thought – they all had stories of dangerous Canberra drivers.They never said: “you’re exaggerating” or “don’t pick on us Canberra drivers”. Also consider this – all these people including myself have also driven overseas and still think ACT drivers have a lot to learn about road rules.

I am glad you’ve never experienced ‘scary’ Canberra drivers and I hope you never do.

beejay76 9:57 am 23 Nov 10

Kan said :

I must admit when we were moving from Sydney to ACT, my Canberra relatives did warn me about the drivers – I realise now what they were talking about.

Where in Sydney were you? I wish I had lived there! I find Canberra drivers heaps better than Sydney ones! How weird is that? I used to spend a reasonably large amount of time on the Pacific Highway (not too bad) Epping Road (appalling), Victoria Road (cars don’t actually move here, so hard to judge quality of driving), and Military Road Mosman (pretty shocking). Particularly in the Inner West (or outer west for that matter, but I didn’t spend much time there) I found Sydney drivers to be impatient to the point of suicide. The words “Canterbury Road” are still enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. And Broadway?? *shudder*. I found they will not give an inch to let somebody in and fundamentally misunderstand the rules of merging. I wish I had lived where ever you lived!

I love driving in Canberra. When a lane ends, everybody zippers up nice and orderly. When you need to change lanes, you just indicate. And voila! somebody will let you in before long. Bliss!

Kan 11:35 pm 22 Nov 10

I’ve never had a problem with cyclists on the road but then I am not an impatient driver and rider. I do agree that some cyclists do dumb and dangerous things on the roads. Maybe they should be called temp Aussies instead of us motorcyclists.

My spouse cycles to work every day and avoids the roads. He says cycling on the roads in Canberra is just too dangerous; he switched from riding his Suzi to cycling for that very reason. This is the same person who rode his bike in peak hour Sydney traffic for many years and rarely encountered problems.

We moved to the ACT nearly three years ago and think it’s a great place for many reasons. However, the only downside has been the lunatic drivers who have little regard for rules. Let’s see – indicators not used, constant tailgating, pushing the horn when somebody hesitates for a second when the lights turn green, running red lights, speeding excessively and so on.

I must admit when we were moving from Sydney to ACT, my Canberra relatives did warn me about the drivers – I realise now what they were talking about.

p1 10:00 pm 20 Nov 10

wildturkeycanoe said :

p1 – all I can say is…read some of the IR laws or Awards and you’ll see why.

IR laws mean tradies have to get up early? WTF?

Most tradies I know get paid for the hours they work, just like most public servants.

Jono 9:14 pm 20 Nov 10

wildturkeycanoe said :

… before road rage sets in and my horn will blast away behind you all the way to Yarralumla, simply because I can’t get past

You really don’t get it, do you? The problem here isn’t the cyclists; it isn’t the ACT Government; it’s what goes on between YOUR ears when you’re behind the wheel of a car. All car drivers have to deal with annoyances on the road. Most of us know to take a deep breath, stay calm, and make sure that we don’t do anything stupid. It’s a basic road skill, but one that you’re clearly missing. But by your own admission, in your original post and at #77, you consider killing a cyclist, or undertake stupid, illegal and dangerous overtaking manoeuvers, all in order to save yourself maybe as much as 30 seconds.

How about you have a good, hard think about how you drive your car before you’re responsible for a road death. I suspect that you won’t, but it’s worth a try.

As a final point, your original post describes how you were encountering the cyclists “every blxxdy morning”. Given that you knew that they were there and how irrationally angry you were to their presence, did you ever one consider the possibility of getting up 60 seconds earlier and taking the slightly longer route along the Parkway and the Cotter Road and avoiding the situation completely? No, I thought not.

vg 6:57 pm 20 Nov 10

[tradies have to get up early unlike the PS who have time to go for a cycle first]

I work for the government and I have been at work at every time on the 24hr clock. I also ride a bike.

I will tips me lid to the next tradie I see at work voluntarily at 0300.

Mr Evil 4:28 pm 20 Nov 10

CraigT said :

So, not your mother?

Depends if her prolapse shows through the lycra or not!


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