Lanyon Drive to get upgraded

johnboy 21 March 2007 23

John Hargreaves has announced that Tuggeranong is going to get more gutters to fit the thronging masses wanting to join Brendan Smyth down there.

the design of the Lanyon Drive upgrade is currently underway and ultimately will cover the duplication of Lanyon Drive from Monaro Highway to Tompsitt Drive in NSW, with intersection improvements included at Monaro Highway and Sheppard Street.

Interestingly NSW have chipped in $8 million to the $20 million dollar project. Are there any other roads our Queanbos would like looking at?

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23 Responses to Lanyon Drive to get upgraded
simbo simbo 11:13 am 24 Mar 07

I’m at a bit of a loss as to why a lot of the diverted traffic has chosen the Manaro Highway – I drive home from Civic to Curtin along Lady Denham drive most days (which is the most obvious bypass around the Glenloch shemozzle), but I haven’t noticed it being horrendously busier than it was before the Glenloch came along…

miz miz 11:03 pm 23 Mar 07

Sammy what time do you take the Monaro? I am travelling from Chisholm to Barton either in the car around 7:50-8am, or on the bus around 8:15am. Definitely ten mins longer – and the difference is Monaro Hwy traffic, most mornings. The bus has also had to detour a couple of times through Narrabundah due to bottlenecks.

Sammy Sammy 11:56 am 23 Mar 07

The commute along Monaro Hwy is ten mins longer this year than last year

I assume this is meant to be hyperbole. The commute along Monaro Hwy, from Chisholm to Fyshwick, takes me little more than ten minutes every morning. Does this mean this trip took 0 minutes last year?

Sammy Sammy 11:54 am 23 Mar 07

id also like to see tollgates on the qbn/act border

There already is, sort of, in the form of a red-light- and speed-camera at the intersection of Canberra Avenue with Hindmarsh Drive at Fyshwick.

miz miz 10:27 pm 22 Mar 07

This is definitely about Tuggers. The commute along Monaro Hwy is ten mins longer this year than last year. Probably partly to do with extra stops like the prison lights and merging traffic at Lanyon Drive , but also people are using it instead of the Parkway at the mo because of the horrors at the Glenloch.

bonfire bonfire 2:28 pm 22 Mar 07

if the states were rid of their own govt, a lot more money would be efficiently spent.

all i see in nsw is infrastructure money sucked to the capital while statewide schools, roads and hospitals go unrepaired and underfunded.

so lets hear your wonderful justification for this oh wise kimba.

id also wager that the value to the states of work performed in the act is well above what it recieves in revenue from the commonwealth.

only fiscal dullards think that splitting the pie on a state contributon basis is a good idea. thats not how you build a nation, its how you build resentment, poverty and entrenched barriers to reform.

of course most state premiers and treasurers come from the norman lindsay school of economics.

kimba kimba 1:47 pm 22 Mar 07

well it actually is true….the NSW Government directly pays the ACT Government for services such as health.

GST….well the ACT Government gets more GST than the territory generates while NSW helps subsidise the ACT and other States.

so you people who live in this little pimple on a map should be grateful for NSW.

seepi seepi 10:59 am 22 Mar 07

The ABC has a story today about the fed govt thinking of taking any responsibility for the airport away from the NCA.

This will mean they don’t have to abide by teh Capital Plan as the rest of Canberra does. It seems wierd, as Northbourne AVE and the Federal HWY come under the NCA as ‘the gateway to Canberra’ so surely the airport is also a ‘gateway to Canberra.’

Anyway – the NCA seems desperate for an expensive and time consuming project – they have so far dreamed up totally redoing the perfectly good National Library frontage, and redoing Rond Terrace.

Perhaps they could have a go at fixing up the roads around the airport, and actually do something useful with their time and money.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:18 am 22 Mar 07

The Kings Hwy runs for a fairly significant distance through the oft forgotten north easter arm of the ACT anyway. And Lanyon drive in the NSW is a dual carriageway, it only becomes a bottleneck when it crosses the border.

fnaah fnaah 10:13 am 22 Mar 07

How about fixing up the airport/russell nightmare?

bonfire bonfire 10:07 am 22 Mar 07

well thats not really true.

the federal govt gives the act a greater disbursement of gst money to account for the services nsw residents receive from the act.

id also like to see tollgates on the qbn/act border.

kimba kimba 9:14 am 22 Mar 07

actually the NSW Government already “kicks in” money to the ACT for health and education services.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 8:30 am 22 Mar 07

“Hmmm, I think the ACT should also throw a few million into upgrading the Kings Highway.”

Great idea Kimba…just as soon as Qbn & Jerra residents kick in for ACT hospitals, schools, roads, etc…This idea of seperate states is a crock.

Sammy Sammy 7:53 am 22 Mar 07

This doesn’t have much at all to do with Tuggeranong. This is all about Jerrabomberra.

JC JC 6:31 am 22 Mar 07

Incidentally, when did that road get renamed from Tharwa Rd to Lanyon Dr?

CAF it changed name years ago when Tharwa road terminated on the road that goes from Lanyon drive to the back of Karabah.

And Louise election bribe for which election. The current NSW one or ACT? The NSW one then yeah would agree, but more so on the timing of the annoucment not the construction. If the ACT then no one would give a rats about it. That road is more for the benifit of Jerra residents, so NSW putting in $8m is more than fair, maybe a bit less than fair. Interestingly who owns the bridge over the railway line. ACT or NSW.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 10:26 pm 21 Mar 07

that intersection regularly has very nasty accidents, It’s a good move but I’m shocked at the price tag. Can’t buy much for $20 mil these days it seems…

jr jr 10:26 pm 21 Mar 07

Yeah but it will be quicker for QBN people to get to the new jail…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:30 pm 21 Mar 07

Duplication of Lanyon drive is a great idea, but the real bottleneck is not the road itself, but the entry to the Monaro highway. I think that they would be better off improving that intersection (eg make the entry slip lane to the Monaro heading north a couple of km long), than duplicating the road itself.

kimba kimba 6:15 pm 21 Mar 07

Hmmm, I think the ACT should also throw a few million into upgrading the Kings Highway. ACT drivers use it the most and whinge about it the most as well.

caf caf 5:51 pm 21 Mar 07

There already *are* traffic lights at that intersection. And yeah, I don’t see what it’s got to do with Tuggers especially, any more than Woden anyway. (It’s the road from Hume to Queanbeyan, the one that goes past Jerrabomberra – it’s already dual-carriageway etc on the NSW side of the border).

Incidentally, when did that road get renamed from Tharwa Rd to Lanyon Dr?

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