Last week in Canberra – YouTube series

Barcham 11 July 2013 29


Hey Rioters,

So we’re reviving the idea of the RiotACT Newsletter, but instead of simply putting more words online we’ve decided to take a different angle.

Johnboy and I will put our glorious faces online and discuss the news.

That is we’ll do a Google hangout with each other which you can watch live or watch later on YouTube.

The idea is that we’ll put one of these up every Friday to discuss the biggest stories of the week and possibly highlight some we though were interesting but didn’t get much attention.

We shot a test one today to see how it looks. We learned I move around too much and Johnboy needs to position his webcam so you can see around his beard.


What we want from you dear Rioters is a name!

What should we call it?

Let us know in the comments!

Johnboy is offering a pint for the best one.

What's Your Opinion?

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29 Responses to Last week in Canberra – YouTube series
Sandman Sandman 7:53 am 13 Jul 13

Whitey and the Commodore , proudly brought to you by Google and The Duxton.

54-11 54-11 5:01 pm 12 Jul 13

Mess said :

The Weekly Riot

The Riot Weakly

beardedclam beardedclam 3:40 pm 12 Jul 13

The Cull

curmudgery curmudgery 3:11 pm 12 Jul 13

Furphy O’Riot

StevenBailey StevenBailey 2:48 pm 12 Jul 13

Mothy said :

Weekly Riot (I like the incongruousness of a scheduled Riot)
Riot Weekly


Two xxxx’s, One Riot

That’s a good one, maybe ‘Two Blokes, One Riot’

Fill the xxxx’s as you see fit.

Basilbrush Basilbrush 11:54 am 12 Jul 13

beardedclam said :

The Riot Squad
The Riot-eous Brothers
The Riot Hook
Riot Wrap

+1 for Riot Wrap

or could be Riot Wrap Up

FioBla FioBla 9:55 am 12 Jul 13

InbRIOTs .

beardedclam beardedclam 9:48 am 12 Jul 13

The Riot Squad
The Riot-eous Brothers
The Riot Hook
Riot Wrap

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 10:46 pm 11 Jul 13

The RiotYap


jase! jase! 7:29 pm 11 Jul 13

the circlejerk

although you might need to invite some of the regular contributors for that

ImagineThat ImagineThat 5:46 pm 11 Jul 13

RIOT PRESS (RiotACT insiders opine Territory Press)

Masquara Masquara 5:42 pm 11 Jul 13

Cute & Furry

p1 p1 5:22 pm 11 Jul 13


FioBla FioBla 4:51 pm 11 Jul 13

BJ and the Bar.

MERC600 MERC600 4:42 pm 11 Jul 13

Mess said :

The Weekly Riot

Yep , like “The Weekly Riot “.

MrBigEars MrBigEars 4:28 pm 11 Jul 13

If it was a weekly right wing diatribe, it could be the PatRiot Act.

I like RiotShield. It has a super-hero ring to it. Truth. Justice. Parking.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 4:16 pm 11 Jul 13


The Rioters Weekly?

The RiotRoundUp?

The Rioters Record?

I like Fat Yak thanks. 🙂

Thumper Thumper 3:46 pm 11 Jul 13

Joel and John’s most excellent adventure.

Oh no, sorry, that’s the full length movie to be released next year….

RiotCHAT has to be a winner.

FXST01 FXST01 3:40 pm 11 Jul 13

The RIOT Shield.

Gwalter Gwalter 2:29 pm 11 Jul 13


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