LDK’s proposed aged care facility near Yarralumla too big, says community council

Ian Bushnell 20 September 2021 23
Artist's impression of LDK's aged care facility in Yarralumla

An artist’s impression of the $143 million development for LDK’s aged care facility. Image: Rothelowman.

LDK Seniors’ Living’s proposed aged care facility next to Yarralumla Horse Paddocks is too high, too big and should be scaled back, the National Capital Authority (NCA) has been told.

In its submission to the NCA, the Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC) says an aged care facility is an acceptable use for the site (Blocks 1151 and 864 Weston Creek) but the proposed bulk and scale of the development clashes with the National Capital Plan Policy and Principles, the Lake Burley Griffin and Foreshores Precinct Code, and the National Capital Open Space System.

The $143 million development on 5.4 hectares of designated land off Cotter Road includes 55 single-storey two and three-bedroom villas/townhouses, 261 one to three-bedroom units across four buildings up to five storeys high, with basement level car parking, 11 high-care rooms, and a care hub and associated clubhouse with community facilities.

The multi-storey buildings are to be situated on the northern and central sections of the site, and the one-storey townhouses/villas at the rear.

The aim is to have the apartments clustered around resident amenities such as cinemas, hairdressers, cafes, gyms and community spaces.

It will house about 550 residents and 120 staff.

The submission says the site is in an ‘open space’ area of the Lake Burley Griffin and Foreshores Precinct, which is part of the National Capital Open Space System, intended to provide a visual backdrop and landscape setting for Canberra as the national capital.

It says the National Capital Plan Policy calls for the hills, ridges and other major open spaces separating towns be kept largely free of urban development, but this project will be a “large incursion into the green open space separating the Inner South and Weston Creek”.

“A development of lower building height and lower site coverage would be more consistent with the above-stated objective and principles,” says the submission.

Overlay map image of site for LDK aged care facility

The 5.4 hectare site for the proposed LDK aged care facility is adjacent to the equestrian park one side and Yarralumla Horse Paddocks on the other. Image: Supplied.

The submission says the development would also impact the vistas, and calls for the height of the buildings to be reduced.

Its says while LDK plans to plant a number of trees to screen the development, the tallest buildings would be located on the highest part of the site, requiring any screening to match the five-storey height.

The ISCCC is concerned the building heights will impact the important vistas from the National Arboretum and Government House lookout.

The submission says buildings in Canberra central should not be higher than the mature tree canopy, or three to four storeys, except where otherwise permitted by the National Capital Plan Policy.

The ISCCC is also concerned about traffic issues on Cotter Road, saying the development would generate about 900 traffic movements per day.

“This is especially so for people travelling to the facility on Cotter Road from the Inner South and Curtin, who will have to turn right across the city-bound lanes to enter the facility,” says the submission.

LDK lodged its Works Application on 11 July, 2021. Submissions closed on Friday, 17 September, 2021.

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23 Responses to LDK’s proposed aged care facility near Yarralumla too big, says community council
Angus Pharker Angus Pharker 9:22 am 25 Sep 21

These NIMBY groups are ridiculous. They’re so predictable and hysteric that every single one is an hilarious parody of themselves and every other NIMBY group that ever existed. These groups would be rich fodder for a Rob Sitch-style TV comedy, I reckon.

Anthony Briscoe Anthony Briscoe 7:54 pm 24 Sep 21

Canberra more and more of this type of development will happen under the Barr Government. Just wait till the tram goes to Woden. Wake up get rid of Barr and the Rat

Sarah Emmerson Sarah Emmerson 6:26 pm 24 Sep 21

Why push back on this when the suburb over in Coombes looks like a ghetto with their “ vista “

Anthony Willing Anthony Willing 7:30 pm 23 Sep 21

Multi-storey is important for the elderly who are unable to walk around a large single story campus but who can catch the elevator to their favourite coffee shop downstairs.

    Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 7:27 am 24 Sep 21

    Anthony Willing but i have concerns about how it would work in an evacuation where the lifts can't be used by people with mobility issues.

    Paul Mills Paul Mills 7:14 pm 24 Sep 21

    And when the power goes off, they are stuck.

    Anthony Willing Anthony Willing 8:31 pm 24 Sep 21

    Paul Mills the same as every old / wheelchair person in every multi-storey in every city in the world.The fire brigade have special provisions

Lori J Tas Lori J Tas 7:54 pm 22 Sep 21

There is a serious shortage of aged care facilities this would help🤦🏼‍♀️

bigred bigred 6:51 pm 22 Sep 21

Just been looking at areas covered by Community Councils and wondering why the Weston Creek and new Molonglo organisations have not been acknowledged in the article. Surely they have views?

Acton Acton 7:51 am 22 Sep 21

Those who habitually malign any local residents who oppose the removal of green spaces as NIMBYs should volunteer to have the development in their own backyard.

    chewy14 chewy14 11:53 am 22 Sep 21

    Yep, I’d have no problem with it and already do have similar developments near me.

    This one looks good, it will provide significantly needed housing to allow older people to maintain their connection to the area whilst keeping the required supporting services in place, in line with what you’ve previously claimed to want.

    Glad to see you owning the NIMBY tag.

    Mikey Moore Mikey Moore 9:29 am 23 Sep 21

    I would be more than happy to have something like this in my area. Unfortunately, the NIMBYs at WVCC oppose anything over 2 stories. ..I also dispute the description of a run down old motel site as “green space”

Barb Campbell Barb Campbell 7:45 am 22 Sep 21

When will 1st world countries realise that segregating older people from other generations and their family is a one way to ticket to life end and dementia. Put single parents in among the aging - especially those children without grandparents and see the benefit to both generations.

thatsnotmyname thatsnotmyname 8:27 pm 21 Sep 21

With the growing population bigger is better. Shame this will need to be scaled back! build it I say.

James Vetos James Vetos 7:43 pm 21 Sep 21

This is what's wrong with the system. No one in Yarralumla can see this development. The only time would be if you drive past it. While I don't think all development should go ahead there is no reason this shouldn't.

Jp Romano Jp Romano 4:25 pm 21 Sep 21

If you want to know what a community council thinks about anything simply propose something and say no

Geoffrey John Randal Geoffrey John Randal 2:34 pm 21 Sep 21

We could work harder to understand the need for elder care in Canberra and surrounds. And ditch old thinking when challenged by new facts.

Ross Bryant Ross Bryant 12:53 pm 21 Sep 21

Bigger is better. Not really. Its all about making the max amount of money.

Robert Azzopardi Robert Azzopardi 12:12 pm 21 Sep 21

NIMBY time … muster up (pun intended) guys


Peter Groves Peter Groves 11:50 am 21 Sep 21

Yet another “not in my backyard” group.

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