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Let’s chat about madness . . .

By poptop 13 January 2009 34
    · Have you, a relative or a friend, experienced a mental illness?
    · Can you relate well to young people and work in a team?
    · Would you feel comfortable talking about your experience?

Mental Illness Education is looking for volunteers to give presentations about mental illness to high school and college students as well as to the general community.

All volunteers are fully trained, work in pairs and are reimbursed for expenses.

Come along to an information evening to learn more:
Thursday 12 February 7:00pm-8:30pm;
Tuesday 17 February 5:30pm-7:00pm

For more information or to book your place contact:
Lucinda or Gael on 6257 1195

Information is also available from the website

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34 Responses to
Let’s chat about madness . . .
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SadMushroom 10:31 am 24 Jan 09

poptop said :

Perhaps my relative tolerance towards what you regard as edgy language is because of my working with a number of people either in the sector or diagnosed with a mental illness/dysfunction.

It’s the gallows humour you get in most human services trades. I do note your concern and have taken it on board in the spirit it was given; I will try to not be too extreme with my headers. =-)

Hey, I liked the heading. It got people reading/commenting and the more awareness we can bring to MH issues the better job we are doing.

I was born with a mental illness but back 40 odd years ago it wasn’t spoken about and parents didn’t admit it.
I have suffered a range of different mental issues due to not being treated and by the time I was treated I was misdiagnosed.
I stopped taking medication about 4 years ago after 22 years, 18 years of which they now say I was mis-medicated which is why I got worse, not better.

LOL a few times I was ‘mad’ but never found myself sitting on the road playing in my own poop…and by the way, when you are really ‘mad’ you don’t know it, so it is actually better than being half ‘mad’ where you know you keep doing things but cannot stop it.

Growing up with a mental illness isn’t easy and sadly most of my friends (who were also suffers) didn’t make it. IF they were here today things would be different.

BerraBoy68 4:54 pm 13 Jan 09

Sorry TM, that was a ‘paw’ joke….

Mr Evil 4:49 pm 13 Jan 09

I’ve never met a pussy I didn’t like – but I think 30 at one time would be a bit overwhelming.

Granny 4:47 pm 13 Jan 09

At least it isn’t cat-ching!

BerraBoy68 4:43 pm 13 Jan 09

Well, you may at least develop ‘clawstrophobia’

Granny 4:43 pm 13 Jan 09

I wouldn’t race out for that cat-scan just yet, tylers!

tylersmayhem 4:42 pm 13 Jan 09

S**t – I just bought a cat…well kitten. What does that mean? Am I doomed to malfunction now?

BerraBoy68 4:35 pm 13 Jan 09

Thumper said :

What category of illness would you put collecting cats in?

Sorry again… 😉

‘Feline unwell’? As in “Doctor, I’m…”

poptop 4:29 pm 13 Jan 09

~sigh~ Ailurophilia with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Granny 4:28 pm 13 Jan 09

It’s kind of a ‘cat’ch 22 ….

Granny 4:25 pm 13 Jan 09

And what was the catalyst?

Thumper 4:19 pm 13 Jan 09

What category of illness would you put collecting cats in?

Sorry again… 😉

BerraBoy68 4:18 pm 13 Jan 09

tylersmayhem said :

Getting these messages into schools is a great idea. When I was invovled in Marist a few years ago, before the sexual abuse issues became public knowledge, I was staggered by the number of students and ex-students that were committing suicide.

I have long believed this, and after 2 guys out of my year alone killing themselves, and other “possibles”, I’d be interested to hear your findings and what you have heard BerraBoy!

TM – I was involved in running the Old Boys Assoc. for 3 years prior to learning of the prevelance of sexual abuse at the school. However, when I was in charge of the Old Boys, I was constantly amazed at the amount of times I was told by the school that yet another ex-student had committed suicide. I can’t tell you haw many times I heard that. When the abuse issue first surfaced, I was in contact with Jason Parkinson mainly as it was myself and an ex-classmate that told the CT about Lyons spending 12 years at Marist and about our suspicions surrounding Kostka. In a later conversation Jason advised that he had looked into the suicide rate at Marist and Dara and that it appeared that the suicide rate at these school over that period was higher than the average.

The problem is that by mentioning this publically as we now are, it opens a massive can of worms for families that have lost boys. E.G. one of my brothers died naturally while in yr 11 in ’83 but my folks are now freaking out that he ‘may’ have been abuse. What must other families think whose sons and brothers did commit suicide but left other reasons.

BTW: I have been keeping this under my hat until now as when I first spoke on the ABC about TimforHealingACT, I was contacted by a mate who is active in the schools Old Boy Association – whatever that is now, the Association haven’t been heard off since the issue came to light – much to their own shame I believe. I must stress that my mate is a very good bloke but he was adamant that I not mention the suicide of boys at Marist lest it upset anybody. I think, however, that keeping it quite does any boy that may have killed himself due to sexual abuse a great diservice.

Thumper 4:16 pm 13 Jan 09

Having 30 cats could be catastrophic….


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