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Liberals in the mail

By simbo - 12 March 2007 22

Federal Liberal Candidate for Canberra and occasional Riotact poster, Natalie Colbert, has been dropping a bit of unsolicited mail around today. In it, she mentions that she’s a resident of Curtin (hey, same suburb as me!) and telling us what fabulous things the Coalition Government has done for Curtin. Which is odd, because her PO box is in Calwell…

Becuase I’m a cynical old bastard – could I just check that no other suburbs have got similar mail with Natalie claiming to live there?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Liberals in the mail
Thumper 9:53 am 14 Mar 07

But apart from that, what elese have the Romans done?

GreenTrees 9:45 am 14 Mar 07

Simbo, you live in the wrong electorate.

simbo 10:01 pm 13 Mar 07

BTW, what fab things *have* been done for Curtin by the Coalition Govt?

Well, according to Natalie, they’ve:
– nearly doubled the number of childcare places and have commited to investing a large chunk of money in it. Which is of course a national policy, not a Curtin specific one.

– Allocated large chunks of cash to government and non-government schools, including a grant of $112,946 to Curtin Primary for an ICT upgrade.
– Have overstuffed the housing market with over 16,000 people getting the First Home onwer’s grant.
– Given $27,000 as part of the Black Spot program to improve the safety of the intersection at Melrose Drive and Theodore Street.

So, basically, not much different to what the Federal government’s done for every other suburb in Canberra.

Of course, since I’m a single homosexual, I’m not actually part of Natalie’s desire to build a community around “mainstream Australian Values” (which appears to mean “yay straight white Christians! Have babies now!”). But it’s nice to know other people have someone who’s thinking of them…

GreenTrees 3:52 pm 13 Mar 07

Johnboy, correct you are. Not sure any politicans would want to be associated as “sponsoring” the ramblings here.

However, if there were more *advertisers* you wouldn’t be looking for a removalist. Still, you can always sell us off for the $24k. Thought about looking for a private equity buy-out?

neanderthalsis 3:15 pm 13 Mar 07

Greentrees, it’s the hat that gave him away.

johnboy 2:58 pm 13 Mar 07


just let’s all keep that clear shall we?

GreenTrees 2:56 pm 13 Mar 07

Boomacat, the good thing about not having a mail box is you don’t get bills.

RiotAct sponsor Pirate Troy Williams (Liberal, Fraser) seems to have post boxes everywhere. Gungahlin, GPO and there was one somewhere out Belco way in the stuff my girlfriend got in her mail. I got some guff at home in Turner. Maybe the election is closer than we thought?

Anybody see the Crikey stuff on McMullan today?

boomacat 12:23 pm 13 Mar 07

I don’t even have a proper mail box at home because my dodgy flatmate has been too lazy to put the new one up (old one destroyed in mental storms).

bonfire 9:40 am 13 Mar 07

i know a bloke who lives in palmerston, works in belconnen and has a po box in campbell.

sheer 9:32 am 13 Mar 07

Yeah Simbo it could have just been a case of there being none available in Curtin itself. I once worked for a QLD MLA whose PO Box was suburbs away from where he lived.

But it always pays to be a bit of a cynical bastard concerning these things.

queen_vic_toria_II 8:55 am 13 Mar 07

Maybe she works down there? My PO Box is right near the office…

Maelinar 8:29 am 13 Mar 07

I live in Holt but don’t have a postbox anywhere. You may all mail me at Holt though.

Thumper 8:11 am 13 Mar 07

A friend of mine lives in Isabella Plains and has a post box in Kingston.

I can’t see what the problem is here.

Sammy 7:47 am 13 Mar 07

Though living in Curtin, and having one in Calwell is a little odd.

I live in Tuggeranong and have a GPO Box, but I travel to the city most days, so it is no inconvenience.

Hasdrubahl 6:18 am 13 Mar 07

Nothing unusual about living in one suburb and having a PO Box in another, simbo.

BTW, what fab things *have* been done for Curtin by the Coalition Govt?

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