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Liberals tell us they’re hunkey dorey

By johnboy - 3 November 2006 9

In a bizarre media release with a headline nearly as long as the text the Liberal Leadership would like us to believe that they are great and that everything is OK.

Here it is, in full:

Date : Friday, 3 November 2006


Author : Canberra Liberals

The Management Committee of the Liberal Party of Australia (ACT Division) met today and affirmed its support for the Party President, Mr Gary Kent, and the Leader of the Parliamentary Party, Mr Bill Stefaniak MLA.
The ACT Director, Andrew Wilsmore said “The Liberal Party organisation and the Parliamentary Liberal MLAs are committed to working productively as a team to ensure we are getting the priorities right for all Canberrans”.


No further comments will be provided.

Frankly the stalinist tone of the media release is the most alarming thing I’ve seen in all this week’s ugly ructions.

What’s Your opinion?

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9 Responses to
Liberals tell us they’re hunkey dorey
publius 7:09 am 09 Nov 06

The community needed a strong Opposition Party to act as a restraint on Stanhope. That won’t happen thanks to the email fiasco by the Canberra Liberals. The Greens will benefit from any fall in Stanhope’s popularity – not the Liberals. The Libs need to focus now on 2012 (assuming they aren’t wiped out in 2008 by being reduced to 5 MLAs). And we now face an even more confident/arrogant Chief Minister. Terrific! Given our unicameral system, we are virtually a one party state.

LIC 2:07 pm 05 Nov 06

Of course, the sad reality is that this demonstrates why Stanhope and his band of idiots can feel safe in the knowledge that their mockery of anything remotely resembling good government is surpassed by the mockery of a mockery of a complete joke that the opposition is. For that reason, Stanhope faces little chance of being beaten at the next election.

captainwhorebags 8:14 am 05 Nov 06

Latest release from ACT Libs:

My friends, do not believe these infidel lies. The ACT Liberal Party is not in shambles and will soon rise triumphant against the communist oppressors!

At this very moment, party troops loyal to the great leader Stefaniak are preparing to wage a great war against those who would oppose us!

— new ACT Lib spokesman, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

(this post brought to you by the letters T.I.C.)

johnboy 10:23 am 04 Nov 06

A committee of conspicuously un-talented hacks with no ability to communicate with the public perhaps.

seepi 10:20 am 04 Nov 06

That headline was obvisouley workshopped by committee.

Maelinar 8:15 am 04 Nov 06

Sounds like a response to commentary on other threads within this website.

Congratulations JB and team, you are now receiving ministerials.

terubo 7:32 am 04 Nov 06

On reading this last night, I was immediately rendered relaxed and comfortable – and slept like a log. I just knew it had been no more than a bad dream.

jr 11:50 pm 03 Nov 06

An interesting way of simply saying “no comment”

Pandy 8:49 pm 03 Nov 06

Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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