Library may go in plan to develop premier cultural precinct in Civic

Ian Bushnell 1 May 2018 34

An aerial view of the precinct (shaded) and key features, including the site of the new Government offices and future land release. Image is from the tender document.

A makeover is being proposed for Civic Square so it can be integrated into a broader cultural precinct that will see a redeveloped Canberra Theatre and the new Government Office Building but may also see Civic Library move from its present location.

In the tender document for a consultant to develop a plan to transform the area into the premier arts and cultural precinct in Canberra and the region, the City Renewal Authority says Civic Square has been a ‘missed opportunity’.

“With work commenced on the new Government Office Building, and the proposed redevelopment of the Canberra Theatre, an opportunity presents itself to prepare a framework to ensure these developments are integrated with thinking around a broader precinct,” it says.

The proposed Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct is located immediately to the east of City Hill, bounded by Vernon Circle, London Circuit, Constitution Avenue and Northbourne Avenue.

The successful consultant’s brief will be to re-imagine Civic Square, and develop at least three designs within a new urban design framework and heritage considerations.

It calls for a review of existing uses in the precinct, particularly around Civic Square, and seeks ways to activate the ground floor space of adjacent buildings, including alternative uses for Civic Library and parts of the Canberra Museum and Gallery building.

The Authority also wants to see options to improve the laneways within the precinct, and a master plan developed that takes in the Theatre’s proposed redevelopment, the new Government Office Building, and future mixed-use land release.

“The master plan will need to consider National Capital Authority aspirations for City Hill and the radial streets connecting with it; as well as connectivity and integration with the future proposed site for a new convention centre and Northbourne Plaza/light rail terminus,” the tender document says.

The Authority wants new creative and cultural spaces to be identified, possibly through the development of release sites within the precinct or other means.

The work should include a development timeline, capital works program and a cost/benefit analysis.

The Authority believes any new plan must involve the new Government Office Building, which should be able to bring vibrancy to the area. But it warns doing nothing or a mediocre response could see Civic Square deteriorate.

“How this development is leveraged to spill over to bring vitality to the rest of the precinct requires consideration as part of this plan. Alternatively, failure to take bold action to revitalise the area, may result in the life being further sucked from the precinct as the Government office comes on line, and the Northbourne plaza development is delivered,” the Authority says.

Any proposals to redevelop Civic Square face a mix of planning and heritage hurdles, with the area also subject to the National Capital Authority.

“Development of the precinct, particularly to the extent it relates to the land axis between City Hill and Mount Ainslie, is restricted. Notwithstanding the significance of this axis [that] has eroded over time with the termination of Ainslie Place, the enclosure of the Theatre Link Building, and the QIC development of the Canberra Centre, the view corridor is still significant, and the NCA has previously resisted development above the level of Vernon Circle inside this corridor,” the tender documents says.

The successful tenderer will need to consult and engage with key stakeholders including the City Renewal Authority; ArtsACT; ACT Heritage Council; Libraries ACT; Cultural Facilities Corporation; National Capital Authority; Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development; and Treasury.

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34 Responses to Library may go in plan to develop premier cultural precinct in Civic
Richard Agent Richard Agent 11:36 am 16 Nov 18

There is nothing wrong with Andrew Barr’s vision of Canberra that nuclear conflict won’t fix.

Coming soon – a light rail station under City Hill so that the public won’t get knocked down by cyclists crossing the road on their way to the new office block to be built there.

Queanbeyanite Queanbeyanite 8:25 pm 04 May 18

Plenty of books at Cantys bookshop.

Dory Johns Dory Johns 6:24 pm 04 May 18

What nongs are coming up with these absurd ideas?

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 5:40 pm 03 May 18

“The Authority believes any new plan must involve the new Government Office Building, which should be able to bring vibrancy to the area. “

The forlorn, pathetic sadness embodied in that sentence is almost unbearable – perhaps the “vibrancy” will come in the form of giant video screens running endless loops of Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, The Hollowmen and Utopia.

On matters more practical, as others have noted, car parking is becoming an issue in this area. If the London Circuit/Northbourne Avenue car park is to disappear, does anyone seriously think that hordes of culture-hungry Canberrans will be flocking to performances, particularly evening performances at this time of year, when the transport options are tram, bus or a long walk to and from an expensive and potentially dangerous carpark?

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:51 am 04 May 18

    When the government extended the evening hours for paid parking there a couple of years ago there was a dramatic fall-off in business activity in that area along London Circuit and patronage of the car park reduced commensurately at the same time.

    The car park is currently used “after hours” by many community groups who attend activities at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre. Many are elderly. It’s pointless have facilities like the multicultural centre unless adequate parking is available.

    Maya123 Maya123 12:23 pm 04 May 18

    Several bus routes have a bus stop outside the library, with a MUCH shorter walk (for the elderly and others with walking difficulties) than the nearest car space (if you can get it; unlikely). I am not saying that all bus routes go by here, but I have known people to complain about lack of parking here when they could catch their local bus which then stops by the library. They just WON’T catch a bus here, despite it being easier than driving from the inner south suburbs. (That, plus Civic area, is the basic catchment area for this library, as there are also libraries for other catchment areas, such as Belconnen and Woden.) So, parking should not be a problem for those living in the ‘catchment’ area for this library. If you don’t live in that area, go to the one in your area. Paid parking should be irrelevant.

    I don’t agree with the library being moved, but if it is, I hope that the bus service is as good as it is now for those in its catchment area. (Many people in the inner south suburbs no longer have easy access to Woden since the bus changes, so the Civic Library is now ‘theirs’.)

John Moulis John Moulis 5:24 pm 03 May 18

Ah, the developers are *still* trying to get their hands on that carpark, are they?

In 1988 that site was supposed to be the site of the casino. Tenders were called world wide for the project. No suitable tenders were found, then along came self-government the following year and the idea was canned.

Since then there have been numerous attempts to dress up different proposals and sell them to the public. Probably the most bizarre was an attempt to build a huge office block (dubbed The Death Star by a former moderator of this site) which would house every ACT government agency and public servant and replace every ACT Government shop front with just the one shopfront in that building. Thankfully that bit of nonsense was scrapped.

Still, it is amusing to see that the enthusiasm of the developers to build something – anything – there hasn’t diminished. Sooner or later the penny will finally drop that the Canberra public does not want another generic, assembly-line tower on that site at all, and are quite content for it to remain as a carpark.

    Arjay Arjay 6:49 pm 03 May 18

    The first domino has already fallen. If the rumours about Morris Property Group’s intentions for Section 63 are also true, then I imagine we’ll see the City Hill precinct redeveloped in line with the NCA’s vision far sooner than you might think:

    Mark of Sydney Mark of Sydney 6:08 am 04 May 18

    Well I’m part of the Canberra public and not content for the site to remain a carpark. Surface carparking is ugly and a poor use of CBD land. If you want to speak for the Canberra public I suggest you win an election like Andrew Barr has.

Rob Sanders Rob Sanders 9:23 am 03 May 18

The only acceptable redevelopment of that carpark opposite Mooseheads would be to turn it into a multi-level carpark.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:04 am 03 May 18

Remember that verse from Joni Mitchells’s Big Yellow Taxi?:

They took all the trees
And put ’em in a tree museum
And they charged the people
A dollar and a half to seem ’em

Jen Kilgariff Jen Kilgariff 8:15 am 03 May 18

When all the green spaces and trees are gone and empty office buildings and shopfronts gradually decay will Canberra have arrived? We should be planting trees to balance the cars and the people not cutting them down. I don’t like what my city is becoming. The panacea of the light rail will fail leaving an ugly scar on the land 😞

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:58 pm 02 May 18

Can someone explain what “a broader cultural precinct” is?

Roderick Saunders Roderick Saunders 9:24 pm 02 May 18

Because Canberra really needs another government office building

Robert Honeybone Snr Robert Honeybone Snr 8:42 pm 02 May 18

Old Adage if it ain't broke don't fix it

Craig Elliott Craig Elliott 7:49 pm 02 May 18

More dust and another car park.....l like the Canberra centre

Lynne Audsley Lynne Audsley 4:21 pm 02 May 18

Why? Why do we (Canberra) insist on knocking down perfectly good buildings that have only been in use a few years? What about the library’s multicultural function?

Shane L.J. Ryan Shane L.J. Ryan 3:53 pm 02 May 18

I thought the Civic Library was moved, just a few years ago, TO Civic Square from East Row to help enliven the Civic Square precinct....

Janet Ilchef Janet Ilchef 3:36 pm 02 May 18

What's going to happen to all the businesses on or near London Circuit, when the carpark is taken over? This is so wrong in so many ways. The only place left to park soon will be the Canberra Centre, and it's dying

Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 1:11 pm 02 May 18

Oh good. Another car park going... Just what we needed.

    Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 1:12 pm 02 May 18

    Perhaps they can consider building more apartments there.

    Ryan Hemsley Ryan Hemsley 2:42 pm 02 May 18

    If it's anything like the new offices going up where the other surface car park used to be, there will actually be a net gain in the number of public car parks.

    Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 2:45 pm 02 May 18

    That's a mighty big if. More than likely they'll kill off the public parking to provide parking for whomever occupies that area. They will use this as an incentive to get people to use public transport, only the public transport still has not improved (amd won't for the medium term) for the majority of Canberrans.

    Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 2:58 pm 02 May 18

    The library is already squeezed in there, and not ideal. It was 'squashed' in the last time, poorly designed and got flooded the first time there was heavy rain. Where it will get moved to next is anybody's guess. As with Canberra Connect, it might just get magic'd away to the suburbs or town centres.

    Ryan Hemsley Ryan Hemsley 3:02 pm 02 May 18

    I hear that theory quite a bit Chris, but I'm not seeing a lot of evidence to support it. On the contrary, most surface car parks that are being redeveloped in Canberra, such as section 200 in Belconnen, sections 96 and 63 in Civic, and the Kingston Arts Precinct, will provide more public parking spaces than were originally available.

    Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 3:04 pm 02 May 18

    So you think there is more parking in Belconnen available since they tore up the old surface area car parks to redevelop and extend the mall?


    Tell that to everyone parking in Macquarie now.

    Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 3:05 pm 02 May 18

    That's mainly because parking for an entire day at belconnen mall is not feasible though. Doesn't affect me, but finding a car park after 9am is troublesome.

    Ryan Hemsley Ryan Hemsley 3:20 pm 02 May 18

    Wait, are you saying that parking is too expensive, or that there aren't enough car parks? I think those are two very different issues.

    Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 3:38 pm 02 May 18

    There aren't enough parks for those who work all day in Belconnen specifically.

    I have no problem with the mall being too expensive for a while day because shoppers need to be able to come and go (which they couldn't do until the license plate recognition went in, due to the 2 hour "public service shuffle")

    Ryan Hemsley Ryan Hemsley 4:40 pm 02 May 18

    Gotcha. Unfortunately I don't think you'll ever stop people parking in nearby suburbs - people will do anything to avoid paying for parking.

    Annie Wyer Annie Wyer 4:47 pm 02 May 18

    Ryan Hemsley quick question, where is section 200 in Belconnen?

    Ryan Hemsley Ryan Hemsley 4:57 pm 02 May 18

    Annie Wyer Section 200 is the new Republic development opposite the Belconnen Labor Club. You can read more about the parking situation here:

Jessica Brisbane Jessica Brisbane 12:33 pm 02 May 18

Since when are libraries not cultural?

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