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Life is looking up

Life to be more difficult for smokers.

By Deadmandrinking - 15 February 2008 146

Just when you thought they were done making an honest smoker’s pub-going experience more difficult, the ACT government has decided they want to tighten restrictions on smoking at licensed venues.

“The ACT Government’s proposal for tighter restrictions on smoking at licensed venues has divided Canberra’s hospitality industry.

Licensed Clubs support the idea of smokers only being allowed to smoke in outside areas not serviced by staff. ”

The AHA is fuming, of course.

“Steven Fanner from the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) believes patrons will not be so accepting.

He says the current indoor ban goes far enough to protect people from passive smoking.

“Further restrictions would see more smokers move out onto the streets and onto the footpaths away from the venue which would increase noise congestion and butt litter,” he said.”

Basically, I think the whole thing is stupid. People go to pubs to do unhealthy things anyway – why should they worry about passive smoke? Don’t spend your bloody life in a pub and you won’t get cancer from passive smoke.


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146 Responses to
Life to be more difficult for smokers.
VYBerlinaV8 9:28 am 15 Feb 08

I just hate the fact that nearly everywhere you go you see smoke butts on the ground. Dirty stinky smokers!

Thumper 9:26 am 15 Feb 08

I wasn’t going to comment, but I’ll point out something painfully and blatently obvious here.

These days we understand the hazards of smoking, and mining. In those days they didn’t.

once agin the Bernie Banton argument is pointless in this discussion.

And smoking is still not illegal.

James-T-Kirk 9:21 am 15 Feb 08

Hey Thumper – “If people don’t mind working in a smoky environment then so be it.”

Isn’t that what James Hardy said to his workers in the asbestos mines?

They didn’t mind. They got paid.

Grow a brain!

Thumper 9:13 am 15 Feb 08

And thats all I’m saying on the subject because it’s been done a hundred times before 😉


Thumper 9:13 am 15 Feb 08


but it’s not sunshine. And why should it be illegal? As El said, might as well ban cars, oh, and fast food, and alcohol, and sky diving, football, etc etc…

And mlm, can you read? I said that I agree with the smoking bans. But you can only take it so far.

And if you threw up on me I’d punch your head in. Whereas I would respect your right not to breathe it in and as such would go outside or away to have a smoke.

indeed, ask anyone that knows me. I was an extremely considerable smoker.

It’s just the hysteria from anti smoking nazis that pisses me off.

Oh, by the way, I’m a non smoker these days….

justbands 9:09 am 15 Feb 08

Whinging, whining f****ing smokers.

Firstly, pubs & clubs ARE workplaces. A Uni student working in a bar to pay their way through school should not have to have their health destroyed just ’cause you idiots who choose to smoke want the “right” to smoke in their face. It’s selfish, unthoughtful, rude behaviour.

Also, I enjoy a beer. My wife, son & I also enjoy the odd club meal & sometimes we even throw a few dollars into a poker machine. Why should we have to breathe your filthy smoke to enjoy a quiet night out?

Want to smoke yourself to death? Fine. Don’t expect the right to take my family down with you.

I used to smoke myself. It wasn’t until after I gave up that I realised how awful it really is for non-smokers. Smoke gets into everything, it stinks…you stink. Really, you stink…bad. Even getting into the lift at work after the smokers have been in it stinks. It’s bad for peoples health & I really can’t see how anyone could argue with a straight face that you should be allowed to do it anywhere in an enclosed space that other people use. The “don’t like smoke, don’t go to the pub” argument is bullshit. Smokers don’t own the pubs & clubs.

grundy 8:58 am 15 Feb 08

Smoking SHOULD be illegal Thumper. 🙂

This is one step closer. I think it’s a good move.

(As for the car argument, yes, we should be doing more to have environmentally friendly cars on the road.)

mlm 8:56 am 15 Feb 08

PS I’m all for your ‘right’ to smoke, just so long as it’s done in an air-tight bubble around your head.

I liken it to my right to drink alcohol, which does not include the right to throw up on you when I’ve had too much.

mlm 8:54 am 15 Feb 08

Who decides which pubs and clubs are allowed to have smoking inside and which aren’t? Recent history will show you that none (or very few?) of them banned it voluntarily.

Pubs & clubs are people’s workplaces too. I can buy the whole “don’t go into the club if you don’t like it” line for patrons but not for staff.

Thumper 8:51 am 15 Feb 08

Thanks El…

My sentiments exactly.

Absent Diane 8:44 am 15 Feb 08

when people stop driving cars I will stop smoking whereever the fck I like. Cars cause far more damage than smoking. fcking antismokingbitchingwhiningcnts.

Thumper 8:44 am 15 Feb 08

I’m serious mlm.

Bringing bernie banton into the argument is totally superfluos and does nothing to help your argument. in fact, it just makes you look silly.

I totally agree with smoke bans in workplaces, restaraunts, pubs, clubs, etc, etc..

However, if one club or pub wants to have smoking, why shouldn’t it be allowed to?

Fcuk me, it’s still not illegal and there’s plenty of places that are non smoking.

mlm 8:37 am 15 Feb 08

You’re absolutely right Thumper! I mean nobody *made* Bernie Banton go and work with all of that harmful asbestos did they? Then the bastards turn around and discriminate against James Hardie. What is this world coming to?

Thumper 8:21 am 15 Feb 08

As usual, smokers cop the raw end.

Pubs and clubs should be allowed to regulate smoking themselves. ie, if people want to go there and smoke then so be it. If people don’t mind working in a smoky environment then so be it.

I’m sick and tired of smokers being the most discriminated people in this country.

FFS, it’s not illegal.

ChrisinTurner 7:59 am 15 Feb 08

The AHA seem to conveniently forget that the new regulations are mainly to protect their employees, and their profits, because these employees are entitled to a safe working environment and could sue their employer if this is not provided and if they get lung cancer. The AHA can’t rely on only employing overseas backpackers, who hopefully don’t sue once they have left the country.

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