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Light Rail v. Busways raises it’s head again

By johnboy - 18 July 2005 55

The Canberra Times has a story on expert opinion which contradicts local favorite, Simon Corbell.

Terry Snow takes the opportunity to give an extra kicking to Simon, it’s nice to have something reliable in this mad city.

Anyone think it’s going to be possible to convert busways to light rail while using the busways for busses? And if we won’t need them then why do we need them now?

So tell me again why are we spending $150 Million on a busway that will reduce travel times by 3 minutes?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Light Rail v. Busways raises it’s head again
bonfire 5:38 pm 19 Jul 05

Guru J – why lumber the future with a system already from the past. Install light rail and be done with it.

Absent Diane 5:14 pm 19 Jul 05


bulldog 4:42 pm 19 Jul 05


A comment by a Norherner all about Northside “needs”. if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Why expend (yet more) money to prop up or improve an already ailing Public Transport system? Does anybody truly believe that there will be benefits?

Until ACTION is privatised (under strict user service guidelines) the tree huggers will continue to suffer the same problems they do now. A 150 million dollar shortcut will not change anything.

GuruJ 4:09 pm 19 Jul 05

The busway may save three minutes now, but as traffic congestion increases, the savings will become more substantial. Think about what traffic was like in the 70s compared to today and you’ll get the idea.

There are two main routes under consideration for the busway — the first and most commonly cited does meander past Bruce Stadium, CIT and the hospitals.

The alternative is to go past Bruce Stadium and CIT and then cut straight through the bush (mainly-precleared land) and end up on Belconnen Way much further along. This is a faster option, but (a) could piss off Bruce Ridge protesters even more and (b) bypasses the Hospital which is potentially a major traffic destination.

The route isn’t set in stone, so if you feel strongly about the best way to link Belconnen with the City, provide ACTION with feedback!

I don’t support light rail, since a link from Belco to the City isn’t cost-effective. You would have to also link up the City with Manuka and Woden (and preferably Gungahlin) at a minimum. *Not* a small project and probably not even viable for our comparatively small population.

If you *have* to have light rail, you should add new transport corridors (eg. Gungahlin -> Dickson -> City -> Manuka) rather than replacing existing routes.

However, I do support the concept of the busway. I also think the busway should be light-rail compatible since it’s a comparatively minimal expenditure, allows some arse-covering in the future, and keeps light-rail supporters quiet for a while longer.

bulldog 1:12 pm 19 Jul 05

It sure does explain the crappy colour scheme (although they’ve been that way for years and years).

Absent Diane 1:09 pm 19 Jul 05

True – especially theie ‘new’ and ‘improved’ late night suburban service…. in fact the similarities are astounding – so I kind of guess that it is my fault…. i must ive played my song which mentions beachballs for pTransport to the wrong person… though I haven’t played it in years!!!

bulldog 1:01 pm 19 Jul 05

Beachballs not much different from ACTION’s current service, but much cooler idea.

Absent Diane 12:46 pm 19 Jul 05

bring on the flying foxes….. and maybe oversized beachballs which go in random directions and turn up at random intervals… its brilliant in that it is cost effective and keeps life exciting….

Maelinar 10:55 am 19 Jul 05

I kinda like the thought of a rail system going along that middle strip along all our major arterials in town.

It’d be cute.

bonfire 10:12 am 19 Jul 05

look at the route of teh busway it meanders everywhere precisely because the major places it will serve where built first, and public transport added later. build a lightrail network now, and in twenty-thirty years time, industry and housing will build around it. thats called planning.

to misquote devo – build lightrail now for the future.

justbands 8:40 am 19 Jul 05

Common people…don’t blame the Greenies. The Gov is going for buses ’cause they’re CHEAPER…no other reason…& as pointed out, the centralised population base just isn’t here for light rail..although I reckon putting light rail in could & would make the city change around it and hence, may well work.

bulldog 8:32 am 19 Jul 05

Is light rail worthwhile in the ACT? I think if we had a more centralised population base than it might be worth more consideration.

Additionally unlike Sydney or Melbourne (where the infrastructure had been in place since the twenties and thirties) the logistics involved in setting up light rail now would be really tricky. No doubt it would be a project that would cost us the taxpayers millions of dollars for little or no result.

That being said, I also think the bus system is an absolute farce, and as pointed out by Vic, Shauno and JB, 150 million is gross misuse of our tax dollars to save tree-hugging commuters three minutes on the way to work.

shauno 4:28 am 19 Jul 05

This can not be allowed to happen $150m on a bus lane what the f***.
This sort of money could have been put toward a tunnel for the ridge road which would have saved a lot of angst. And which could have be done due to the favorable geology.

I think a light rail would be nice but the location of the tracks could start a real shit fight and bring out protestors similar to the save the ridge loony’s

johnboy 9:47 pm 18 Jul 05

What’s poor old Deb to do with this?

Gubbmint’s had a majority the whole time she’s been there.

Vic Bitterman 9:31 pm 18 Jul 05

“why are we spending $150 Million on a busway”?

Cos of ****** commo pinko greeno ******* like fosky, that’s why.

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