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Light Rail v. Busways raises it’s head again

By johnboy 18 July 2005 55

The Canberra Times has a story on expert opinion which contradicts local favorite, Simon Corbell.

Terry Snow takes the opportunity to give an extra kicking to Simon, it’s nice to have something reliable in this mad city.

Anyone think it’s going to be possible to convert busways to light rail while using the busways for busses? And if we won’t need them then why do we need them now?

So tell me again why are we spending $150 Million on a busway that will reduce travel times by 3 minutes?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Light Rail v. Busways raises it’s head again
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Thumper 5:58 pm 25 Jul 05

Haha! I survived!!!!!!

Maelinar 4:53 pm 25 Jul 05

Is this a good time to mention the tube ?

Not the kind that gets blown up by terrorists, the kind from futurama where you get blown at high velocity to your destination (in a tube), seriously it wouldn’t be that hard a project to build, and the possibility of endless fun being shot from Belconnen to Woden is currently keeping me going..

bulldog 12:36 pm 22 Jul 05

You’ve made your bed Thumper; now let’s see you DIE IN IT!

But seriously Thumper, when the axis’ were handing out allies you must have been in the crapper. Ducks? what the f*ck? Couldn’t you have held out for chickens at least?

In any case, I say this to you and your billed brethren; Beware the man with the orange sauce…

That ought to have you quacking in your boots….

Thumper 10:44 am 22 Jul 05

Don’t make me laugh, my head wil fall off…

But come the revolution…

Viva le Ducks!

Maelinar 10:20 am 22 Jul 05

You’re associating yourself with the side of terror Thumper.

You don’t want to be associated with the Axis of Evil when the Coallition of the Sheep join together to follow America’s agenda.

And you know Duck ain’t on the menu at McDonalds.

You’re in the circle of terror now man.

bulldog 9:24 am 22 Jul 05

Depends what floats your boat Thumper, but I’m tipping you won’t like them much when their campaign of terror begins.

Aint nothing funny about a clumsy suicide duck…

Thumper 5:53 pm 21 Jul 05

I happen to like ducks. They’re kind of funny in a clumsy sort of way….

Absent Diane 5:05 pm 21 Jul 05

while we are at it we can attack all bird life
… as a form of preemptive strike

bulldog 4:59 pm 21 Jul 05

ALL freakin’ ducks are extremists! Lousy pandemic propogating f*ckers…

I for one would like to see the end of these extremists most fowl (sic), and in saying that encourage all players to jump on the ‘F*ck a Duck” bandwagon. I mean that figuratively as opposed to literally of course.

There’ll be free T-Shirts in it!

Absent Diane 12:54 pm 21 Jul 05

maybe if a super volcano goes off like expected sooner rather than later – we can wipe out all the ducks, especially the extremist ones!!

Maelinar 11:36 am 21 Jul 05

The funny thing is I know some biological geneticists..

Well that’s not the term they use for themselves but when you’re playing with the DNA of fungus and microbes the easiest way of describing yourself is a biological geneticist.

As far as transferring that to a horrible new disease for human consumption, pretty easy to do since the latest and greatest detection equipment can’t tell the difference between anthrax and self-raising flour (unless you give them over a week, which time it’s WAAAYYYY to late anyway).

For any proof of that just remember the Indon embassy scare last month, and how long it took them to ‘determine’ the makeup of the ‘white powder’.

Latest I hear regarding the avian pandemic at our doorstep is that it’s going to come from a duck – SO WE WERE RIGHT, ELIMINATE THE AXIS OF DUCK EVIL !!!

Absent Diane 10:42 am 21 Jul 05

Thanks Mael my interest in science never wains…. my ability to grasp however….

Bulldog – I should probably try to avoid as well – I’m not sure the stress is worth it!!

bulldog 9:11 am 21 Jul 05

How awful for you Mael. If it’s any consolation you’re a funny nerd who probably should try out for ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ with Eddy ‘f*cktard’ Maguire.

AD: I try and avoid the whole ethics debate when it comes up, but I seriously think that these ‘ethics fruits’ are standing in the way of scientific evolution.

I think the best thing to do would be to trial some horrible new disease on these people. We’ll question the ethics of it later.

Maelinar 8:37 am 21 Jul 05

AD, by stopping light, firstly they reduced it’s speed from… well the speed of light really, (3×10^8 metres per second) to 0. They then transferred the light to another point, and let it go again.

That’s teleportation (well to be honest it was more like suspended animation while they moved from one spot to another, but that’s categorically teleportation as well).

I don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that I remember all this or the fact that I know the speed of light off by heart.


I’m a nerd.

Thumper 10:52 pm 20 Jul 05

So what did the light do after it had stopped?

Had a smoke, a scratch, a look around, wondered at its very own existance?

What if it had decided to turn around and go back to its source?

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