Local girl wins Miss Tattoo NSW title

jennybel75 3 August 2009 36

News.com has a mostly pictoral article on the Miss Tattoo NSW competition which Canberra local May Cheung took out.

Congratulations to May, looks like she has had a lot of quality art work done.

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36 Responses to Local girl wins Miss Tattoo NSW title
Chop71 Chop71 11:09 pm 24 Sep 09

Do you think she would mind if I hang her on my wall?

I got a spot in the lounge room above the TV 🙂

Thumper Thumper 7:35 pm 24 Sep 09

I just laugh about tatts these days. When I got mine the only people who had them were criminals, sailors and soldiers.

I have never been a criminal or a sailor…

Oh yeah, I remember when they invented dinosaurs… 😉

j from the block j from the block 12:51 pm 24 Sep 09

I-filed said :

Ms Cheung’s first tattoo was done when she was 14, according to the link – and it doesn’t sound like a home-made one. I wonder whether it was a local tattoo parlour that broke the law there.

Local as in Qbyn? If so she would need a letter from her parents to keep it within the law.
“A bunch of stars on her shoulder” is not the best description of a good / bad tattoo either. I reckon **** on someones shoulder could look pretty average.

I-filed I-filed 12:16 pm 24 Sep 09

Ms Cheung’s first tattoo was done when she was 14, according to the link – and it doesn’t sound like a home-made one. I wonder whether it was a local tattoo parlour that broke the law there.

MissFallon MissFallon 10:45 am 24 Sep 09

@miss villain

yes the canberra ‘Miss Ink’ pageant is on november 28th at the basement.
We are not being done for copyright as you cannot copyright someone arranging a pageant. If so, miss world australia, miss earth australia etc etc, would all be suing each other.

We have awesome sponsors, 4 bands performing, special guest judges, amazing prizes, and a special burlesque performance.

We have 251 confirmed to attend and 346 maybes, as of today. The night is sure to be a hit!!!

tattooedsurf tattooedsurf 11:45 am 25 Aug 09

Miss May….. Congrats on your win and amazing ink… I’m actually looking for similar work. I am looking at Josh Roelink but have a two yr wait to see him, Who done the work on your arms??? If you could please help me it would be greatly appreciated. Once again congrats. I think your are gorgeous and a well deserved win:)

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:21 am 24 Aug 09

I reckon I saw May in Civic DJs yesterday. Her significant other was also a bit of a sketch pad by the looks.

They looked happy. 🙂

p1 p1 12:57 pm 05 Aug 09

OP = Original Post (or variations with similar meaning).

Still a believer in the job killer tattoo though…. I suspect that when you work as a tattoo artist, there really isn’t such a think. Except maybe bad tattoos, that wouldn’t be good advertising.

Congrats on your win May.

Mayhem Mayhem 12:40 pm 05 Aug 09

hmm – sorry what’s OP??

thanks though 🙂

AngryHenry AngryHenry 4:42 pm 04 Aug 09

Mayhem said :

Thanks to people who appreciate and understand Tattoos and Art Culture.

Miss May

I that THE Miss May from the OP?

If so I think you are absolutely stunning! And an extremely classy too!


Mayhem Mayhem 3:04 pm 04 Aug 09

Thanks to people who appreciate and understand Tattoos and Art Culture.

Miss May

Skin Decorator Skin Decorator 2:46 pm 04 Aug 09

Baaahhhaaa.. Love all these people going on about REGRET… We are not talking about a rose tattoo on a boob here.

Miss May had no signs of regret when showing off her art at the pageant on Sunday, She showed it to us judges with confidence and a fun and sexy attitude.

Soo much thought goes into the design of your sleeve.. This can take make years of personal experience to make up what you want to represent on your canvas… Not only that but picking your tattooist.. Miss May is wearing some work from some amazing artist from Overseas.. And also the money.. It cost thousands and thousands of dollars to have to work that May has..

Plus in this day and age where the stigma attached to the industry of men and women with tattoos are either bikers, in the navy or crims is OVER AND OUT.. LIVE IN THE NOW PEOPLES…

KUSTOM KULTURE.. – get involved..

As as for being old.. We are the majority us tattooed folk so we can all compare wrinkled tattoos together.. YEW..

We are only in this skin for 1 life, who knows what we will be in the one after this..



Dazzlar Dazzlar 2:08 pm 04 Aug 09

May is a tattooist herself I think. I like tattoos but not when they cover your entire body. But to each their own!

Snicker at Holden Caulfield’s comment!

j from the block j from the block 12:03 pm 04 Aug 09

I have a fair bit of work from freestyle, great artists, clean studio.
Still a believer in the job killer tattoo though, while I’m in double digits as far as ink goes, none are visible in a suit and tie. (Can lead to funny looks if people who know me from suit and tie job see me out of the office though).
Best response was from someone who worked with me a few years ago “but you seemed so nice and non threatening in the office”.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:54 am 04 Aug 09

@stacey: Good luck with copyright, you’re be better off with trademark infringment. 😛

@hetz: basic html does work.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 11:48 am 04 Aug 09

I love it how people always rabbit on about how silly that tatto is going to look when you’re older! And how much you;ll regret it!

You’re going to look silly when you’re old anyway… Everything stops growing except for your ears and nose and hair pops up eveywhere except where it is supposed to!

Lilli Lilli 9:56 am 04 Aug 09

Congrats to May and good on her for reppin’ Canberra! 🙂

For anyone that’s interested, May actually works as a tattooist at Freestyle tattoo on Northbourne Ave, with her partner Rush. Both do some awesome work.

FC FC 9:50 am 04 Aug 09

Jim Jones said :

Pandy said :

Don’t care how hot the lady was. Once she has a tatt she has mutilated herself, I dry retch.

At least that will be a clear indicator to everyone with an open mind to steer well away from you.


bloodnut bloodnut 9:50 am 04 Aug 09

FC said :

Thumper said :

and before it seemed like everyone else was getting it done

Hahahahahaha, same here Berra. Only crims, sailors and soldiers had tats when I got mine.

The ‘type’ of people who get tattoos is certainly changing. When I got my tattoo (the size of a ten cent peice!!) my dad coudn’t accept that people other than ‘criminals and bikie girls’ get tattoos. But I think 30+ years in the force will do that to you!

While I’m sure that the tattoo rennaisance thanks you for your persistance in pursuing an unacceptable alternative artform with a groundbreaking and visionary committment that has now paid dividends in making the tattoo a vibrant part of popular culture, I think it’s more likely that the type of people who get tattoos has never changed – people that like tattoos have and always will get tattoos.

Advances in thinking and technology just means they can be bigger, better and visible rather than small and funny looking ten-cent piecers that you describe.

This said (and in the name of staying on topic…) Miss Tattoo has some great art but unless you’re a tattooer, muddied ink on your hands can still be a big fat mistake.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:41 am 04 Aug 09

Disappointed. Not one southern cross to be seen!

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