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Local kids going the knuckle

By johnboy - 10 November 2008 62

YouTube’s MooMooACAC has posted a highlight reel of youthful biffo from Canberra’s parks, schools, buses, and bus interchanges.

It bears this description:

    “Some of the fights that happen around in Canberra that are caught on camera”

Looks like pretty standard schoolyard violence to me, as old as the ages. The difference now is all the little buggers recording it.

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62 Responses to
Local kids going the knuckle
Jim Jones 10:06 am 10 Nov 08

This is nothing new, and the fights look relatively tame compared to some that I remember from the schoolyard days.

ant 10:02 am 10 Nov 08

And these kids are “our future”. ye gods. Are there more of them, or is it just these films and things mean more of us are seeing them?

harvyk1 10:02 am 10 Nov 08

Meh, I saw fights when I was a kid, the big thing was we didn’t have mobiles with Camera’s to record it (ah, who am I kidding we didn’t even have mobile phones).

The thing with the web is that anyone can post stuff up, and thanks to the speeds of the modern day internet finding, downloading and playing this stuff is easier than ever, I doubt that there are more fights than before, infact it may even be less as the odds are you lose, it’ll be posted up all over the web.

Tooks 9:56 am 10 Nov 08

Maybe they should learn how to fight before embarrassing themselves by recording it.

Seriously though, this is so common now and it’s often a bully whose friends will record him (or her) beating the snot out of some poor kid. The definition of tough has certainly changed since I went to school.

Granny 9:50 am 10 Nov 08

I don’t think highlighting a story condones it or necessarily encourages it either. They didn’t look like they needed much encouragement, and as johnboy said, who hasn’t watched boys have their noses bloodied in the schoolyard?

johnboy 9:50 am 10 Nov 08

AussieGal83 said :

Yeah, and highlighting it as a story in no way condones it or encourages it…
Nice one RiotAct. 😛

Just shining a light.

With a bit of luck at least one bully’s parents will be having a chat to their child tonight.

AussieGal83 9:48 am 10 Nov 08

Yeah, and highlighting it as a story in no way condones it or encourages it…
Nice one RiotAct. 😛

Thumper 9:42 am 10 Nov 08

Oh, there’s a link there! Didn’t see it…

johnboy 9:41 am 10 Nov 08

Of course, but just follow the link…

Thumper 9:40 am 10 Nov 08


johnboy 9:32 am 10 Nov 08

Mr Evil said :

Yeah, awesome!

Send them all to Iraq.

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.

The Young British Soldier.

blueberry 9:29 am 10 Nov 08

I haven’t watched the video but i can tell you some of the stuff i have seen in civic latley has been far far more than a little bit of school yard biffo. I saw one girl get lynched by 3 other kids male and female and it sure didn’t look like your average school yard scuffle there was no restraint and luckily a security guard stepped in because if he had not you could guarantee that somebody would have been leaving on a stretcher.

Mr Evil 9:28 am 10 Nov 08

Yeah, awesome!

Send them all to Iraq.

Jim Jones 9:26 am 10 Nov 08

I think we all need to band together and pitch in to get these kids camera-phones with higher resolution.

shanefos 9:16 am 10 Nov 08

Yee-eaah, biatches! That sh!t be illin’!

White trash at it’s finest.

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