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Local kids going the knuckle

johnboy 10 November 2008 62

YouTube’s MooMooACAC has posted a highlight reel of youthful biffo from Canberra’s parks, schools, buses, and bus interchanges.

It bears this description:

    “Some of the fights that happen around in Canberra that are caught on camera”

Looks like pretty standard schoolyard violence to me, as old as the ages. The difference now is all the little buggers recording it.

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62 Responses to Local kids going the knuckle
farnarkler farnarkler 10:29 pm 11 Nov 08

Sounds like I should import some Eastern European ex servicemen. We use them to break limbs and remove fingers from troublesome teens. If you see a plain white van driving round an estate it’s either MI5 listening in on al quaida or some Polish ex servicemen paying some scumbag a visit to cut off his or her fingers or toes.

stray stray 2:34 pm 11 Nov 08

skid: thats exactly what i was thinking when i read it…”obviosuly its not a student”…!
..uhhh, how about obviously the person can enter whatever damn age they want!! i wholeheartedly second that ‘fool’ call.

Igglepiggle Igglepiggle 1:08 pm 11 Nov 08

Schools are like society black holes- behaviour that would be arrested and charged outside them gets “dealt with” internally- or more often not dealt with…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:51 pm 11 Nov 08

“Lanyon principal Bill Thompson said the person referred to as Danni was unlikely to be a student because she was listed as being 18 years old.”

Because she entered data into an Age field (that has no-penalty for incorrectly completing because there is no verification of it, but as in her case correctly filling it would not allow her to view most site content)… in his mind she is unlikely to be a school student there.


gargamel gargamel 12:43 pm 11 Nov 08

Is this of the same clip?

Was in today’s Grimes…

If not, I’m sure Mr Stockman got the idea for the article from somewhere…

deye deye 12:41 pm 11 Nov 08

well it made the Canberra times, and has been removed from Youtube.

Pandy Pandy 11:37 pm 10 Nov 08

Looxury….I used to lie awake at night dreaming about lesbians.

Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking. And after the spanking, the………..

Granny Granny 4:31 pm 10 Nov 08

It doesn’t surprise me. A friend has always attributed her brother’s anorexia to school bullying.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 3:52 pm 10 Nov 08

There are three Marist & Dara kids who probably owe me a favour.

Funny you should say that. A mate I went to school with from one of those schools killed himself several years after we left. After talking with the parents, they believe it was the bullying he received at school which caused so much anguish within him. So so sad!

peterh peterh 3:41 pm 10 Nov 08

bullying in my school days was a reminder to me that if you are weak or don’t fit in, you got bashed. I did, for many years. I took up Taekwondo to learn self defence. one of my sparring partners used to be the school bully. sigh.

he left the school in yr9. yr10 was a good year for me.

good job we didn’t have mobiles with cameras. he would have beaten me up and taken it.

Granny Granny 3:30 pm 10 Nov 08

I would say it made me afraid of rejection from people, and how it affected me is that I will talk to anybody if they talk to me first but I will rarely take the initiative. I really love being with people, but I have to feel safe that they like me and want me around first.

bubzie bubzie 3:20 pm 10 Nov 08

looks like the video’s been taken down, oh noes.

The Brad The Brad 3:03 pm 10 Nov 08

Looxury….I used to lie awake at night dreaming about lesbians. (With thanks to Monty Python)

Now, I don’t have to dream (With thanks to Fyshwick video).

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:11 pm 10 Nov 08

Thumper said :

When I was at school the prefects painted us in honey and then threw us naked into a pit with the school bear.

What, no lesbians were involved?

ant ant 2:09 pm 10 Nov 08

Your school had a Bear? Looxury, all we could afford was a School Skink…

Thumper Thumper 1:55 pm 10 Nov 08

When I was at school the prefects painted us in honey and then threw us naked into a pit with the school bear.

And that was in year 10!

Year 6 was much worse.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:40 pm 10 Nov 08

The trick is noticing it on Youtube and getting the school\headmaster to exercise the Youtube Terms of Service on the video poster, and take action on those committing the actions, all without having either WIN or any other media\website notice it first.

(Really, if you know how to cross-reference information, assume that people use similar nicknames across multiple websites, and consider Facebook a tremendous social resource, you can nail most things on their creators…)

There are three Marist & Dara kids who probably owe me a favour.

Sands Sands 1:39 pm 10 Nov 08

I hope it does make the news and that the bastard in the cap on the bus is caught and charged with assault.

Dante Dante 1:36 pm 10 Nov 08

Relating to bullying.. this might set an interesting precedent.,27574,24628343-29277,00.html

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:32 pm 10 Nov 08

Some of that video would seriously constitute assult. Odds on this will be a major story on WIN TV news by the end of the week:

* Greens and and Liberals will be demanding an investigation into school/youth violence and bullying

* The Minister for Education and his departmental representatives will be talking the issue down as overhyped and sensationalised via the internet.

* The kids that assulted other kids in this video will be given a stern talking to and slap on the wrist and in another 5-10 years when they end up back in the court system will once again be given a stern talking to and sent home with a good behaviour bonds.

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