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Long term parking in the City?

By pwandz - 13 July 2011 24

I have a bit of a quandary, I’m living in an apartment building that doesn’t supply me with a car park.  I live in the city and have checked out the Target carpark (expensive and have a looong waiting list), and also the Convention Centre (also pretty expensive, plus it’s insecure – I’ve had my windows broken there before).

Anyone in a similar boat, or anyone that may be able to offer any ideas?



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24 Responses to
Long term parking in the City?
johnboy 2:07 pm 14 Jul 11

mad_kiwi said :

park in Canberra Centre and when you occasionally need to us it, pay the $15 or 20 lost ticket fee.

You sir are a genius.

mad_kiwi 2:01 pm 14 Jul 11

park in Canberra Centre and when you occasionally need to us it, pay the $15 or 20 lost ticket fee.

Monomyth 12:24 pm 14 Jul 11

Firstly, I have no idea why people are being rude to you and insisting you move. They have no idea what prompted you to take the apartment you live in in currently, and breaking a lease without good cause (ie, no available carspace) is bloody expensive, so you’re basically stuck until your lease comes up.

To address your question though – I know of people who rent out car spaces from hotels Canberra – I would approach a few of those and see if they have something like that set up. Keep checking your work’s bulletin board, oftentimes you will see people advertising their carspaces.

When I drive to work, I park at the Reid TAFE Campus because it is only $7;50 a day and I could do with the walk to my office. Not sure if this suits you though.

ConanOfCooma 10:05 pm 13 Jul 11

Get a doberman, leave it in the car.


Classified 9:25 pm 13 Jul 11

JessP said :

2 choices!

Move or sell the car.

Ditch the car (or leave it with parents/relos), live without one in the city and the odd occasion you need wheels, hire one.

cross 6:22 pm 13 Jul 11

City West car park on Marcus Clarke st near the ANU has 24 hr secure parking at reasonable rates

Ryan 6:10 pm 13 Jul 11

winter said :

plus it’s insecure

Maybe if it stood up for itself, the vandals would steer clear.

RandomPoster 3:47 pm 13 Jul 11

Have a look at this site:

Skygod 3:40 pm 13 Jul 11

Gumtree has a few

Morgan 3:11 pm 13 Jul 11

I suspect you need to tell us how much is expensive, some of us pay $300 a month in our packages for parking in City office buildings.

Are their ads on allhomes for parking?

Roguelette 3:00 pm 13 Jul 11

Make up a flyer stating you wish to rent a car space and what your budget is. Then do a drop to all the mailboxes in your complex and other convenient complexes. You might get lucky with a neighbour who doesn’t have a car but would like a hundred or so extra bucks a month.

BenMac 3:00 pm 13 Jul 11

winter said :


Seeing as they’ve had their windows broken before, I don’t think so.

Grumpy Old Fart 2:52 pm 13 Jul 11

Isn’t that the point about living in the inner City that you don’t need a car cause everything is within walking distance (or that is what the Greens want you to belive as urban infill occurs). Didn’t you ask about carparking facilities when you moved into your inner city sweatbox?

Plan B – find the nearest storage complex and see what bus routes it takes to get to one but I think Belconnen and Fyshwick would be your closest option.

Plan C – Park the car in a sidestreet and cop lots of parking fines or have the car stolen and torched. Better still use the carparks in the ABC flats in Civic because most of the occupants of those flats can’t afford cars and if you ask them nicely they won’t steal the car (sarcasm)

JessP 2:18 pm 13 Jul 11

2 choices!

Move or sell the car.

winter 1:46 pm 13 Jul 11

Motorcycle? Free parking everywhere in the city, and I’m sure you could squeeze it in somewhere at your apartment complex without too much complaint.

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