Lucy’s List

johnboy 14 May 2007 10

Another locally produced short film has made it’s what onto YouTube and from thence to here. This one is Lucy’s List by Andrew Babbington, starring Jess Camilleri. It was entered in the Short Seasons film festival.

Here’s the accompanying blurb:

Welcome to Lucy’s world. It’s one not indifferent to that of your own. She is a normal girl with normal everyday routines. A routine to which she keeps a list. Yet, this list is different; this list is beyond everyday thoughts and imaginings however simple it may first perceive.

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10 Responses to Lucy’s List
Danman Danman 6:57 am 15 May 07

I would have much prefered if the last thing on the list was deicide – and she started headbanging to one of americas finest deathmetal bands !!

At least I would know how to associate with the subject.

Myrmecia Myrmecia 10:05 pm 14 May 07

“Decide”. Decide what? All this tension building up and then all she plans to do at the end of the day is decide. Like Lucy, we all do that every day and not only once a day, to our own script. Deciding is no big deal, particularly when you realise that not deciding is a decision too.

Ari Ari 8:17 pm 14 May 07

… and Andrew.

Ari Ari 8:17 pm 14 May 07

Keep it up, Jess.

Danman Danman 6:00 pm 14 May 07

I don’t get it…… How does it end…….

The piano inspired soundtrack was mournful.

johnboy johnboy 4:35 pm 14 May 07

I thought it was a flat performance at first from the mother, but I’m not sure the disjointed sense of disconnect wasn’t intended.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 4:23 pm 14 May 07

Yes the mum’s performance was a tad flat

Al Al 4:00 pm 14 May 07

Yeah I don’t get it.
WMC: on the blurb, it’s like putting a sentence through Babelfish into another language and then back again to see what you get, isn’t it…?
Script reading from the mum was ordinary…

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:48 pm 14 May 07

Here’s the accompanying blurb:

To which it’s one not indifferent to a first perceived mangled Google translation by.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 2:29 pm 14 May 07

I was really expecting a suicide at the end or at least a bottle of pills to go along with the last list item. Seemed very much as if she was saying goodby.

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