Magazines, who wants them in Canberra?

candelabra 18 September 2013 10

I regularly end up with a pile of trashy magazines that I would like others to enjoy.

What are some of the best places that might appreciate a donation of reading material (specific places looking for such a thing are more useful)? I’d prefer somewhere I could drop them off without lengthy discussions or odd looks.

I have come up with:
Waiting rooms/Hospitals
Kids craft (not sure the subject matter would be suitable, diets etc)

What's Your Opinion?

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10 Responses to Magazines, who wants them in Canberra?
JazzyJess JazzyJess 1:06 pm 19 Sep 13

Here_and_Now said :

Primary schools? I remember them seeking them as fodder for kids to cut up for craft stuff.

As a former primary teacher I’d say it depends on the mag. Nature/Nat Geo titles fine, gossip or women’s mags probably have content that’s inappropriate for wee kiddies. I know the titles at the Calvary ED could use an update.

Tootza Tootza 11:25 am 19 Sep 13

Karinya House for Mothers and Babies?
Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre?

Here_and_Now Here_and_Now 10:29 am 19 Sep 13

Primary schools? I remember them seeking them as fodder for kids to cut up for craft stuff.

Genie Genie 7:29 am 19 Sep 13

I asked this question a while back because I wanted to donate magazines to hospitals.

I couldn’t find one area in a hospital who wanted to take them and wasn’t able to just walk in with the boxes to randomly leave them behind.

Sandman Sandman 8:46 pm 18 Sep 13

Recycling bin out at Mitchell would be best. Trashy magazines contain old news that no-ones interested in, and the articles aren’t much to write home about.

maxblues maxblues 8:39 pm 18 Sep 13

The neurosurgery ward at Canberra Hospital (can’t remember the floor, must be the tumour, 7th rings a bell) has a small library/relaxation room and they had some magazines. I’m sure they could stand some more books and freshish magazines, no matter how trashy.

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 8:10 pm 18 Sep 13

Try one of the local medical centers, the several hour wait can be filled in with some reading once the battery has gone flat in the mobile phone/i-pad.

clj clj 6:36 pm 18 Sep 13

yeah Snarky’s idea is good, also depending what they are some of the folks in residential aged care facilities might like them. Community centres or welfare assistance type places e.g. St John’s Care usually has a few magazines that people can take or flick through.

Snarky Snarky 4:38 pm 18 Sep 13

You’ve already noted hospitals – can I specifically suggest the chemo ward? Lots of patients and their loved ones spend many long, horrible hours in there. The staff are without exception all kind and caring, and they’ve done a lot to make it as comfortable as possible, but chemo is a long, drawn out and vile process. Any distraction is welcome 🙁

Snarky Snarky 4:27 pm 18 Sep 13

You’ve already noted hospitals – can I suggest the chemo ward specifically? Lots of patients and their family spend *many* long hours waiting in there – needs all the distraction it can get 🙁

(That’s not a shot at the staff either – they are all uniformly amazing, kind and nice. But chemo… f*** chemo. And cancer.)

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