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Magpies Starting Early

By imarty - 10 September 2010 40

Out walking the dogs with the missus and the young fella on his bike the other day when my young fella was swooped by a magpie.

He was about 30 metres in front of us and the magpie wasn’t getting that close so he was unaware but this is in the same area where we get swooped each year by a magpie that isn’t afraid to come at you front on.

Anyone else had experience of this so early in the year? I’ve noticed the cable ties on cyclists so maybe so? Any other location rioters should be aware of?

BTW it’s on the bike path in Mawson, not far before the bridge over the canal & tunnel under Athlon heading south.

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40 Responses to
Magpies Starting Early
mtrax 3:53 pm 10 Sep 10

So has anyone tried the no helmet approach?

imarty 3:50 pm 10 Sep 10

I still hate getting swooped. This one didn’t start last year until about the second week of October.
Maybe he’s just in pre season training which is why he wasn’t as aggressive as last year.

astrojax 3:41 pm 10 Sep 10

cable ties? bah! have a dog – or a small child as the op notes – with you and this will take any swooping away from your vulnerable (even if follicly-challenged) head and on to the smaller intruder. magpies are patently big girl’s blouses and go for the easier target.

i sometimes walk my mutt along the stormwater canal behind daramalan and in season (now) a maggie family patrols the straight just off cowper street, but goes for my entirely oblivious rotty. make it a dumb dog or child.


p1 3:22 pm 10 Sep 10

The last week or so the local hordes have been having a free for all in my backyard, presumably jockeying for the best nesting locations.

mp2615 2:55 pm 10 Sep 10

There is always at least one swooper on owen dixon drive. downhill is ok because it’s pretty quick but coming home I feel like a duck in a shooting gallery. This bird has been at it for about 3 weeks. I’m with #8. I reckon a little brush with nature is a good thing.

Thumper 2:45 pm 10 Sep 10

all magpies are clearly insane.

YouWhat 2:34 pm 10 Sep 10

I’ve been swooped since May on a semi-regular basis by a deranged little thing on Anketell St. Can’t figure out why it goes for me – I’m a bit “follically challenged” so the bird’s clearly insane.

PBO 2:29 pm 10 Sep 10

Was in Belconnen yesterday afternoon and I was at the lights near the Coles servo watching an Asian man have the time of his life being swooped. He actually loved it and had a smile from ear to ear, he was truly amazed at the tenacity of this little bird.

Maybe this is the true Australian experience, aside from being slammed in the bollocks by a large Wallaby wearing a Crocodile Dundee hat brandishing a spatula.

Pommy bastard 2:28 pm 10 Sep 10

A tennis racquet makes for a better defence than cable ties.

Magpie pie, yummy…

Spectra 2:22 pm 10 Sep 10

We were first swooped on our way to vote, so we were way ahead of you 🙂

Dagget66 2:17 pm 10 Sep 10

I got Dive bombed about 6 times just next to the Lake Tuggeranong Skate park as I was riding by 2 weeks ago ….
All the Skater kids thought it was really funny … 🙂

Rollersk8r 2:14 pm 10 Sep 10

I’m yet to be swooped this season but wouldn’t think it’s particularly early? There was a notorious one out near Gundaroo that would start in July! And I’ve been swooped in Fyshwick in mid-December! They clearly don’t follow the rules of a 6-week breeding season!

Postalgeek 2:13 pm 10 Sep 10

Magpies have a deep hatred of cyclists. I believe they are reincarnated angry motorists. Cable ties just piss them off even more. I ride in the middle of the road when magpies are around, and ignore red traffic lights, and ride across pedestrian crossings, just to piss them off. When coming to a stop I go out of my way to prop myself by resting a hand on the trunk of their tree. The magpies go absolutely nuts. I swear, if they had little explosive vests they’d use them.

Gave up on cable ties after watching
They only look vaguely cool if you get a mohawk happening.

Thumper 2:10 pm 10 Sep 10

I’m setting up the Bofors this weekend.

harryhaller 2:08 pm 10 Sep 10

I’ve been getting swooped for almost two weeks now. Two Magpies seem to be building their nest right in front of our house. Unlike most people, I don’t mind though. They’re only doing their jobs, so to speak, and they’re not out to kill us.

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