Malaysian Hardcore Band Detained And Interrogated In Melbourne.

Nickamc 5 May 2008 130

On the 5th of May, Malaysian band Daighila were booked to play a house show in Ainslie with Melbourne act Former Republics and local acts McClane and Condorcet.

However, thanks to our friends in the Immigration department, the band was detained in Melbourne and interrogated for 6 hours about their work intentions in Australia. The following is a message from the band that was posted on their myspace.

Dear friends…yes, we were sent back home from Melbourne by the Australian Immigration after being separated and interrogated for 6 hours and after being detained in their detention centre for another 24 hours. They ‘assumed’ that we came to find jobs and become illegal workers. Despite the lack of proof to convict us and the fact that we’ve already booked a ticket back from Brisbane, they insisted that we allegedly came to find jobs like the other groups of Malaysians who were detained prior before we arrived. They also say they believe we came here to work because we carry small amounts of cash in our wallets. But we explained it was a safety precaution and we had a bank account with sufficient money in it. We even presented our bank card. We also presented proofs that we have stable lives in Malaysia. But it was all ignored. Alas, they cancelled our visas with the reason that we couldn’t convince who they called the ‘decision maker’ (whoever that was…) that we were actual tourists and we could support ourselves during our stay in Australia. As a last resort we gave them our friend Juzzy’s number who organized our tour. They called and told him that we explained he was going to find us jobs and they then told us that Juzzy explained he’s going to find us jobs! Clearly they tried to provoke us to admit that we came to Australia to find work. We demanded a phone call but they said, “You can only call Malaysian Embassy, but nobody would probably answer because it’s already late.” We still demanded that call and they say we can call after the interrogation but unfortunately, we were never given the chance to call. It was absurd and even the staff of the detention centre couldn’t believe what just happened to us. But they say things like this always occur….even Kris Dayanti was sent back without a reason once…hahaha. We took our chances, rolled the dice and got a little unfortunate, I guess.

Although we didn’t make the tour, but we did make new friends at the detention centre. If any of our new Malaysian friends in the detention centre is reading this, never give up!! To my Israelian roommate, thank you for watching over us. You never did give us your name. =(

We would like to show our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Juzzy, Shaun, Alex, Lena, Yeap, Lawrence and all our Australian friends who’s helped, waited, tried calling us, tried to let us out and everything…..we all did our best. And not forgetting our Malaysian friends who supported us, sent us, and picked us up at the airport. We really appreciate everything.

After all that had happened, whether it’s a case of discrimination, racism, or tyranny, we still believe in global DIY connection and friendship because no ones to blame but the discriminating system we are forced to submit to. Yet, we will never give up.

Thankfully noone was imprisoned, however alot of people organising the shows around the country and Diaghila themselves were left out of pocket due to the shows not continuing. A benefit show will be conducted next weekend, more details soon.

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130 Responses to Malaysian Hardcore Band Detained And Interrogated In Melbourne.
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Nemo Nemo 9:07 pm 07 May 08

DMD “VY, didn’t you say before that US and UK tourists are more likely to be overstayers? “

There may be a high number of UK overstayers, however that is only because there are substantially more UK tourists. As a percentage of the number of UK tourists, the number of overstayers is very low compared to other countries.

TAP – instead of emailing the band to get facts, why not write to the immigration dept and ask for facts. They wont give you specifics about the band, however they will give you general information about what happens if you arrive with the wrong visa.

Jazz Jazz 7:03 pm 07 May 08

For those that haven’t read them yet, please take a look over RiotACT’sterms and conditions. Pay particular attention to the bit where you promise to try to be somewhat civil to each other. saves me moderating everything 🙂 thanks.

Bungle Bungle 6:32 pm 07 May 08

I also don’t think it would be racial profiling that would have pulled them up. Probably more the fact that they probably looked like hard core musicians. I’m sure if a Swedish or US death metal band would also be questioned, firstly by Customs to see if they’re ‘carrying’ then if anything seems suss with their visas they’ll hand them over to immigration. Probably what happened here. (disclaimer: this is an assumption)

Malaysia is on the list of ETA Countries – effectively meaning visa free travel to Australia for tourists up to 3 months. If all Malaysians were being sent home, I doubt they’d be on this list.

Bungle Bungle 5:56 pm 07 May 08

Tap: ‘I also believe that the exact same thing could have happened to them if they did the right visa.’

You believe wrong. There would have been no grounds to send them home.

If they’d applied for the correct visa, the decision would have been made, as to whether they were allowed in, before they’d left Malaysia. Saving themselves all the trouble, and us from having to read this post.

btw, I have some exp in this kind of thing.

I’m not much of a poster here on riot act but am a regular reader. I tend to agree with you Tap in most of your posts, but I think you should give up on this one.

tap tap 3:59 pm 07 May 08

VY: Nah my issue is that what they were caught for and what they actually did are two seperate things. I dont call this a win for customs. As has been discussed I do not believe it was the gigs that they got deported for. Or else why would have the authorities “insisted that we allegedly came to find jobs like the other groups of Malaysians who were detained prior before we arrived.”. It is only a coincidence that these people actually shouldn’t have been let in, nothing more. Like i said ages and ages ago, right decision, wrong reasons. I don’t call that a win for customs. I also believe that the exact same thing could have happened to them if they did the right visa.

Yeah sorry about being flippant in the last remark, i hope you can understand that im getting more than a little frustrated at explaining the same thing over again. And no, i dont. (ive been asked that one a fair few times too)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:56 pm 07 May 08

Because US and UK tourists probably aren’t the people they’re really trying to catch. If they examine someone closely based on a profile, and find the person has or is trying to do something illegal, they will act. That’s probably what happened with this band.

They don’t take race out of the equation because there is strong evidence to show that some places of origin and ‘races’ (for want of a better term) have a significantly higher participation rate in certain illegal activities that border control is interested in than other places and races.

It’s not particularly nice, but it is effective. As always, if you’re doing the right thing there’s nothing to worry about.

Spideydog Spideydog 3:56 pm 07 May 08

tap said :

Spideydog: You’re points are useless because I have already said everything that you are saying. See comment 40.

I have asked for evidence that I am wrong. That is ‘seeking’. I am looking for proof in other areas.

The claims (not against the workers, against the system) are substantiated. See comment 60.

You have added nothing new here. Useless.

And you (every dipshit here who hasn’t given a decent amount of thought to what I am saying and just railed against it on instinct) didn’t answer my question about the logic.

(In relation to this thread) What part of “I DON’T CARE ABOUT HOW, WHY OR THE VALIDITY OF THEIR DETENTION AND DENIED ENTRY” Don’t you understand………………….. point 40 and 60 have no relevance to my argument with you and is just arguing the bit in bold above. Once again you are trying to twist me back into your argument of how and why they were detained/denied entry.

You are not saying, or have said, what I’m saying at all. You acknowledge that it is a one sided story, but you BELIEVE that one sided story. That is my problem, you believe a one sided story (that you acknowledge).

I said you are a fool for believing a one sided story gained from the net.

You are NEVER going to get THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY from people here. No one here was present at that time and the only way you will get the other side is from “Customs” themselves SO stop saying “I am looking for the other side” because we both know you won’t get it here.

End of discussion.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:49 pm 07 May 08

Then why not crack down on US and UK tourists?

Even better…why not take race completely out of the equation? Make ‘random’ checks really random.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:46 pm 07 May 08

DMD – US and UK tourists overstaying wasn’t my assertion, but it’s entirely possible.

As for terrorism, that’s another matter altogether. Personally, I agree with your comment.

farout farout 3:42 pm 07 May 08

move along, move along – this thread has been done to death.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:39 pm 07 May 08

VY, didn’t you say before that US and UK tourists are more likely to be overstayers? If that is the case…would that perhaps indicate that Racial Profiling is not working as well as it’s supposed to?

On the terrorism front, there isn’t much of a way to tell, based on the information available to (I think – spook, anyone?). Australia isn’t really that important a target for the many terrorist groups about. As much as John Howard claimed otherwise, we’re not a big country on the world stage. We have a small population, a very small military and most foreigners think we wrestle crocs all day when we’re not drinking fosters and cooking ‘shrimp’ on the barbie. The last AFP terrorism case was a complete f-k up anyway. I’d hate to see how we go against the actually real terrorists. You cannot say that racial profiling has worked because we haven’t had a terrorist attack.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:37 pm 07 May 08

Good point tap. The idea of the profiling is that if they are from a “rich white country” they are less likely (based on historical data and analysis) to be doing the wrong thing. In this case the system worked – by using profiling, persons who were not compliant with entry requirements were identified and stopped. I’m not sure what the problem is.

This is not to say that people from “rich white countries” do no wrong, simply that the incidence of of wrongdoing by persons from some other origins is higher. Border protection agencies have limited resources with which to work, so they try to put them where they will be most effective.

You’ve already said that you agree they had the wrong visa, but you seem to have an issue with the profiling part. Would you have as much of an issue if the profiling had picked up drug or illegal arms shipment destined for Australia?

In relation to your last comment, I posted becase I have first hand experience in this area – do you?

tap tap 3:23 pm 07 May 08

VY: They wouldnt have been caught if they were from a rich white country, as they wouldn’t have been checked out as thouroughly. The tourist visa would have been enough to get them in. Comment 97 (as well as many other ones)

Do you really think you are going to add something new here?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:15 pm 07 May 08

We also know for a fact that Racial Profiling is used in customs.

Of course it is – some places of origin on the planet, and indeed some countries, produce humans who have a higher than average propensity for doing the wrong thing when it comes to border controls. Fact. By using this approach our border security agencies are vastly more effective than they would be if simply stopping and/or searching people at random. This is how Australia chooses to protect its borders, and it has proven to be the most effective means available so far.

But to say that the band would been allowed in once it was discovered they were on the wrong visa simply because they were from a “rich white country” is laughable. It’s a very uninformed and uneducated view.

FWIW, I have first hand professional experience in Australian border security.

tap tap 3:02 pm 07 May 08

Spideydog: You’re points are useless because I have already said everything that you are saying. See comment 40.

I have asked for evidence that I am wrong. That is ‘seeking’. I am looking for proof in other areas.

The claims (not against the workers, against the system) are substantiated. See comment 60.

You have added nothing new here. Useless.

And you (every dipshit here who hasn’t given a decent amount of thought to what I am saying and just railed against it on instinct) didn’t answer my question about the logic.

Spideydog Spideydog 2:45 pm 07 May 08

How are they useless points tap… you have formed an opinion on a one sided version of events. Neither of us now if there are other things that customs considered to make thier decision? That group MAY have had “known links” to other persons who had fraud’d customs before, they MAY have had previous indiscretions in other coutnries that we don’t know of. All you know is what a band has told you over the internet.

You have twisted what I have said and tried to put words in my mouth throughout the “our conversation” and do nothing but point me back to your previous points that having nothing to do with what I am arguing with you about. I AM NOT ARGUING AS TO WHY THEY WERE THROWN OUT, THE REASONS OR THE VALIDITY…… My point and only point I have made to you, is that :

You have formed an opinion on a one sided story, Without seeking the “customs” side which in my opinion is a very silly thing to do and are obviously making un-substantiated allegations against the customs workers.

tap tap 2:15 pm 07 May 08

Spideydog: Alright, so you claim its plausible. Thats a start. I do think it is the reason, but like i have always said we dont have the full story here. You can keep saying i dont have the full story all you want, it isn’t being argued. Everytime you say it i reply, yes thats true. I even said as much before you weighed in with your useless points. See comment 40. Dipshit.

And no, it just didn’t add up. Feel free to add more reasons. Preferably ones that hold water though.

And yes, you are logically wrong. Answer me this: If they were kicked out due to them playing gigs, why did the authorities believe that they were there to work … just like previous groups of Malaysians? Here is the answer: They didn’t. The previous groups of Malaysians were not bands to do gigs, they were people looking to become illigal immigrants. That is the reason this band was not allowed in.

And no I wont believe anything, that statement you made is another example of how your illogical mind works.

Spideydog Spideydog 1:57 pm 07 May 08

No m8, didn’t add up to YOU. The world does not revolve around what you think or believe.

If you believe what an “alleged offender/s” have to say without knowing all the other facts or hearing any other persons side of the story (customs) you will believe anything my friend.

We have not been logically been proved wrong you git. You have convinced yourself you are logically right, thats it…..

When you don’t have the full facts, everything has a plausible possibility. It is also plausible that the exact opposite of what you are claiming, occurred to the band as well.

You can claim “plausibility” if you wish, but your whole point throughout this thread is that they were detained and denied entry purely on racial reasons alone. Thats not Plausible, your stating fact.

I am quite happy to state plausible for either way, why? Because I wasn’t there and won’t make in “Informed opinion” until I have heard from both the band and customs.

tap tap 1:36 pm 07 May 08

and that is a ‘if’ i get a reply.

tap tap 1:35 pm 07 May 08

Spideydog: When did i say everything on the net was believable? Pathetic point. You’ve given your one reason why the badn might lie and it didn’t add up.

You all change your stories from ‘its clear they were throw out because of the wrong visa!’ to ‘Well we cant be sure the story is true!’. When you are logically proved wrong on your original point. No admission of the plausibility of my assertions. Dont think i havn’t noticed. Very early on I was saying that we were lacking the authorities side of the story, there is no argument about that point.

I can not prove that no white bands have ever been stopped, i can only be proved wrong, by example of a band that has been stopped. You find it, prove your point that this is not a case of discrimination.

I can attempt to prove my second assertion though, I have sent an email to the band asking them to elaborate on the other bands that this has happened to, to see if any of them had the correct visa and were still not allowed. If i get a reply ill post it here, even if it says all the badns it happened to were on tourist visas. If that were the case then that would not prove my second assertion wrong, but only would not be proof that it is right.

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