Mark Carmody has a big one

iCanberran 8 August 2008 14

On August 6th, Johnboy said “I have long believed that it was only a matter of time before the ABC’s Mark Carmody appeared on the evening news wearing a corsage bigger than his head.Tonight he came close.”

Well, tonight he did it.

The dimensions of that plant are larger than his head. I predict that within a month, he may try to fit a whole potted Bonsai Maple in his coat pocket.

Next year, the corsage may be so big that he’ll be obscured from view altogether, viewers only hearing his muffled voice from behind a full size pine tree.

P.S. Must check out how Floriade is going, over a month to go but apparently its looking good.

[ED – Not sure it counts, a bit spindly…]

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14 Responses to Mark Carmody has a big one
Thumper Thumper 8:33 am 11 Aug 08

Just take the blue from the sky and green from the deep deep sea
and you can colour your world just stay with CTC…

Or something like that. Geez, i was a little tacker when that ad was on.

Madman Madman 10:34 pm 10 Aug 08

Could have found a leaf that was eaten to death!! How can i concentrate on the news when I gotta be annoyed about an eaten up leaf!

ant ant 9:46 pm 10 Aug 08

I’d forgotten all that stuff! Back in the day when you went to the coast and saw Hey Hey It’s Saturday on WIN Wollongong on Saturday mornings. CTC 7… I think it’s Ten now?
The bloke in benny hill glasses appearing through the palm trees I remember too, but didn’t realise it was a channel promo.

Oh, and I did a mistake above. I have both the ‘bergias here in abundance. But Walenbergia is the little ACT bluebell (they’re all over my place). Hardenbergia is the purple vine I reckon they’ll drape around Mark Carmody sometime during this Olympic/Botanic Gardens period.

If they need some, I have rather a lot of it…

Primal Primal 2:05 am 09 Aug 08

Oh that definitely counts.

Overheard Overheard 1:37 am 09 Aug 08

Yeah, but back in the day when I used to play Australian Rules (we’re talking early to mid 1970s now!) I used to love the local coverage of the VFL (games live from Melbourne with the panel in the studio at Watson). Half-time handball competition with players from teams like Ainslie, Eastlakes and West Belconnen, brought to you by Patra Fruit Juice! Squinting at the black and white PYE set, trying to work out whether it was North Melbourne or Collingwood who had the ball. Ah, memories!

iCanberran iCanberran 1:27 am 09 Aug 08

Good old CTC7, they always had the best production values

Although I’m taking the mickey out of them, not far behind than Win does almost 20 years later

Overheard Overheard 12:30 am 09 Aug 08

Showing my age here, but who remembers the ads (can’t for the life of me remember the product) which were on local TV here (back in the days when we only had Capital 7 or Super 7 or whatever it was called for a commercial station). The ads aped the Schultz the German soldier character from the Laugh-In show who pushed aside the fronds of a potted palm and announced, ‘Very interesting, but stooooopid!’ and other catch-crys.

I think that’s Mark’s next step; to actually burst out from behind the foliage of some leafy plant that’s bigger than him.

Or dare I say it, for the Python fans, a shrubbery.

ant ant 9:54 pm 08 Aug 08

I think someone at the botanic gardens has been reading this, and tried to provide him with a small tree. There certainly was a lot of unecessary bits on that wattle, adn he seemed quite happy to wear it. It also appeared to be held on with large staples?!

They’ll stick a bit of Wahlenbergia on him before the period is up, it’s in full flower here (creeping vine with purple flowers, also called False sarsparilla).

mirage3 mirage3 9:47 pm 08 Aug 08

Dammit! I was out for dinner and missed it.

Pandy Pandy 9:41 pm 08 Aug 08

I agree aronde

aronde aronde 9:20 pm 08 Aug 08

When I saw that tonight, after having read the previous post by Johnboy, I laughed so hard I spilt my wine! I was sure he had only done it as a response to the Riot!

pptvb pptvb 8:56 pm 08 Aug 08

he’s moved on from corsage to camouflage

VicePope VicePope 8:36 pm 08 Aug 08

Is there such a thing as a weatherman-sized Venus flytrap? Could someone please breed one – soon.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 8:32 pm 08 Aug 08

What’s up with the casual look? no tie, I can’t remember if this is a regular occurrence or not? I think bow tie is Mark’s thing.

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