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Mate caught DUI

By Ex Warrior - 7 March 2011 35

Any legals out there?

Mate caught DUI .220 Sat night. Previous history – 3 previous convictions more than 10 yrs ago.

I’m thinking fine up to $2,200 and /or 12 months slammer, and no chance of workers lic as high range?

Does the spent convictions ruling mean the 3 previous convictions will be ignored?

Guesses on punishment welcome!

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Mate caught DUI
Mr Waffle 1:49 pm 07 Mar 11

Ex Warrior said :

Any other estimates on punishments for the lad?

He’s sent to a slave labour camp to help construct a pyramid for Pharaoh Stanhope?

boobook 1:46 pm 07 Mar 11

shadow boxer said :

… spent convictions …
Tell your mate not to mention them himself in court though as they are then fair game.

+1, and

Remorse is the key. That, and an early guilty plea, is how a judge is persuaded that the offender is not a complete ar$ehat. Your mate would do well to be giving serious thought to some acts of contrition he would be willing to offer up, as concrete demonstrations of remorse.

Ex Warrior 1:40 pm 07 Mar 11

Yeh i dunno how he was going behind the wheel. He didn’t crash it was a random station set up.
I know from experience on Sat night that riding a bike isnt that easy after a couple of stubbies either.

i looked into the spent convictions and if 2 offences were proven its 10yrs however if 3 or more its 20 years so big trouble.

Any other estimates on punishments for the lad?

EvanJames 1:34 pm 07 Mar 11

shadow boxer said :

I’m pretty sure the prosecution is not allowed to bring up spent convictions

Yes, but I bet it is considered during sentencing.

shadow boxer 1:25 pm 07 Mar 11

I’m pretty sure the prosecution is not allowed to bring up spent convictions (although this may have recently changed).

Tell your mate not to mention them himself in court though as they are then fair game.

NQ2ACT 1:20 pm 07 Mar 11

Grade A idiot. No idea how he/she could even be driving with that level of alcohol in their system.

Cops should be allowed to just bin ppl like that. Useless excuse for a human being, complete disregard for rest of the community.

KaptnKaos 1:08 pm 07 Mar 11

Good behaviour bond and a “stern” warning he hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Chaz 1:08 pm 07 Mar 11

It’s tossers like this that make it horrible for everyone else on the road who obeys the rules.

Lock the bastard up

Brianna 12:53 pm 07 Mar 11

My guess is the punishment isn’t going to be near good enough. Previous punishments for previous DUIs hasn’t been enough to sink into the head that it’s wrong.

screaming banshee 12:49 pm 07 Mar 11

Guesses on punishment welcome!
I don’t know about the courts, but his mates should be giving him an uppercut or two. 10 yrs since last conviction just means he hasn’t been caught.

Stevian 12:48 pm 07 Mar 11

Lock him up and throw away the key.

EvanJames 12:46 pm 07 Mar 11

“spent” convictions aren’t really spent… they don’t disapear. As anyone who has gone for a security clearance knows, they sit there til the day you die. So if they’re accessible to the security clearance people, I’d imagine they’re relevant in cases like this, showing recidivism.

astrojax 12:35 pm 07 Mar 11

punishment in canberra? did he murder someone? walk free…

4th dui? hopefully thrown roughly to the ground. or book thrown, one or t’other… could, and might argue with high range, should, get time… sorry.

triffid 12:34 pm 07 Mar 11

I’m not a legal type, but have some experience in the area. While the three priors from 10 years ago are unlikely to be considered, that doesn’t neccessarily mean they won’t be, er, ‘persuasive’.

.22? Operating a motor vehicle while .22? Here’s hoping your mate gets a $2,200 fine, a licence cancellation for 12 months with no work concession and maybe a brief respite at the Hume Hilton at an absolute minimum. I do hope he understands what a level three accredited (with epilates) tosser he is?

Rollersk8r 12:33 pm 07 Mar 11

Depends. If his name’s Todd Carney then the only punishment will be admitting he’s probably really on his last warning this time…

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