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Matthew Elliott has had a gutfull of you!

By johnboy 7 August 2006 15

In celebrating the Raider’s victory over the Bronco’s Raider’s coach Matthew Elliot had some words for we Canberrans.

Apparently the departing coach has had a gutful of our fickleness.

Therefore I intend to be consistent and not turn out for any games at this season.

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
Matthew Elliott has had a gutfull of you!
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tallian 11:24 pm 07 Aug 06

The problem I have with the Raiders is not knowing from one game to the next which version is going to turn up. If we could be sure that the ones who flogged St George and the Broncos was going to be there, I’d go more regularly. However, its just as likely we’ll see dire, one out, fumbleball like against Souths. I’ve been getting to only one or two games a season for the last few years and only got the crappy version.

Thumper 7:21 pm 07 Aug 06

Now I shall drink some beers and some wine, listen to Stevie Marriott and the Small faces and work on some unfinished songs..

BTW, got stuck into the Absinthe last weekend. Odd to say the least. I’ll give it another night before I report back, suffice to say that it is pretty heavy….

Thumper 7:18 pm 07 Aug 06

Hey guys,

Fuck Elliot, I’ve been following this team from when they first entered the competition and they used to get flogged 40 zip every week out at Seiffert (Sp?)

And I saw us win our first match, poor Kenny Wilson from Newtown couldn’t have kicked the bucket that day.

Ah, hazy lazy days when I was in year 12. Driving in an old valiant (265 hemi I believe), getting pissed at the game, driving back down Fairbairn avenue (not me, I was to young to have a licence)…

Shit I’m old….

However, that is what makes a football team. I reckon we had more supporters in those days than we did when we were flogging everyone 50 zip in the late 80s/ early 90s.

But then again, I may be wrong.

Seriously though I simply can’t afford it now. Money and time wise.

In the end the Raiders can make the finals, and as I said previously, all the experts tipped them to come last.

Gives us something to stick up the Sydney crowd hey?

Especially the Rooters, sorry, Rorters, um, Roosters…

johnboy 6:07 pm 07 Aug 06

That wasn’t in the article, it was in the morning’s ABC news on the radio.

My apologies.

richopesto 6:03 pm 07 Aug 06

Where does Mr. Elliott have a go at us Canberrans?
Only if the entire population of the ACT consists of Raiders players ??….

Spitfire3 4:07 pm 07 Aug 06

Victor Junior still gets used in game-day promotions in the stadium forecourt areas (ie just outside the stadium). I wonder if perhaps he was actually purpose-made for that task – he’s a large idiotic-looking semi-mobile billboard. That could explain why he was introduced on-field at that one game and then never set foot on the turf again. Although, I must admit that my first thought was similar to yours – that that his chilly reception from the fans (myself included) led to him being relegated to a lesser posting.

Growling Ferret 3:42 pm 07 Aug 06

IIRC Victor Junior lasted a week and was pulled for being too scary for the kiddies(?)

They played entertaining footy yesterday, and if they don’t read their own press, should be able to beat the Tigers this weekend. If they lose, then kiss the season good bye…

Losing Hodgson just allows Tilse to return to first grade. I’m not entirely sure why he was dropped.

Spitfire3 3:24 pm 07 Aug 06

Growling Ferret, I agree about Robbo. Victor too – he should have stopped mucking around near the guy when it became apparent that something was really wrong with him. I don’t think I saw any part of him move an inch after he went down.

Anyhoo, if they want more attendance (and they do) they should try to identify reasons why potential spectators will sometimes decide it’s too much trouble to go to the game and see which of those reasons they can eliminate. The survey forms they handed out on the way out of the stadium on Sunday was a step in the right direction. It was mostly geared towards gathering info about the effectiveness of sponsorship, but nevertheless it provided a small avenue of input into the way things are run. I like that. My clan and I filled them out and posted them the same day – complete with the “Negative” box ticked for the question “What is your opinion of the new ‘Victor Junior’ mascot” 😉

And VYBerlinaV8, the Raiders were definitely worth watching in the two most recent home games, so I hope people really do turn up to the Storm match on the 26th. Last game you’ll see in Canberra this year, people, and it’s against the competition leaders! (Besides, you’ve got to witness a certain supporter that screams like a psychopath through much of the game and sits at the northern end of the western stand – “GAAOO!! GAAOO!! GAAOO!! GET ON IT!! GET ON IT!! GAAOO!!” – What a fan.)

VYBerlinaV8 1:32 pm 07 Aug 06

Boo friggin hoo. It’s just a local footy team. When they’re worth watching, people will come out and watch.

Growling Ferret 1:31 pm 07 Aug 06

Spitfire – I’ve been wondering about the half time entertainment. Robbo’s revving up of the crowd whilst the bloke was being medicabbed off was a pretty poor show.

Broncos were ordinary – only Purtell scored, their heads dropped and they were gone.

The fact only 13000 were there was disappointing – can the Raiders get 15000 to the Storm game?

Spitfire3 12:51 pm 07 Aug 06

Oh yeah and back on-topic, I agree with what AD said.

Spitfire3 11:28 am 07 Aug 06

I expected the Broncos to put up more of a fight. The two late tries let in were disappointing, but a win’s a win and it was a great performance by the raiders – the second one in a row at home (I’m ignoring/denying the existence of the bunnies game of course).

And yet again, Zillman (amongst others) kicked arse in the premier league game against the sharks. Five tries in an absolute spanking of the cronullians. How long have we got him signed up for?

By the way, does anyone know the fate of the poor bloke who took a nose dive into the turf in the half time catch-the-bomb-in-a-milk-crate competition and got stretchered off?

Sammy 10:16 am 07 Aug 06

Pretty poor form from Matthew Elliot, hammering a crowd that was almost 3000 more (13,000) than the season average of 10,000.

Absent Diane 9:46 am 07 Aug 06

I think any team that has been succesful in years that are not beyond memory, the fans are going to be fickle. Also it’s part of the job requirement isn’t it – to make fans happy. The fact the deraiders have been so up and down in the last few seasons, as well as the consistent loss of talented players, maybe elliot should be having a crack at management etc…

Thumper 8:21 am 07 Aug 06

Lose to Souths one week, hammer the third side (Broncos)the next week.

At least the Raiders are consistent, in their inconsistency…

Two more wins and we’re in the finals.

Not bad for a side that everybody said would come dead last.

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