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Meet the Porritt family

By johnboy - 9 August 2008 30

In the Canberra Times Victor Violante has a lengthy piece on the saga surrounding the late Nanette Porritt, and her son Glen.

Compulsory reading for those wanting to hold strong views on the subject.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Meet the Porritt family
johnboy 11:49 am 10 Aug 08

Actually I agree with you I-Filed.

ant 11:35 am 10 Aug 08

The woman clearly had a raft of mental issues, and some mental illness is hereditary. Seems likely that the son inherited some of whatever was happening in her head.

Killing someone is something that most people could never do, so it is a concern that this man is free to move around in society.

Pandy 11:18 am 10 Aug 08

Strong disturbing and worthy of review words, I-filed

I-filed 10:17 am 10 Aug 08

This discussion’s lack of consideration for the sanctity of human life is frightening. Why didn’t the rotten little shit leave home, move on, maintain his close relationship with his siblings, study, earn a living and stop pestering parents he didn’t like or connect with for money? The mother sounds awful but it’s appalling that people are arguing that an overly strict parent can be murdered and it’s OK. I’ve observed equally strict and OTT behaviour, by the way, in the mother of a successful and highly functional Canberra household, and the three children are now variously a concert pianist, assistant head of a major financial institution and IT professional. They would scoff at the idea that they couldn’t or shouldn’t have handled their mother’s behaviour. This murderer’s bad personality and inability to handle himself is the problem here – now made dire by the Court’s decision. Shades also of the Court’s letting Anu Singh off the hook and not holding her to account.

Headbonius 9:17 am 10 Aug 08

So DMD, Mum’s behaviour justifies his actions according to you? Interesting.

Duke 4:46 pm 09 Aug 08

I agree with scootergal. This case again raises the nature versus nurture debate. Was Glen Porritt born murderous or did he become murderous due to his upbringing. If he’d had a normal, happy household with nurturing parents would these horrific events still have occured?

I don’t think so. He seemed bright, finished uni, loved and was loved by his siblings.

I think Glen was perhaps more susceptible to homicidal behaviour than other people – after all not everybody with horrible upbringings goes on to commit murder – but how do we know what each of us are capable of until we have been pushed to our very outer limits?

scootergal 4:36 pm 09 Aug 08

That kind of abuse (unfortunately) happens every day, as I have seen from working in child welfare. I’d say her treatment of him and his mental health are huge contributing factors. A shame that the situation could not have been made beeter before this incident. Hopefully he will get the help he needs.

johnboy 4:06 pm 09 Aug 08

And no-one else ever does him wrong…


Fiona 3:56 pm 09 Aug 08

So long as the only person he hates and is likely to kill is now gone

Duke 3:31 pm 09 Aug 08

I think calling the woman a bitch is a little generous, roadrage77. The woman sounds sociopathic. Did you even read the CT article?

Confiscating her sons prescribed acne cream (as a punishment), denying the children food and even locking food away so they couldn’t eat – calling the cops on her son when he broke into the house after she locked him out – that is beyond bitch, that is psychologial abuse.

Whether people think he got off lightly or not he has a right to be a little f**ked up because of his upbringing. Product of his environment it Porritt.

Deadmandrinking 2:51 pm 09 Aug 08

Roadrage77 said :

So his mum was a bitch. Boo freakin hoo. Life’s no fairytale.

You hard man.

Roadrage77 2:37 pm 09 Aug 08

So his mum was a bitch. Boo freakin hoo. Life’s no fairytale.

Deadmandrinking 1:52 pm 09 Aug 08

Not that it justifies killing her, but this woman did cross the line between punishment and abuse, a little too much.

It makes sense that Glen snapped. I would.

sepi 1:35 pm 09 Aug 08

Nevertheless, the sentence is remarkably short.

In Melbourne this week a woman has been sentenced to one year for manslaughter, and she (apparently) killed her partner during a mutually agreed bondage session, by accident.

In the ACT she would have got no sentence at all I’d say.

It does seem like the Porrit family was a bit disturbed.

Feebles 1:28 pm 09 Aug 08

She sounds like a mother of the year candidate. Those poor kids. And what was the dad doing while she was abusing the children? It’s just an all round sad story.

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