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Meet the Porritt family

By johnboy 9 August 2008 30

In the Canberra Times Victor Violante has a lengthy piece on the saga surrounding the late Nanette Porritt, and her son Glen.

Compulsory reading for those wanting to hold strong views on the subject.

What’s Your opinion?

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Meet the Porritt family
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Deadmandrinking 3:36 pm 11 Aug 08

Deadmandrinking said :

Headbonius said :

So DMD, Mum’s behaviour justifies his actions according to you? Interesting.

You want to read my posts before commenting on them? It’ll help.

“NOT THAT IT JUSTIFIES KILLING HER, but this woman did cross the line between punishment and abuse, a little too much.

It makes sense that Glen snapped. I would.”

Sorry for the caps, it’s just so I can pinpoint what I was saying.

Killing someone is rarely, if not never, justified. It was certainly not justified in this case. However, what I was saying was that I do understand how Glen snapped. There is a logical sequences of events that could lead him to snapping. It does not make what he did right, however.

Anu singh is far worse though – she killed someone who never did a thing to her.

A bit off topic, but I went to uni with her brother (same course, only about 12 of us graduated), and he was a remarkably normal and balanced human being. Maybe some people just lose it?

Thats my reading of the comment as well – I think the cat has erred amoungst the pigeons.

johnboy 8:37 am 11 Aug 08

I dunno DMD, I thought that’s what you were saying too…

And I have to read everything that gets written here (some days being easier than others).

Deadmandrinking 4:15 am 11 Aug 08

Headbonius said :

So DMD, Mum’s behaviour justifies his actions according to you? Interesting.

You want to read my posts before commenting on them? It’ll help.

sepi 8:29 pm 10 Aug 08

I’m sure the judge heard what Mr Porrit had to say on the matter.

There were also odd stories of Mrs Porrit rubbing compost in the hair and face of the youngest daughter, to punish her for not cleaning the kitchen. It does sound very odd.

I would have given Glen a longer sentence myself. But I believe the trial did investigate the strictness and appropriateness of Mrs Porrit’s parenting.

Now whether Mr Porrit and the daughters exagerated any of that in order to assist Glen’s case, we will never know. It is telling of itself that the rest of his family continues to support him though.

thecman 8:12 pm 10 Aug 08

At the end of the day Mr Porritt killed a fellow human being in circumstances that amounted to murder – even if Justice Higgins decrees otherwise. Posters on this thread who have endeavoured to justify this uncomfortable fact by emphasising the victim’s failings as parent are effectively saying that revenge killing is acceptable. It is such a typical defence to domestic murder – the victim was so bad, mad, sad that the offender just ‘lost’ control and lashed out. Whatever, we now have yet another murderer living amongst us courtesy of the ACT judiciary.

I-filed 7:03 pm 10 Aug 08

illyria, Glen Porritt has stated that ‘there was food left in the kitchen’ but HE describes it as not being enough to keep him healthy – then the hypochondriac statements kick in, blaming so-called blackouts. It was not “all the food”. What if the mother was locking away luxury and sweet things downstairs (e.g. in their version of a pantry) and keeping a basic healthy diet upstairs? Sounds more likely than a basic diet causing blackouts and acne. And a family on a tight budget would be entirely entitled to limit their children’s food consumption if they are wasting food. I’d like to hear what the Porritt husband had to say on the matter.
And if they had bogan or aspirational neighbours who weren’t aware of old-fashioned or country-style or old-money frugality, I wouldn’t be surprised if those neighbours didn’t understand.

illyria 6:27 pm 10 Aug 08

Smithy, Nanette Porrit’s sister explained to the Court that Nanette only locked all the food away in the basement because “the children often wasted it”.

Come on guys, no behaviour from a child warrants what was done to those children growing up. There were clearly mental health issues at play behind the closed doors of the Porrit household long before Glen freaked out and stabbed his mother.

Ingeegoodbee 5:08 pm 10 Aug 08

This should be a lesson to mothers everywhere.

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