Merchant Service Ideas for Small Business in Canberra?

ace2279 20 April 2016 10

I’m after some advice on options for receiving payment from clients via credit/debit card and EFTPOS.

I’m a very small business and I want to be able to take payment from clients either over the phone or at time of consultation. Problem is the standard EFTPOS machines from a bank cost a fortune! Yes they are great for ease of use for the client but are there other ways (possibly less expensive but as convenient) of receiving these payments?

Anyone out there doing this differently/can recommend who to investigate?

Thanks in advance

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10 Responses to Merchant Service Ideas for Small Business in Canberra?
vulpior vulpior 4:36 pm 29 Apr 12

Bear in mind that banks offer different rates, for credit cards in particular, depending on your anticipated turnover. So the great rates that medium business M is getting are not the same as those that new startup S will be offered.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 7:44 pm 24 Apr 12

Suncorp mobile eftpos machine for 30 bucks a month, 5c for eftpos and .64 percent for cc transactions…..or is that too expensive.

thatsnotme thatsnotme 6:41 pm 24 Apr 12

The thing with all these products is that I don’t think they cater for EFTPOS. Your alternatives probably depend a bit on what you’re selling, and the size of the transaction. Given you’re talking about consultations, I’m thinking that your sales are likely reasonably large, and less frequent? I’ve found that for larger purchases, people are quite comfortable with a direct debit – the end result is the same in that they’ve paid using their own money, but it just hasn’t gone via the EFTPOS network.

Certainly look into the options provided for credit card payments though – it seems there are a lot more options you can use there, than taking cash via EFTPOS.

bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 2:39 pm 24 Apr 12

s396 said :

Chat to eWay:

+1 for eWay. Good bunch of guys who are also a local company.

cbjcurtin cbjcurtin 2:34 pm 24 Apr 12

We use Commbank eftpos, it doesn not seem to be too expencive, also we get the woreless machines as the cords on the hard wired ones seem to break continually. if you do all your business banking with one bank they should cut you a good deal.

c_c c_c 2:25 pm 24 Apr 12

General rule is the cheaper it is upfront, the more expensive it is down the road. Paypal is free but they charge a heft fee on each transaction down the road. On the other hand, banks demand more upfront but will not charge so much on each transaction.

For small traders, the former is typically preferred.

arescarti42 arescarti42 1:53 pm 24 Apr 12

Paypal have a credit card reader device and app for iphone.

Not sure if it would be any cheaper than a bank eftpos terminal, but worth a look?

Russ Russ 1:40 pm 24 Apr 12

You can open a merchant account and use the bank’s web interface to process transactions. For example, NAB have their “NAB Transact” web portal, and also offer a mobile version for phones.

Buckaroo_Banzai Buckaroo_Banzai 1:35 pm 24 Apr 12


Not sure if they operate in Australia or not yet though, or whether they can work over the phone. But have a look anyway.

s396 s396 1:24 pm 24 Apr 12

Chat to eWay:

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