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Message to Canberra Police: I Hear You! (wink wink)

By johnboy - 10 May 2007 51

Recently the constabulary have been very active in these parts. They (or their supporters) have suggested that anyone who’s ever been to Gorman House is a criminal with an opinion undeserving of consideration, that asking questions of policing is “anti-police”, that a care for civil liberties indicates a desire to shield alleged pedophiles from the full weight of the law.

I’ll admit I was surprised by these ignorant, thuggish, and prejudiced views coming from a sector we expect so much from.

But then I had a revelation!

Our intelligent and perspicacious constabulary could never expect such crude and intimidatory tactics to have any effect. Therefore these noxious postings must be for another reason. I can only assume that they too are as concerned as I am, and wish to goad this website into further examination of the issues.

It’s OK boys. I get your message. I understand how deeply concerned you must have been to ensure that RiotACT doesn’t let up on these important issues.

I won’t let you down!

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Message to Canberra Police: I Hear You! (wink wink)
astrojax 2:19 pm 11 May 07

My car was broken into at the Rex carpark. They took the report, that’s all.
Never heard from them again.

so, andy, what do you expect – a call each fortnight on a wednesday to say, ‘no nothing yet, but we’ll keep in touch, toodles…’??

really, i sometimes wonder if some people really stop to think about what policing must be like, as a real job. that said, it is frustrating when you do your own police work – like you knew where the little shit with the knife lives – and the real coppers can get no satisfaction. still, little shits got rights, too, and there’s the rub, innit.

KandyA 2:08 pm 11 May 07

again, a policy of organ-harvesting does present as a sensible, beneficial solution to these concerns –
1. unreconstructed bigots harassing JB’s webviews…= organ-harvensting kidney each
2. introduced purchaser/provider model and its dysfunctional?= eyeball harvested!
3.Robbed, beat-up, ignored, poor Slinky? =kidney, liver, eyeball..?hip? thankyouverymuch!

about 7 yrs ago I had the experience of reporting a burglary, and found stolen item months after at cashies, when reported was told that I would be able to buy it back – Police werent even interested in getting name of seller. (ok wasnt actually very good proof of it being same item – good enough for me to conduct organ harvesting tho I think!)

Perhaps organ harvesting can provide greater deterrent than not investigating incidents. Still need someone to have to catch them and prove it- I dunno? the fire brigade? SES? people who goto Goromon House?

andy 1:10 pm 11 May 07

I wasn’t intending to put the boot in, just retell some instances that have occured to me personally.

S4anta 11:21 am 11 May 07

ban ritalin, obviously the adhd kiddies are making life a little too hard for our colleagues in the AFP. That being said, and without sounding like a supporter of the Police, if its a job you cant do for various reasons hows about you dont slip the boot in… unless they are a f**kwit.

andy 10:40 am 11 May 07

Several instances…
Once, in 2001, my friends tyre was slashed in my parents front yard. We chased the little 14 yo shit.
He brandished his knife at us, and we called the cops, chasin him up and down the road.
Cops attended, sirens and all.
Nothing much seemed to happen after that, we never heard much more. He disappeared into a backyard, and it’s strongly suspected by us he lived there, but the police got no joy from the house.

My car was stolen from out the front of our apartment in Belconnen. My fault, true, it was unlocked, but it was a bomb.
Could not reach the police by phone, so drove up in my flatmate’s car to report it
“oh, someone probably took it to get home last night”
Admittedly, they did ring me at 11:15 to say they’d found it.. where it had been dumped.. in the middle of an intersection, with no petrol.
At least I got the car back.

My car was broken into at the Rex carpark. They took the report, that’s all.
Never heard from them again.

TAD 10:19 am 11 May 07

Thank god for JB.

I was beginning to be concerned that there weren’t enough single tracked rant blogs on the web.

Swaggie 9:47 am 11 May 07

Would any one know what was going on around William Slim Drive last night? Umnmarked Police cars, plain clothes cops (I think) all actively doing something….not sitting around reading Riotact.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:12 am 11 May 07

In response to point (1) above, I have no doubt the constabulary would chase you, because you’d be an easy arrest. (Makes the numbers look better, you see)

FC 8:09 am 11 May 07

my dealings with the cops where the same.
They couldn’t give a shit. I got the impression that they wouldn’t give a shit until I was dead or near dead lying in a hospital somewhere.
Whether or not they can do something is not the point, they could at least pretend to give a shit.

I have often wanted to take justice into my own hands, however I haven’t for two reason:
1. I am sure as a sick twist of fate the AFP would then decide to actually do their jobs
2.I am just way too chicken shit

Mel 7:00 am 11 May 07


If thats the case, why don’t you get in there and show them how it’s done?? And please, come up with something better than “I’m too smart” or “I would lower myself to that”…

ant 11:05 pm 10 May 07

Canberra AFP are useless as police. I am not quite sure what they are there for. Best thing is to acquire one’s own gun, off the map.

Slinky the Shocker 9:59 pm 10 May 07

Oh, and by the way, before Dude and his mates wake up at 10 a.m. and go on the predictable attack: I am NOT anti-cop whatsoever. I grew up in a country town where coppers seemed to enjoy their job and therefore approached it with more dedication, and compassion for all sides. I even got busted twice for “mischief” as a little shit and found that if cops handle these things well, it can create respect by all sides… Just never experienced this in Canberra.

Slinky the Shocker 9:33 pm 10 May 07

I had shut up in the debate so far, however after the comments by Dude @ss and others I’ve had enough. As a lot of you might remember, the junkie scene was pretty rife in Canberra a few years ago. During this time, 4 crimes were committed against me or my property without the police giving a shit! I can understand that car break-ins are too many to count, but at least the police should make the impression of caring. The response after the 1st break-in was basically: “Ah, what the hell are you calling me if only your radio was nicked”. Our house got burgled and they actually bothered to come around, but basically told us that we should look for the stolen goods ourselves at cash converters.
The last incident (after another car break-in) was me getting my face smashed by a junkie on a Sunday arvo in Garema Place. Nothing broken, but the massive concussion led to mild seizures that took a couple of years to stop re-occurring and that fucked me up quite badly for a while. I reported it from the hospital and they were going to send someone around my joint to take a statement. This was called off (“too busy” – which is fair enough), so I hopped over to the Belco police beat a day or two later and unfortunately made the mistake that I came in at around lunch. Clearly, the fat and lazy dude had absolutely no interest in my story (maybe he thought I look like I go to Gorman House) and took my name, address and told me “there’s basically no chance finding the bloke” although I gave a detailed description of a VERY distinctive looking guy who I am sure is known to every Civic cop.
My only comment is: If I had the attitude and commitment in my job that I experienced in my interaction with the Canberra Cops, I’d really, really get my ass kicked!

PS: On a positive note… in my last 4 years in Canberra I had no encounter with any crime – and hence with the police, so maybe everything is great now…

bigred 9:28 pm 10 May 07

time to “test the market” and put an end to the cosy relationship between the ACT government and AFP. There are a few examples of purchaser-provider relationships in government administration in this country. The are no examples that are not dysfunctional.

TAD 9:18 pm 10 May 07
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