Midnight Screening of Serenity

Blamemonkey 3 August 2005 19

A Local Canberrian is trying to organise a midnight screening of Serenity at hoyts belconnen.

If people are interested please register your interest at

If you don’t know what Serenity/Firefly is check out these websites

The Serenity Movie is based of Joss Weadon’s Fire fly series that lasted 12 episodes, this was due to near sighted TV exec’s who didn’t get it.

The Series Is Fantastic and critically acclaimed….

As Molly Meldrum would say “Do your self a Favour”

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19 Responses to Midnight Screening of Serenity
Morgainne Morgainne 12:09 am 06 Aug 05

Ah Canberra enthusiasm…Firefly, the series was fantastic. An example of how good tv can be and by all reports the movie has the potential to be just as good. I’m really looking forward to it. And for all the worker bees out there (me included) a midnight screening allows lots of time for an evening nap!!! Have you tried posting the details for the midnight screening on the new official Oz Serenity movie site, http://www.serenitymovie.com.au/

terubo terubo 1:13 pm 05 Aug 05

Even I’d come on a Friday or Saturday night (as long as there’s wheelchair access and the heating’s on); but Weds is bingo night at the club, with singalong at 10.00pm before hot cocoa & X-videos at 10.30. And Thursday morning is an early start in order to get down to the pension office by 10.30.
However, my several adult grandchildren will be there so I’ll hear all about it from them at teatime on Sunday afternoon (before my nap).

bonfire bonfire 12:48 pm 05 Aug 05

wednesday night ? are you on crack ? unlike unkempt students with poor hygiene and bad haircuts whose first lecture is at 11Am allowing them to attend midnight sessions midweek, most people are catching z’s at midnight midweek.

if this was a friday or sat night it would be better.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 8:49 am 05 Aug 05

here is some more info for people who didn’t get the email

Midnight Opening Session of “Serenity”
Time: 12:01am Thursday, 29th September 2005

Tickets: $11.00

So it’s actually on Wednesday night, with the film finishing around 2:15am…

I will be organising payment for tickets 2 weeks prior…

Keep watching: http://sigil777.com/serenity for further notices!

johnboy johnboy 9:13 pm 04 Aug 05

And just got the email, they think they’ve got the numbers.

terubo terubo 3:28 pm 04 Aug 05

Yeah, it’s been a while…
BTW bonfire, Valhalla closed down yesterday and there’s a hell of stink going on amongst the film fraternity up there – ‘cos the Chauvel is likely to close too.
A bunch of filmmakers is organising a public meeting about it later in the month.

johnboy johnboy 3:03 pm 04 Aug 05

Oh c’mon terubo, live a little.

midnight screenings are fun!

bonfire bonfire 2:53 pm 04 Aug 05

how i miss the 24 hour scifi marathons at the valhalla.

thats something i’d go to in canberra. i quite enjoy the 3 movie long weekend midnight sessions.

im that guy you hear snoring like curly joe during the 3rd movie.

Ralph Ralph 2:50 pm 04 Aug 05

Or wait for the DVD.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 2:45 pm 04 Aug 05

just to clarify, the person organising this is getting expressions of interest because hoyts Belconnen advised that they would be able to do a midnight screening if the interest is there (approx 100 people). It is also to support a really good series that got canned, If your a fan put your name down, if you are to old to be hard core go to the cheap arse Tuesday screening

terubo terubo 10:52 am 04 Aug 05

‘Scuse my ignorance, but why a petition – ain’t it coming anyway? I viewed the trailer, it seems to be opening on Sept 30 (US I guess).
-And what’s the big deal about midnight? I’d rather see it at midday, then have a cup of tea afterwards to cool my nerves.

RandomGit RandomGit 9:23 am 04 Aug 05

t43 Trailer p0wnz!

Jazz Jazz 9:20 am 04 Aug 05

original work. in that case i’m definately keen. One of the series producers in ‘the making of’ section of the DVD mentioned they were hopeful of making a feature film & hopefully it would garner enough interest that network execs might want to start the series up again. Lets hope it’s successful.

Spectra Spectra 8:55 am 04 Aug 05

You’re right, Jazz, I’d forgotten that. However, as JB says, the movie is most definitely an original work. Peronsally, my fear is that he’s going to try to squeeze all the plot and character development left un-finished by the series into a two hour movie. That would suck. Still, unlike Lucas, Weadon has done nothing to betray my trust yet, so I’m optimistic about this one.

johnboy johnboy 9:34 pm 03 Aug 05

The movie is an original work from what I understand.

Jazz Jazz 8:30 pm 03 Aug 05

yeah, but the first episode entitled ‘serenity’ is about and hour and a half long

Spectra Spectra 8:11 pm 03 Aug 05

Erm…it’s the movie, not one of the episodes.

I think I, too, shall be signing up.

Jazz Jazz 7:00 pm 03 Aug 05

i agree, even my wife got into it while i was watching the series on DVD. most unexpected.

I wonder if it is the opening episode they are screening

johnboy johnboy 6:27 pm 03 Aug 05

hmm, i would say firefly was a space western with blakes 7 production values (only without the steady camera work)

But it IS gosh darn cool at the same time. And I’ll be signing the petition.

When Oh When will an Ian M Banks book get made into a damn movie?

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