Monaro Highway to be upgraded before 2020 ski season

Lachlan Roberts 16 September 2019 79

The tender said there is 25 kilometre stretch of highway without overtaking lanes on the Monaro Highway. Photo: Supplied.

The ACT Government plans to upgrade two sections of Monaro Highway before Canberra heads south for next year’s snow season, after yet another fatal crash on the busy highway.

Transport Canberra and City Services has released a tender for the design and construction of Monaro Highway improvements, including construction of a two-kilometres of a northbound overtaking lane between Williamsdale Road and Royalla Drive.

The tender said there is 25 kilometre stretch of highway without overtaking lanes for motorists heading into Canberra, causing drivers to be impatient during the holiday season.

“Significant traffic increases over holiday periods and during the ski season can result in considerable levels of driver frustration leading to risky overtaking manoeuvres,” the tender reads.

“This factor coupled with the accident history which included several head-on collisions in the immediate area is the basis for the provision of an overtaking lane with a wide median treatment.

“Construction of the overtaking lane facility is expected to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes both within the area of works and upstream and downstream of the project location through decreased drive frustration resulting in risky overtaking manoeuvres.”

After 44 crashes including five fatalities on the highway between 2011 – 2016, a black spot study was conducted which identified several safety improvements to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes.

Strategic barrier lines and wide centreline marking were installed last year as an interim safety improvement measure while planning for an overtaking lane and other more significant measures were undertaken.

Other proposed improvements on the Monaro Highway include the construction of a 200-metre channelised left turn for southbound traffic on the Monaro Highway into Old Cooma Road. The tender said the road work was to stop drivers using the painted median to overtake decelerating vehicles.

“This manoeuvre is considered highly risky with the strong possibility of serious or fatal T-bone crashes,” the tender said. “The exposure and thus likelihood of such crashes is expected to increase as demand for the left turn movement increases as drivers use this route to access the growing Googong subdivision.”

The road works will also see new road pavements, kerbs, concrete island, line marking, pavement markings, on-road cyclist provisions, stormwater drainage and property access provisions as well as the installation of verge side safety barriers.

The road works, which will be jointly funded by the ACT Government and Federal Government, aims to be completed prior to the start of the ski season in 2020.

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79 Responses to Monaro Highway to be upgraded before 2020 ski season
mark boast mark boast 5:20 pm 23 Sep 19

It is obvious from most of the responses that we local users regard the Monaro Highway as being unacceptably dangerous. Making it safer requires more than incremental improvements. I feel ashamed every time I pass the white bike memorial to Mike Hall at the Williamsdale intersection.

wottaway wottaway 11:43 pm 19 Sep 19

During the 60s and early 70s I almost had this road to myself during the week, but a team of wild horses wouldn’t get me anywhere near it on the winter w/ends, too many Sunday drivers. Good driving begins with good instruction, a scarce commodity.

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor 7:59 pm 18 Sep 19

Coast road 1 day

Kynan Trotter Kynan Trotter 7:50 pm 18 Sep 19

Connor Hope rip work drive this summer

Rhys Dennewald Rhys Dennewald 8:45 am 18 Sep 19


Dave Dobson Dave Dobson 8:21 am 18 Sep 19

Just like the Kings Hwy blame the road. Yes you can upgrade the road but you imagine if we could change drivers attitudes.

Sheamus Von Luken Sheamus Von Luken 10:08 pm 17 Sep 19

Imagine how good a train line from Sydney to cooma would be! If only someone had thought of that!

John Blomley John Blomley 7:16 pm 17 Sep 19

So drivers are getting frustrated so what .Theres nothing wrong with the road its the element in the human drivers that is the problen.

Alexandra Stewart Alexandra Stewart 5:25 pm 17 Sep 19

Please fix Royalla &Monaro Highway entrance & exit

Colin Fitzgibbon Colin Fitzgibbon 5:10 pm 17 Sep 19

Need to change the Monaro Hwy/Old Cooma Rd intersection into a roundabout with slip lane as per Monaro Hwy/ Johnson Drive.

Natalina Ireland Natalina Ireland 4:37 pm 17 Sep 19

Better to spend money on dual carriage entire way ... esp as there will be increased traffic with snowy 2.0

Grimm Grimm 2:42 pm 17 Sep 19

Want an easy way to make the road safer? Have police out there booking people for obstructing traffic. People overtake in stupid places there out of sheer frustration at some idiot towing a caravan that well exceeds the towing capacity of their vehicle, 20-30Km/h under the speed limit. Then there are the ones just out for a sightseeing drive, plodding along at 80 in a 100 zone, swerving all over the road.

The highway is perfectly safe. People obstructing traffic make it dangerous.

Jonathan Fearn Jonathan Fearn 12:34 pm 17 Sep 19

Kimberly Dunbar upgrade to your commute

Colin Tasker Colin Tasker 11:16 pm 16 Sep 19

Only 30 years too late!

Andrew Whiting Andrew Whiting 10:30 pm 16 Sep 19

I was excited to see this article and was hoping to see NSW stepping up

and also adding to the improvements. Or even dreaming of complete dual lane. After living in Cooma and visiting regularly, I find this road completely unsafe in winter. Just this weekend I was a wittnes to two near misses and a crash.

Kerry Donald Kerry Donald 10:17 pm 16 Sep 19

If gov can whip up the federal HWY for 2000 Olympics they can do any hwy any where. Dual it and be done with it. Save lives now.

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 10:13 pm 16 Sep 19

Really? How many more have to die on the Barton before that gets a remake?

Kathleen Jones Kathleen Jones 7:34 pm 16 Sep 19

No snow cause of climate change what rot

Linda Johnston Linda Johnston 12:17 pm 16 Sep 19

Jack McInnes about time

Carol Jay Carol Jay 9:46 am 16 Sep 19

Only about 20 years late!

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