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RiotPost 3 March 2010 15

show me the monergy Simon Corbell has introduced Canberra to the wonderful concept of MONERGY in this media release.

“Monergy is the combination of two words – money and energy, and represents the significant savings people can make just by reducing their energy use,” Mr Corbell said.

The Government has a range of rebates, incentives and advice available through the ACTSmart program, which received $19.1 million in the most recent budget.

“The message is simple – ACTSmart and save Monergy.”

Advertisements promoting Monergy-related rebates and advice will be placed in the local media and be complemented by promotion on the website for the Department of the Environment, Climate Change Energy and Water. “

So RiotACT is going to jump on board and see if we can’t get some of this MONERGY stuff.

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15 Responses to Monergy for Canberra
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 7:55 am 06 Mar 10

The trouble is that this sort of thing seems to work. People really ARE that stupid.

bidle bidle 11:08 pm 05 Mar 10

I like that the press release says “the message is simple”.
The message is not simple. It’s gibberish.

MsCheeky MsCheeky 10:36 am 04 Mar 10

Reminds me of another one I heard on AM the other morning, I think from Peter Dutton. He opined that something, perhaps the pronouncements on hospitals, was a ‘weapon of mass distraction’ from the insulation issue. He said it a couple of times, obviously pretty pleased with himself for his little witticism. It made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Please please please don’t let it get any currency.

sirocco sirocco 11:19 pm 03 Mar 10

does this Monergey stuff make you uncomfortably energetic and make you run like kenyans?

frontrow frontrow 7:28 pm 03 Mar 10

Do they have this in North Haverbrook?

Primal Primal 6:59 pm 03 Mar 10

Mr Corbell needs to be quiet now.

Thumper Thumper 5:08 pm 03 Mar 10

ACTSmart and save Monergy

That is either the funniest or the dumbest thing i have ever read.

The readers do realise that Mr Corbell actually has some power in this town? Nice enough bloke and all, but whoever voted for him, give yourself an uppercut.

The quality of our elected leaders still never astounds me.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 1:38 pm 03 Mar 10

Can we go and “Spendergy” the “monergy” we save, on “Sicbukets” for the “Nausenergy” this “Crapology” will induce?

astrojax astrojax 1:26 pm 03 Mar 10

but what if you’re stuck in dethargy – a poverty mash up where you’re in debt and can only muster lethargy

Wraith Wraith 12:45 pm 03 Mar 10

Hey he’s screwed everything else with his mates, why not start on the English Language.

jackal jackal 12:20 pm 03 Mar 10

So then, “mono” means “one”. And ”rail” means “rail”. And that concludes our intensive three-week course.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:48 am 03 Mar 10

Minor RA housekeeping note for the moderator: You made a typo on MONERGY, and this image might be a nice addition.

Tip for the PR team:
If “Monergy” and “Show me Monergy” are the best ideas your team can come up with, you need a better team.

For the readership:
All the “Show Me The Monergy” links lead to this page.
Which has
<meta name="DC.Date.Created" content="09/07/2009"/>
<meta name="DC.Date.Modified" content="01/03/2010"/>
ie: all they did was rebadge and update an EXISTING webpage slightly on Monday.

Some of the programs themselves already existed, some as far back as July 2008.

So how much are taxpayers being charged so that Government can have lunch with media types talking about non-targetted advertising campaign buys to convince us that these are “new” programs?
And why not just include the information packs in your power\water bill mailouts, so that its actually hitting the billpayers?
But still, why is the Government spending taxpayers’ money (increasing costs) to encourage those same taxpayers to spend less money on what is partially a Government-owned service (decreasing their revenues)?

che che 7:47 am 03 Mar 10

RiotACT now the top google hit for Canberra Monergy, over the ACT Govt, yay.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 11:19 pm 02 Mar 10

What a wank-fest. It’s the sign of a Government so out of control and so out of touch with reality that they honestly believe that they can foist any old sh!t on the voting public.

che che 9:21 pm 02 Mar 10

lets go to a monergy economy

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