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johnboy 4 May 2007 10

John Hargreaves has good news for those Canberrans forced onto the buses by his Government’s policies (and those who just prefer public transport we grudgingly suppose). He’s “taking action” to improve the safety on ACTION buses (oh my aching sides), despite ACTION telling us there was no problem back in the dim, dark, long ago day of 24 April.

The action points (oh stop it, you’re killing me) are as follows:

· CCTV coverage in bus interchanges will be upgraded to a quality standard which will ensure security coverage of platforms and control rooms;

· Staffing in interchanges will be increased, as will supervision and communications centre resources. An interim arrangement to improve staff levels immediately is being discussed with staff and union representatives this week.

· Re-fresher training on all safety and security modules will occur for all transport officers. This training will occur in consultation with the TWU and Transport Officers and will ensure business as usual for passengers.

· Safety reporting systems will be enhanced to make it easier for staff to report less significant incidents and to allow information to be passed onto ACT Policing for targeted patrols.

· By the end of the year 76% of the ACTION fleet will be fitted with CCTV.

· The performance audit of the ACTION radio system will be completed by May 2007.

· An internal security audit and risk assessment is currently taking place within the Department of Territory and Municipal Services, of which ACTION is a part. This assessment is looking at a range of issues across the Department including lighting in interchanges.”

More staff, more training, more CCTV and lots more investigating and reporting = “TAKES ACTION”.

There’s also an ongoing round-table, as well as discussions, and a productive dialogue.

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10 Responses to More bus security
bonfire bonfire 9:18 am 07 May 07

i think less crowding might ameliorate some flashes of temper, so yes a light rail netowrk would help. but even on light rail networks, brigands ride around causing trouble.

MrM MrM 11:57 pm 05 May 07

Fine in theory, but an MLA’s day often extends beyond 9-5 if they need to go to after hours meetings (eg, community councils or P&Cs).

Sammy Sammy 9:42 am 05 May 07

Bus security would not be a issue if we had a tram network

Yeah, we’d have ‘tram security’ issues instead.

Pandy Pandy 8:18 pm 04 May 07

Bus security would not be a issue if we had a tram network.

bonfire bonfire 3:53 pm 04 May 07

i think 2 security guards at each interchange from 3 in the afternoon until last service would be a good start.

johnboy johnboy 3:48 pm 04 May 07

Of course MLA’s aren’t the only people in the community who have meetings to go to.

And the time on the bus need not be wasted, they could actually meet people in the community while still doing their emails and whatnot.

Vader Vader 3:40 pm 04 May 07

MrM – fine. How about they are required to catch the bus to work each morning, but once there they are free to use the government cars provided. Government cars to be returned to the car pool at the office at the end of each day.

MrM MrM 3:30 pm 04 May 07

Poptop, it’s a nice idea but given that MLAs need to be out at meetings in their electorates etc on any given day as well as actually in the assembly, while it’s not as environmentally friendly to drive around, it does save a lot of time. I think that on the whole I’d rather our elected representatives weren’t spending any more of their time than necessary on the fairly mundane task of getting from A to B.

If, on the other hand, they’re just going to be at the Assembly all day and nowhere else, then there’s no good reason not to take the bus.

poptop poptop 1:40 pm 04 May 07

I tend to take the view that, when our MLA’s are so impressed with the public transportation system they have created that THEY no longer need their cars, I’ll have a look at whether I need my car.

Not before.

Pedant Pedant 1:17 pm 04 May 07

Wot, no Federal Bus Marshals travelling undercover on major routes ?

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