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More butts out windows… (another rant)

By Gerry-Built - 23 January 2009 35

3.40pm this afternoon, my wife and I were driving down College Street, and pulled up behind a dark blue Pulsar (or similar car), the mid 20’s female driver and passengers puffing away on cigarettes… of course, the inevitable happened, as the lights turned green and the car started off, the driver threw her cigarette butt out the window. Wife gave the driver a short toot of disapproval. Pulling up at the next set of lights (on Benjamin Way), both girls started yelling abuse “Have a whinge”; “call the cops, you want their number” etc (classy girls). I had a bit of a go back telling them off for such a stupid act, to which the driver responded “My dad works in emergency services…[blah-de-blah-blah]” and took off from the (now) green light… at which time, passenger threw her butt our direction…

How can people still think it is okay to throw butts out the window!!!

…rant over, author vented; thanks for reading…

Number plate and description given to Police, but I think they have bigger fish to fry…

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
More butts out windows… (another rant)
ant 8:57 am 24 Jan 09

If they end up banning smoking in cars, we’ll see a LOT less butts on the roadsides. One reason to do it.

nyssa76 8:21 am 24 Jan 09

Smoking and being a pig must be highly correlated. Still what do you expect – if they’re happy to blow second hand smoke into everyone else’s space, chucking their leftovers all over the road just comes naturally to them.

FFS, talk about making one hell of a generalisation…..

Seriously Ian, do you believe that ALL smokers do that?

Ignorant people throw food wrappers, drink bottles etc out of cars as well. Are they all smokers?

Gerry-Built 7:58 am 24 Jan 09

[calmer now] YDN 48W. Rated on “Rate My Plate”. …and surprisingly, no Frangipanis!

Will get a phone with video and camera if “boss” allows, and have it at ready access 😉

I have thought in the past about mounting the video camera in the car… hmmm… that woulda made a nice YouTube clip LOL (especially their protestations; “My dad’s in Emergency Services…”). Apparently that makes your daughter immune to starting fires with cigarette butts.

I’m glad there seems to be consensus about butt chuckers (and I accept that I am a whinger).

@ Gassed: I drive a Holden (but I had the “fear of God” put into my driving sense by a couple of speeding fines in one weekend, back when I was 20 – I now drive like a granny [apologies *to* Granny])

farnarkler 4:57 am 24 Jan 09

Isn’t there a direct correlation between butts thrown from cars and bushfires? I’m sure I read or heard or both that a high percentage of bushfires are caused by smouldering cigarette butts thrown from cars.

Ian 11:38 pm 23 Jan 09

Smoking and being a pig must be highly correlated. Still what do you expect – if they’re happy to blow second hand smoke into everyone else’s space, chucking their leftovers all over the road just comes naturally to them.

youami 10:33 pm 23 Jan 09

I agree with the majority here and my thoughts are that RA should start a name and shame segment with photos of people flicking butts or of people not in cars and just dropping them on the pavement. I think non-smokers have the right to fart in the face of these people or throw a rotten egg at the window of a car that litters. It is only fair.

Madman 9:55 pm 23 Jan 09

Don’t forget rate the plate!!!

cranky 9:26 pm 23 Jan 09

Maybe slightly OT.

Some years ago, as a filthy, disgusting, wife beating, kiddy fiddling smoker, I bought a VT Holden at the Govvy auctions. (I’ve been clean for some years).

Obviously, a politically correct decision had been made that NO Govvy vehicles could contain an ashtray, as that only encouraged the filth.

Not being the sort of person who could throw butts out the window, I enquired at the local Holden dealership about buying an ashtray. I was given a strange look, and the fellow serving disappeared round the back,where I could hear a discussion take place.

He returned, with a box containing not only an ashtray, but a kit , with installation instructions, to fit the ashtray, with inbuilt lighter and illumination, to a spot in front of the gearlever.

On enquiring about the price, another strange look, another discussion round the back, and a request to pay them 5 cents!

My guess is that this was the smallest unit of currency they could ask, without giving the thing away.

Thumper 8:56 pm 23 Jan 09

Put the number plate on RA.

You’ll get a better response than thre cops who have more important things to do.

Doctor Evil 7:53 pm 23 Jan 09

Most people have a mobile phone these days.

Most mobile phones have a camera.

Your post would have looked much better on here with a nice picture of their car and rego plate.

Gassed 7:50 pm 23 Jan 09

Gawd canberra really is full of whingers 🙁
I wish the amount of idoit young people in cars, espically it seems holdens were taken car of.

GardeningGirl 7:41 pm 23 Jan 09

Disgusting girls!

phototext 7:38 pm 23 Jan 09

I’m a smoker and it bugs me no end that people throw their butts out windows, on the ground etc etc.

It is not that hard, cars have ash trays, butt containers can be purchased for around a dollar and places like Civic have bins.

Effin lazy pigs.

SadMushroom 6:55 pm 23 Jan 09

Last year I worked on road construction in ACT and the only thing rating higher than smoke butts being flicked out car windows was the amount of people who stop then start picking their noses.

I was amazed with the dangers being so high how many people continue to do it (flicking smoke butts that is)
I guess they weren’t the ones losing houses/family etc in the last fires.

sunshine 6:43 pm 23 Jan 09

i’ve seen so many people throw butts out the windows in the last few weeks – absolutely disgraceful!

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