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More evidence shows Tucker ahead of Humphries

By GnT - 14 November 2007 48

With the election just around the corner, ABC have informed us of another poll which shows the Greens’ Kerry Tucker could steal the second ACT Senate seat away from the Liberals’ Gary Humphries.

Despite Senator Gaz being relatively popular here, this reflects how much Canberrans are fed up with Howard and his crew. As cranky said in another thread, “Gaz, you may well be a nice bloke, but you keep lousy company.”

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48 Responses to
More evidence shows Tucker ahead of Humphries
boomacat 7:16 pm 14 Nov 07

I think Kerry Tucker is a good candidate. I think she did good work in the Assembly (I certainly preferred it when the government did not have an absolute majority in the ACT) and I think she would be a good candidate for the Senate.

There is a good chance that I will cast my vote for the Greens in the Senate. Even people I know that wouldn’t normally vote for the Greens are considering going that way this time because they like Kerry.

sepi 5:26 pm 14 Nov 07

Kerry was pretty good in the legislative assembly. I was surprised when she packed it in for the feds.

I still haven’t forgotten how she said she wouldn’t accept a govt car and then did so 2 days later though.

Thumper 4:24 pm 14 Nov 07

I still think it’s beter than a majority.

And yes, the Dems might as well pack up and call it a day…

thetruth 4:17 pm 14 Nov 07

There is nothing normal about the Greens having the balance of power. Which they certainly will have after this election.

Poor dems have slid to super insignificance – no one is even talking to them!

Thumper 4:00 pm 14 Nov 07

Well, the whole ‘save the senate’ advert thing is based on a complete lie.

If the polls are anything to go by the senate will be back to it’s normal state of affairs with no majority.

thetruth 3:57 pm 14 Nov 07

The really disturbing thing is the she might have the balance of power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be worth 4 years of nightmare to see how the greens move from insignificant to having to actually do something and be accountable to all Australian’s. They will either come more to the centre or last one term in control.

Thumper 3:42 pm 14 Nov 07

Well pierce, I boldly predict McMullen and Ellis in a canter, and Humphries by the skin of his, nah, the hair on his chinny chin chin….

Then again, I have been wrong once before 🙂

Mr Evil 3:13 pm 14 Nov 07

Pierce, probably very close! 🙂

pierce 3:08 pm 14 Nov 07

It’ll be interesting to see how reflective Riot-Act actually is of Canberra

Mr Evil 1:57 pm 14 Nov 07

The CFMEU will no doubt be pleased with their investment in the ACT Greens then!

She’s a tool, but Canberra being Canberra, she’ll no doubt bolt in.

S4anta 1:56 pm 14 Nov 07

Look on the bright side, her relentless hippy stylings on the bongo will keep her senate counterparts awake during those late sittings.

jacross 1:39 pm 14 Nov 07

So essentially you are relying on a poll with a sample size of 339 conducted between July and October.

WHOA! Look out Liberals, the bell tolls for thee.

Thumper 1:36 pm 14 Nov 07

As much as I like her, she’s a space cadet…

justbands 12:51 pm 14 Nov 07

Heaven doesn’t exist, so no help for you there. I like her, sorry Gaz…you’re gone.

Peanut 12:41 pm 14 Nov 07

Well, heavens help us! If Kerry could manage to utter a complete sentence without using the word “around” in its jargonistic sense of never actually getting to the point about anything then I wouldnt want to vomit every time she opens her mouth!

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