More for the Catapult?

che 5 November 2007 6

5 teenagers were arrested yesterday after stealing a car and then driving past a cyclist and then using the door to knock her over, in this ABC story. I’m sure they’re back home today and promising they won’t steal another car until Friday, and if they do steal another they promise not to kill anyone with it,

Unless they’re running from the Police,

which seems a reasonable excuse in Canberra.

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6 Responses to More for the Catapult?
Luke Luke 2:14 pm 06 Nov 07

I think appropriate punishment might be to put each teenager in back of said car, and throw them out the back door whilst moving at the speed they hit the cyclist at.

Pandy Pandy 9:43 pm 05 Nov 07

I am sure they are not from a poor indy household.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 4:16 pm 05 Nov 07

You’ve got to start needlessly slagging them off before they’ll pop up Josh. Everyone who’s involved in anything in this town comes to RA to scratch together a few more seconds of glory form what ever crap they’ve got themselves involved in.

You can’t murder a mum, botch up a police negotiation, run down a uni student, burn down half the territory, over-develop an airport or stick posts in the ground and call ’em a memorial without someone who was directly involved poking their head above the trench and claiming all the glory by either being directly involved or at least having gone to school with someone directly involved – It’s miraculous really. I sure that if Amber Westin didn’t shoot her pension cheque up her arm, she’d have broadband and’d be on here too.

But back to the issue at hand … these kids are obviously troubled and besides they were provoked by the cyclist.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:10 pm 05 Nov 07

They probably can’t reed or rite properer, so they probably won’t be posting on RiotACT.

josh josh 3:55 pm 05 Nov 07

yeah, or maybe they’ll post awesome posts on the riot act.

we can only hope.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:41 pm 05 Nov 07

Maybe they weren’t allowed to smoke at school, so stealing cars and injuring people is their only form of stress relief????

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