More murals!

johnboy 26 April 2007 14

With murals now the leading cause of the ACT’s media coverage in the wider world we have the happy news that Our Brave Leader has unveiled more murals dedicated to the wonders of Belconnen.

[Yes, that’s a now obligatory Rainbow Serpent!]

“Dozens of locals have contributed their ideas and designs to these murals. Between them, they represent the diversity and the depth of the Belconnen community – its people, its social networks, its institutions, the enduring, adaptive foundations of a truly sustainable society,” Mr Stanhope said today.

One wonders what he plans to build on those enduring, yet adaptive, foundations to make it “truly sustainable”?

Here’s closeups of each of the panels, anyone care to descontruct?

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14 Responses to More murals!
West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 2:03 pm 27 Apr 07

Now no one in the frickin WORLD can say that that POS looks better than graffiti…

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:23 am 27 Apr 07

Superb work. I could spend as long looking at that, as I did in the Sistine Chapel.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 11:41 pm 26 Apr 07

I think it’s very nice. The archways and the way the snake looks like it is going behind some of the poles/archways makes it stand out a lot more.

My favorite of the three pictures is the first one.

A giant squid watches on as a mutant ant attacks a family while an old man out walking his rabbits gets struck in the back by a skaterboarder.

The Secretary The Secretary 8:45 pm 26 Apr 07

The absence of a muralistic representation of the late Cameron Offices or other big grey concrete structures from the 60’s and 70’s is notable. These buildings have have contributed much to life in downtown Belco over the years. Otherwise, is good.

Sir Q. Mozart-Sprong Sir Q. Mozart-Sprong 7:48 pm 26 Apr 07

Maybe this was artwork, but as far as graffiti artists in general go – it is said by some that the poor little creatures should be allowed to deface public property, because they have a need to EXPRESS THEMSELVES artistically and would otherwise grow up lacking in SELF-ESTEEM. Whenever I hear that, I can’t help thinking that if it was good enough for Da Vinci and others to express themselves using pencil and paper…

cranky cranky 6:09 pm 26 Apr 07

Bugger the deconstruct. I take my hat off to the clever people who built this display.

Well done.

RandomGit RandomGit 5:49 pm 26 Apr 07

They represent day and night you twonks.

kaydo kaydo 5:43 pm 26 Apr 07

Yeah I kind of overlooked that. Maybe it’s a comparison of wholesome world vs wholesome world on ice. Really, I’ve got nothing…

schmerica_ schmerica_ 5:18 pm 26 Apr 07

The duck on the second last picture, next to the girl with the soccor ball looks like its frozen in an ice cube.

johnboy johnboy 5:13 pm 26 Apr 07

Dunno, there seems to be some dark and nasty stuff framing the nice wholesome bits (devil’s tail and a nasty, nasty motor car)

kaydo kaydo 5:11 pm 26 Apr 07

Looks very ‘hooray for everything’. Wholesome etc.

johnboy johnboy 5:03 pm 26 Apr 07

Um yes, deconstruct purely in the terms of artistic critique.

Al Al 4:56 pm 26 Apr 07

Yes I was wondering if by deconstruct you meant “explain” or “do a Pratt on it”??

Nero Nero 3:49 pm 26 Apr 07

Don’t let the Pratt near them!

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