More Parkour!

johnboy 28 July 2009 23

Young people jumping all over landmarks? Check!
Pirate metal? Check!
Ninjas? Check!

If only there was a skateboard this one would be made of solid gold win!

It’s been posted by “jumpninja001” with the following note:

    I’m going to Finland, these guys aren’t. We jammed to celebrate. Shame I’m not a good camera man, we’re better than we look. Honest. Excellent soundtrack as promised

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23 Responses to More Parkour!
astrojax astrojax 7:27 am 05 Jan 10

good upon you, jamekins, for sticking it to them in a civilised manner – and more power to your parkouring… ; )

do you tool about the northbourne flats area? be some good spots there for some considered parkouring, i’d rekkun. (probably an added bonus of being chased away by junkies, make you go harder higher and faster!)

Jamekins Jamekins 3:42 pm 04 Jan 10

Yes but now they can be slightly informed underachivers. It just irritates me when people with no understanding of something start to criticize it. If they read through the information here and here and actually understand what parkour is then we could talk :p

Postalgeek Postalgeek 11:57 am 04 Jan 10

Don’t worry about the comments Jamekins. Generally speaking people who bitch about other people’s efforts speak as veteran underachievers.

Jamekins Jamekins 7:52 pm 03 Jan 10

I know that no one will read this but I feel I should jump in to defend my video. This video is not intended to be viewed as demonstraiton of skill, it is intended as a documentation of us having a fun day. It was not ment to make people go WOW! PARKOUR! and the people in this video are not representitive of the best traceurs in Canberra. Most of the serious practitioners in Canberra don’t make videos any way (hence why every “parkour” video from Canberra is rubbish (well exept fot the NatSoc 08 videos)) and the only reason it only has 2 places in it is because the camera ran out of battery. Also the song isn’t pirate metal it’s folk metal.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 9:25 am 29 Jul 09

johnboy said :

Surely you mean Alestorm?

Battleheart are Alestorm – they changed their name a couple of years ago. When they recorded ‘More Wenches and Mead’, they were known as Battleheart (it was on the ‘Terror on the High Seas’ EP).

Sorry, I’m a metal nerd.

Granny Granny 4:22 am 29 Jul 09

I thought it was really cute how they played tag! They look like really good kids.

deye deye 3:01 am 29 Jul 09

you have to start somewhere before you can do the things in that last video.

jas0nt jas0nt 11:27 pm 28 Jul 09

for the lazy –

try doing what the bloke did in 0:38 without ending up in a morgue and i’ll be impressed.

jas0nt jas0nt 11:25 pm 28 Jul 09

how’s that parkour. more like jumping over 0.5m blocks. put into youtube parkour to see what real parkour is.

Aeek Aeek 9:06 pm 28 Jul 09

Metal + Jetro Tull = Pirate ?

Multilevel carparks would have worked better but then it wouldn’t have been “Canberra”.

Would Stromlo Park work? Non-urban Parkour, that would be very Canberra!

Dogen Dogen 8:34 pm 28 Jul 09

That was a really good scene right in the middle there though; when like 4 guys jumped over that waist high white stone. Wow.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 6:27 pm 28 Jul 09

Parkour in Canberra could probably be good however this is just a bunch of kids hopping over a big stone. Having said that, I couldn’t get my fat old arse jumping a 20 cent piece.

The pirate metal might be OK if the vocalist wasn’t playing one of those handheld keyboard thingys ala Pseudo Echo circa 1986.

stevelub stevelub 6:23 pm 28 Jul 09

Looks like wheelchair material to me

Jivrashia Jivrashia 5:45 pm 28 Jul 09

I actually like Parkour, but Canberra just ain’t the place to strut it out. The high density landscape just isn’t there.

It belongs where it was originated, France.

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 5:06 pm 28 Jul 09

Jim Jones said :

AngryHenry said :

Pirate Metal = False Metal…

Death to false metal.

You’ve obviously not heard Battleheart sing ‘Wenches and Mead’.

Reminds me of the Woodstock album where Grace Slick introduces the Jefferson Airplane set by saying “You have seen the heavy groups, now you will hear morning maniac music.”

AngryHenry AngryHenry 4:43 pm 28 Jul 09

Jim Jones said :

AngryHenry said :

Pirate Metal = False Metal…

Death to false metal.

You’ve obviously not heard Battleheart sing ‘Wenches and Mead’.

Hehe! Maybe I should give it a go! I’ve never had time for it though, I kind of lump it into a novelty category like the whole ‘talk like a pirate day’ thing, pirates have had a renaissance lately and metal is supposed to be against the trend.

That said, a few more steps back and all metal is a little silly isn’t it?

Not that I don’t love it mind.

johnboy johnboy 4:41 pm 28 Jul 09

Surely you mean Alestorm?

Jim Jones Jim Jones 4:38 pm 28 Jul 09

AngryHenry said :

Pirate Metal = False Metal…

Death to false metal.

You’ve obviously not heard Battleheart sing ‘Wenches and Mead’.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 4:34 pm 28 Jul 09

Pirate Metal = False Metal…

Death to false metal.

grundy grundy 4:32 pm 28 Jul 09



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