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morning rush hit action bus

By roymeforever 13 February 2008 58

The bus driver said, “no rush on”, and after the first person get on the bus, (lucky me), he said sorry to the rest of the people in the queue.

This is what happened this morning, at the cornor of college street towards haydn drive,  to a crowd of people waiting to get on bus 313 from belconnen to civic. This was even worse yesterday, when the bus driver didn’t even stop at all.

When I get off at civic, trying to catch bus 38, and the queue was incredibly long.  Almost half of the people will not have a seat.

It is just unbelievable that for action provided such bad service to the public transport that so many people use.

The end of the story is that I was late for work almost everyday.

[Ed. if this makes no sense, Neanderthalis has been kind enough to interpret below :

Day 1:
Person went to catch bus, bus was full, person one got on bus but driver turned away rest of peasants in queue.
Day 2:
Bus was full, drove past without stopping leaving peasants wailing and gnashing teeth at the bus stop.

Person 1 changes bus in Civic to go somewhere else and it too is full. More wailing and gnashing of teeth…

What’s Your opinion?

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morning rush hit action bus
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VYBerlinaV8 2:31 pm 15 Feb 08

Mines spotless – in both panels and cleanliness.

Danman 12:14 pm 15 Feb 08

Theres a ding in the bonnet where I hit a mid flight baby roo on the Barton Hwy near the turnoff to Elenborough Street. Could not be funked fixing it because its cosmetic and it would cost me more to fix it than the $0 I paid for it.

Apart from that its mint inside….

The outside is dirty but thats due to my infauation with Grazing restaraunt in Gundaroo and my water saving initiative to not wash my car.

Maybe I just want to look like a bogan but not actually be one…

VYBerlinaV8 11:43 am 15 Feb 08

Then what you are is the proud owner of a well maintained older vehicle. I put myself in the same category.

Danman 11:41 am 15 Feb 08

None of the above – meticulously maintained by my Stepdad who works in a electro mechanical aviation industry,

VYBerlinaV8 11:23 am 15 Feb 08

…substitute ‘wear’ for ‘ware’ in the above post…

VYBerlinaV8 11:21 am 15 Feb 08

It depends. If your ’92 Falcon has 2 or more of:
* mags that don’t match
* tint on some windows but not others
* panels that are different colour to the rest of the vehicle
* a big sticker on the back that says “you think this car is dirty, you should met the driver!”
* sports exhaust with leaks
* burns oil as evidenced by smoky cloud when leaving the lights
* unmatched tyres in terms of both ware AND manufacturer
* brakes that squeak loudly
…then yes, you are a bogan.

Whether it was given to you or you paid for it yourself is irrelevant. CAVEAT: If you stole it, you’re a bogan.

Can anyone else help refine this theory?

Danman 11:06 am 15 Feb 08

Am I more of a bogan because I drive a 92 Falcon that was given to me – or if I purchased it does that refine bogan status over being given it (Because it was given to me I am I bogan by default – as oppose to chosing to be a bogan and purchasing one).

Thats my theory. whats your take ?

VYBerlinaV8 9:27 am 15 Feb 08

Especially when owned from new and taken care of? Sounds like OpenYourMind2 is one of these snotty look-down-your-nose folk from Red Hill.

hingo 8:59 am 15 Feb 08

Since when was a 2003 model car old and shitty?

James-T-Kirk 8:58 am 15 Feb 08

Anyway – When I were a lad, being picked up in Civic could lead to serious trouble.

James-T-Kirk 8:57 am 15 Feb 08

And being married – I didn’t have to worry about being picked up!

James-T-Kirk 8:56 am 15 Feb 08

I had no trouble with root69 thismorning!

ChrisinTurner 8:21 am 15 Feb 08

Route 36 has the same problem in the morning – no pickup in Civic. ACTION does not have the as much difficulty in the afternoons because the school buses are available during the peak period.

OpenYourMind2 5:13 pm 14 Feb 08

VY, I’m sure even a bogan can still afford a shitty old petrol gobbling commode.

barney 3:33 pm 14 Feb 08


Danman 3:12 pm 14 Feb 08

Bogan is about mullets VB and old fords or holdens, sheilas, blokes durries stubbies and flannies, Booner is more metalhead iron maiden megadeth black jeans flannies and boots – cool stidded belts – chains faux bullet belts and spikes – though there is a bit of crossover between the two, they still deserve the respect to be called two autonomous entities.

barney 2:58 pm 14 Feb 08

VYBerlinaV8 2:56 pm 14 Feb 08

“Ahh, VY Berlina V8, the chariot of the bogan.”

It’s certainly a chariot many of them aspire to. Unfortunately, most of them can’t afford one. Aha. Haha. Aaaahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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