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Most stupid invention. EVER!

By LurkerGal - 5 May 2005 29

Driving home tonight along Kingsford Smith Drive (about 7.45)and there was a complete TOSSER in a dark blue twin cab ute watching television. Yep, thats right. Driving and weaving in to MY lane, because he was laughing at “Everybody Loves Raymond”. (which basically says a lot in itself)

What sort of idiot decided it would be a good idea to put tvs in cars, under the assumption that there wouldn’t be any dickheads around that would decide watching it WHILE DRIVING was acceptable!!

These things need to be banned. This has got to be against the law, surely!

LG, a mite ticked and needing to vent.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Most stupid invention. EVER!
LurkerGal 10:50 am 06 May 05

Actually, mine child told me it was Everybody Loves Raymond…..

Anonymous 10:47 am 06 May 05

Um, if you were able to discover it was (puke) “Everybody Loves Raymond”, how safely were YOU driving? Sounds like you were watching TV to me.

Absent Diane 10:03 am 06 May 05

i don’t drive because in the imminent present we have no need for cars or transportation so I can’t comment.

LurkerGal 9:50 am 06 May 05

Yeah, my friend had a tv in his beemer that would only work when the brake was on.

I agree it’s fine for kids and stuff, but this guy was watching it while driving. It’s just so dangerous!

And he turned off towards Flynn / Charnwood. But I don’t know if that’s necessarily relevant….

GuruJ 9:25 am 06 May 05

You can play TV while driving, as long as the driver can’t see it (eg. see The Age).

Most responsible installations are either roof-mounted with a flip-down LCD panel or embedded in the rear of the front seats for the kids.

Mick 9:14 am 06 May 05

Pre-market TV screens in cars are wired in a way that they cannot be launched whilst the car is being driven (so I hear).
But of course anyone can now fit an after-market TV/DVD player and watch whenever they want.

Good for cricket.

em 9:11 am 06 May 05

I can sort of understand TV in the back seat so the driver isn’t distracted by fighting kids, but what good is it in the driver’s area? Unless you live in a city that has stand-still traffic jams for half an hour at a time.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:01 am 06 May 05

Hell,I don’t even listen to the car radio when I’m driving,let alone watch a television show !

Ralph 8:55 am 06 May 05

So something from the ABC would be more appropriate? That would add the double danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

LurkerGal 8:46 am 06 May 05

Come on JB. You don’t usually watch the other person in the car (unless they are particularly hot).

Thumper 8:04 am 06 May 05

Um, I live in Charnwood… well, Upper North East Charnwood Estate Heights.

In fact I almost qualify as Fraser, being that it is only across Tilyard drive from my front lawn.

And no, I don’t watch TV in the car, nor do I watch “Everybody Loves Raymond”.


Thumper 8:02 am 06 May 05

You’ve got to be joking!!!!

He was watching “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

*sigh* What is the world coming to…..

johnboy 11:51 pm 05 May 05

people drive with TV screens in japan, although they do have lower limits.

seriuously though, nothing is as distracting as another human being in a car.

are we going to ban them?

andy 11:27 pm 05 May 05

er, i mean left.

andy 11:26 pm 05 May 05

it probably is against the law.
i don’t get why we need to legislate common sense though
but i guess we do

where abouts was he driving ? did he turn right onto ginninderra drive, heading towards charnwood ? i hear that suburb is rather bereft of common sense

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