Mulcahy of the magpies

johnboy 15 November 2006 28

Sacked Liberal deputy leader Richard Mulcahy is not being idle on the backbench. Having taken a day to consider life’s vicissitudes (I can’t believe I got that spelling right first go) he’s thrown out a slew of media releases on matters great and small.

What got my attention was his concern for magpies being poisoned in Civic.

“According to RSPCA sources, it is suspected that up to 30 magpies were poisoned over a three-week period in October. Tissue samples have been taken from the deceased birds accordingly and the pathology results from those samples are pending”

Surely this isn’t Bill Stefaniak’s latest ploy to alienate potential voters? But it if isn’t then what kind of sicko gets off on this?

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28 Responses to Mulcahy of the magpies
Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:24 pm 16 Nov 06

“Whoever has poisoned the poor maggies should be strung up in the trees in Civic for all to stone.”

…and for the surviving magpies to peck at.

I’m beginning to think that Wagga Wagga is actually Bob Katter’s internet handle.

el el 2:45 pm 16 Nov 06

Logical comments? WW sounds more like a broken record trying to relate everything back to how bad the Liberals are.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 11:04 am 16 Nov 06

We’ve noticed.

bonfire bonfire 9:45 am 16 Nov 06

i prefer to use softhead as my catchall insult.

Avacry Avacry 9:43 am 16 Nov 06

Yes you are quite correct AD, you share the same ability at forming your own opinion as w_w.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 8:51 am 16 Nov 06

Hey AD – he can be as offensive as he likes. I’m just waiting for one of your “logical comments”. Soon as I see one, I’ll quit my bitching.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:30 am 16 Nov 06

seriously you guys are a bunch of whiney pathetic wankers.. someone turns up.. makes a few logical comments (some may be a little ill-informed, but no less than you fools).. shuts most of you down in a rather inoffensive way.. and you all start whinging… pathetic…no wonder the world is up shit creek if the majority of the population are as fucking stupid as you guys.


jube jube 11:11 pm 15 Nov 06

arseclown: Roy & HG started a campaign on one of their late-night shows many, many years ago to add this word to the general English vocabulary – they even held a competition so the public could nominate the word to campaign for.

Whoever has poisoned the poor maggies should be strung up in the trees in Civic for all to stone.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:49 pm 15 Nov 06

PUH-lease! Someone shut this idiot up!

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 10:21 pm 15 Nov 06

Dear Pissed

What else do you do with your Mum?

And stay away from the dogs too.

johnboy johnboy 10:03 pm 15 Nov 06

Seanbaby is, as ever, an excellent guide in these matters.

The English language increases by thousands of words every year, GLAAD. You should be happy that a lot of them might describe you and what your club likes to have sex with. And in the distant future, where we’ve run out of new nouns, our children’s children can conceive of new ways to describe homosexuals by adding the word “ass” in front of all existing nouns. For instance, Ass Gardener.

Jey Jey 9:58 pm 15 Nov 06

‘arseclown’ was used on the WWE by Chris Jericho long before Bad Santa.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 9:53 pm 15 Nov 06

Hmmm – I thought arseclown was something either bonfire, lurkergirl or thumper came up with – but there you go…

Shauno – the beef with w_w is the fact that s/he has turned up, talked shit and has failed to make any cogent statements or arguements, rather than any deficiencies in the ol’ queen’s english.

pi55ed pi55ed 7:27 pm 15 Nov 06

w_w you and your oxygen deprived mate oz_uni should form a duet.

It certainly would be a great combination of the last of the critical thinkers.

Make sure mum kisses you goodnight when she tucks you into bed tonite.

ps: shauno, i’ve been wondering where the “arseclown” comment comes from! (thanks)

shauno shauno 6:40 pm 15 Nov 06

Actually from an observers point of view the people getting wound up about wagga wagga need to relax. I’m not a great speller or sentence writer myself but who cares its a blog. And there are more posts wasting time winging about Wagga Wagga then there are posts from Wagga Wagga. lol

“arseclown” its from the movie Bad Santa and a funny movie it is to.

boomacat boomacat 6:22 pm 15 Nov 06

arseclown – I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that one before…classic!

Heavs Heavs 4:45 pm 15 Nov 06

With Crazy_Chester

Heavs Heavs 4:44 pm 15 Nov 06

There seems to be a proliferation of ass-clowns in the last few days. W-W and Oz_Uni should go out and have a beer together.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 4:35 pm 15 Nov 06

ww – are you trolling, or just an arseclown?

FC FC 4:11 pm 15 Nov 06

Oh My god wagga wagga – what are you in primary school.
What a tool..

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