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Mulcahy of the magpies

By johnboy - 15 November 2006 28

Sacked Liberal deputy leader Richard Mulcahy is not being idle on the backbench. Having taken a day to consider life’s vicissitudes (I can’t believe I got that spelling right first go) he’s thrown out a slew of media releases on matters great and small.

What got my attention was his concern for magpies being poisoned in Civic.

“According to RSPCA sources, it is suspected that up to 30 magpies were poisoned over a three-week period in October. Tissue samples have been taken from the deceased birds accordingly and the pathology results from those samples are pending”

Surely this isn’t Bill Stefaniak’s latest ploy to alienate potential voters? But it if isn’t then what kind of sicko gets off on this?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Mulcahy of the magpies
pi55ed 7:27 pm 15 Nov 06

w_w you and your oxygen deprived mate oz_uni should form a duet.

It certainly would be a great combination of the last of the critical thinkers.

Make sure mum kisses you goodnight when she tucks you into bed tonite.

ps: shauno, i’ve been wondering where the “arseclown” comment comes from! (thanks)

shauno 6:40 pm 15 Nov 06

Actually from an observers point of view the people getting wound up about wagga wagga need to relax. I’m not a great speller or sentence writer myself but who cares its a blog. And there are more posts wasting time winging about Wagga Wagga then there are posts from Wagga Wagga. lol

“arseclown” its from the movie Bad Santa and a funny movie it is to.

boomacat 6:22 pm 15 Nov 06

arseclown – I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that one before…classic!

Heavs 4:45 pm 15 Nov 06

With Crazy_Chester

Heavs 4:44 pm 15 Nov 06

There seems to be a proliferation of ass-clowns in the last few days. W-W and Oz_Uni should go out and have a beer together.

Mr_Shab 4:35 pm 15 Nov 06

ww – are you trolling, or just an arseclown?

FC 4:11 pm 15 Nov 06

Oh My god wagga wagga – what are you in primary school.
What a tool..

wagga_wagga 4:03 pm 15 Nov 06

Have a cry – Avacry

Cry baby ……..

terubo 3:55 pm 15 Nov 06

Glad you added that, Avacry!

Avacry 3:50 pm 15 Nov 06

Post directed at w_w 🙂

Avacry 3:49 pm 15 Nov 06

Congratulations for being one step closer in learning how to construct a sentence.

Please go away again and learn how to construct your own opinion on matters instead of posting a predictable diatribe of crap.

terubo 3:45 pm 15 Nov 06

It’s a form of fight-back, JB…when turfed out on your ear, post a raft of media releases just to show up the other tossers who’re too busy stabbing each other in the back to care about anything else.

snahon 3:39 pm 15 Nov 06

Why w_w ?? You seem to find a way to blame everything on the liberals – have a crack at this one as well…

wagga_wagga 3:20 pm 15 Nov 06

I think I’ll leave this one alone – I mean Stefaniak, Mulchay, poison and birdshit all seem so well matched.

S4anta 2:42 pm 15 Nov 06

I think the bigger issue is wether these birds were intentially poisoned, or have they been consuming things that poses a public health risk?

In built up areas magpies often resort to scavenging to compete with the beloved mynor bird and its fellow cronies.

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