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Murder in Holder ?

By hellspice - 9 January 2010 31

I happened to be at a friends house last night in Holder when there was a large number of Police cars started showing up down the road then forensics’s etc.

They put high fences up with blue tarps and had a big lighting system on pole lighting up the whole block and generators running.

My friend spoke to a police officer  searching around in the park across the road and apparently he said he cant say anything but there had been a murder at the scene.

I drove past this morning on the way to work and it had been all packed up and gone.

Anyone else have any more information on what may have happend ?

UPDATE: AFP Media have been in touch with the following statement:

Neither police nor forensics attended an incident of significance in Holder during the period described.


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31 Responses to
Murder in Holder ?
dr phil 9:43 am 11 Jan 10

Any movies ot T.V shows being filmed in Canberra?

H1NG0 8:49 am 11 Jan 10

Cover up!

I also had a weird experience on the weekend. I was sitting out on my deck on Saturday and saw three small baloon shaped flying objects moving quite quickly through the air without gaining altitude. There was literally no wind at all so they couldn’t be balloons. All seemed to be following the same path and two were almost in formation. I wonder if AFP know about this as well.

ramblingted 6:41 am 11 Jan 10

You were mistaken- the ACT doesn’t have any murder, though we do a nice line of manslaughters..

Nick D: ASIS on home soil?- I’m thinking Sheraton Hotel

Anna Key 9:40 pm 10 Jan 10

Maybe the AFP was dealing with some double parked taxis

greenman117 11:46 am 10 Jan 10

weird dude…some shady stuff is definately going down in holder. GREENMAN OUT!

sunshine 10:46 am 10 Jan 10

weird – wonder what it was/is

busgirl 12:06 am 10 Jan 10

…either Hellspice…you need to stop smoking pot…or there is some serious shit going down in Holder….

Anna Key 10:24 pm 09 Jan 10

UFO landing?

NickD 9:48 pm 09 Jan 10

Pandy said :


Hugely unlikely on Australian territory.

juniper62 7:31 pm 09 Jan 10

Acutally i was driving past the area in question on wednesday night and i had to divert my car as there were at least 5 police cars(approx), a cherry picker with lights and a blue tarparlong and lights surrouding the said area, the generators were on until at least 1-2am.

Cameron 7:19 pm 09 Jan 10

haha – imagine the police officer saying: “I can’t say anything, but there was a murder”

bd84 2:56 pm 09 Jan 10

someone lost their donuts..

Pandy 2:22 pm 09 Jan 10


pptvb 1:58 pm 09 Jan 10

Nothing to see here. Move along.

gospeedygo 12:53 pm 09 Jan 10

They was avin’ a party.

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