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Charity and fundraising auctions for the Canberra community

Music for puppies for junior musicians

By BimboGeek - 19 July 2010 18

[First filed: Jul 16, 2010 @ 17:46]

rspca bbb image

I’ve just received a very confusing email about something called “Battle of the Backyard Bands” which is a shiny new fundraiser for RSPCA ACT. The email is a media release, I’d link to it on their website but their “most recent media releases” page runs out in September 2009.

Charities sometimes do some pretty random stuff and call it fundraising. Sometimes it’s vaguely related, sometimes it’s a gala event people would like to attend and sometimes it’s just silly.

However registration is already open for $50 per band.

Not content with a single day event the RSPCA has scheduled 10 heats and a grand final event all to be held in the prestigious Deakin Football Club. I imagine they are expecting a few thousands of bands to apply?

So Canberra amateur musicians, reach deep into your pockets and submit your registration. It will help to raise your profile and something about the puppies too apparently. Somehow.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Music for puppies for junior musicians
georgesgenitals 8:43 pm 19 Jul 10

BimboGeek said :

It’s also OK to ingest body fluids during sexy time if those fluids are freely given…
… I don’t like vegan cheese much and rarely eat it.

What about if you take these fluids and make cheese from them?

BimboGeek 8:36 pm 19 Jul 10

Vegan babies are fed human milk freely given by a member of the same species. It’s also OK to ingest body fluids during sexy time if those fluids are freely given. Cannibalism is probably a bit naughty although vampirism is fine if there’s a mutual consent.

Just do whatever’s logical. I don’t like vegan cheese much and rarely eat it.

Pork Hunt 8:30 pm 19 Jul 10

Sorry BG, looked at your websites and don’t need any tofu thongs and as to “dairy free cheese, is that anything like “dairy free milk”.

Are vegan babies fed mothers milk or is that taboo as well…?

BimboGeek 8:15 pm 19 Jul 10

Pork Hunt said :

When was the last time you bought leather shoes?

I don’t buy leather. I buy lots of other lovely things though!

Andrew Rickard said :

BimboGeek – if you would like a meaningful discussion with me about this lets see you publish your real name.

LOL – As if I’d publish my real name!! Good luck with your fundraiser, I’m sure it will be lovely. xx

Andrew Rickard 7:53 pm 19 Jul 10

Well BimboGeek – the name quite obviously describes your nature, but for those who now believe there is something wrong with the battle of the backyard bands because of your ill considered remarks I, the organiser of this fundraising event will explain:

The Battle of the Backyard Bands is a series of competitions for people who do not earn their primary income from music (ie amateurs like me). The purpose of the event is to gain publicity for the Canberra Music Workshop (the non- judgemental workshops you refer to) and in doing so raise money for the RSPCA – something the event has already gained success with.

The event is run by a group of volunteers associated with the CMW (see the canberramusicworkshop website) which is itself a volutary endeavour.

Any lack of clarity over how this event is being run and for who and why etc is entirely my fault in organising and communicating with the RSPCA, who have done a great job in setting up Battle of the Backyard Bands.

I encourage anyone interested in local live music take a good look at the event website via links at the cmw site or the RSPCA site. I am sure most people won’t find it so complicated.

I suggest that instead of pontificating on the faults of others who’s motives and actions you would no doubt be incapable of even understanding that you put your energy into supporting others who are actually capable of achieving something worthwhile for the community.

To everyone else I say – come and see the Battle of the Bands – each week from August 5

See you there, regards Andrew

PS BimboGeek – if you would like a meaningful discussion with me about this lets see you publish your real name.

Pork Hunt 7:44 pm 19 Jul 10

BimboGeek said :

The main cause of animal cruelty is your diet.

Nuff said, I’m not getting into an argument on the topic.

Last time I looked at an encyclopaedia, humans were omnivores. As a result, I choose to eat many things.

PS When was the last time you bought leather shoes?

Dougal 7:10 pm 19 Jul 10

Of course you won’t. You’ll just preach your views, blame meat eaters for all that is bad and wrong in the world, and then block your eyes and ears.

Don’t concern yourself with the reality of what places like the rspca try to do

You should definitely start working for animal liberation. They need more people like you.

BimboGeek 6:58 pm 19 Jul 10

The main cause of animal cruelty is your diet.

Nuff said, I’m not getting into an argument on the topic.

Dougal 6:44 pm 19 Jul 10

Please enlighten us bimbogeek, what are the main causes of animal cruelty that the rspca does nothing to stop?

Animal liberation appear to need all the help they can get to be taken seriously, I hope they take you up on your offer

Pork Hunt 6:41 pm 19 Jul 10

So BG, in your oft expressed opinion, what does “stop the main causes of animal cruelty”?

BimboGeek 12:29 pm 19 Jul 10

It wasn’t an attempt at sarcasm, it was successful.

And if RSPCA want me to notify them that their website is out of date they can damn well pay me for it. RSPCA ACT is a publicity machine with 50 paid positions that does nothing to stop the main causes of animal cruelty. Why would I help them for free?

However if anyone from Animal Liberation wants any help with their website or other publicity work, please feel free to post your details.

I-filed 5:45 pm 18 Jul 10

Attempting to kill a fundraiser with ignorant dissing like this is really nasty stuff.

To counter some of your attempt at heavy sarcasm:

Ten heats with a few bands each hardly adds up to thousands of entries needed.

Many of Canberra’s top music venues over the decades have been in footy clubs, basements of dingy hotels etc. Not to mention the MacGregor Hall. What has “prestigious” got to do with anything?

Senator Humphries is a pretty good choice of celeb. As would be Annette Ellis, or Kate Lundy, or one of the local pollies. I expect any or all of them care about animal welfare.

You find something wrong with a non-competitive approach to a competition? Without focus on prizes? QI, Spicks and Specks, Rockwiz, New Inventors, and a host of shows on the commercial stations come to mind in a millisecond.

Lastly, Bimbogeek, did you let the RSPCA know that their webpage was out of date? Presumably they rely on volunteers. I don’t like reading your snide approach to a fantastic organisation.

Antagonist 1:01 pm 18 Jul 10

Perhaps they are giving local artists an opportunity to distance themselves from the Ozzy Osbourne ‘bat incident’, lol.

Jivrashia 1:13 am 18 Jul 10

Sarcasm much OP?

Thumper 9:27 pm 17 Jul 10

If the RSPCA want a donation then I’ll give them one. This just sounds silly…

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