Myotherapists/ostheopaths or similar in Canberra. Where do you recommend?

MellyG 1 April 2011 11

I am after an myotherapist to help me fix my wrist which has ongoing tendon inflammation/soft tissue damage/weakness.

Any one have any suggestions?

If none exist in Canberra, I am up for going to an ostheopath – or whoever will offer the most holistic and effectic treatment.

Recommendations for therapists and/or treatment will be extremely valued. I need it fixed!

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11 Responses to Myotherapists/ostheopaths or similar in Canberra. Where do you recommend?
qwerky qwerky 8:53 pm 05 Dec 12

I too would love to know if there’s a myotherapist in Canberra, but I suspect not. There are plenty of them in Geelong (because it’s close to Melbourne where they train), and they’re missing out a great opportunity by not starting up practice in Canberra. Myotherapy is the only thing that’s helped my chronic crook neck. (plug for you Angela Byrt if you ever Google yourself!) So if you know a myotherapist who’d like to move to the Can, give them a nudge. I’d be first in line to book an appointment!

Suzie_Fluzy Suzie_Fluzy 7:08 pm 14 Apr 11

I have been told by many people that the best osteopath in Canberra is a man at Swinger Hill. Apparently worked wonders with a few children 🙂

RuffnReady RuffnReady 2:38 pm 02 Apr 11

Adrian Rumore is an excellent physio, and I highly recommend him (he helped me to rehab a severe occupational overuse shoulder injury), but he’s not available back at work until June as far as I know.

ThisIsAName ThisIsAName 1:28 pm 02 Apr 11

ns said :

Dexterity Health

I’d disagree – took someone there who had booked a consultation for a back injury. The osteo pretty much did a massage and completely missed the source of the problem! They also had someone there practising homeopathy, which is a real warning sign.

Give Adrian Rumore (in Kaleen) a call – he might be able to assist (and he isn’t a garden variety physio).

walking by quietly walking by quietly 1:14 am 02 Apr 11

Canberra Osteo +1

ns ns 3:13 pm 01 Apr 11

Dave at Dexterity Health

trix trix 2:01 pm 01 Apr 11

Canberra City Osteopathy is excellent.

Bosworth Bosworth 1:54 pm 01 Apr 11

myotherapy/osteopathy are scams.

go to a real doctor who practices medicine.

Fiona Fiona 12:00 pm 01 Apr 11

georgesgenitals said :

I too could use a good hand-job.

I’m sure I could find you a link for that too. Would you like an evidence-based one?

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:55 am 01 Apr 11

I too could use a good hand-job.

Fiona Fiona 10:01 am 01 Apr 11

How about a hand physio?

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