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Mystery Chopper

By paperboy - 3 April 2006 22

Can anyone shed some light on the helicopter that’s been in Canberra’s skies for the last few days.

It appears to be mostly white in colour, so it probably isn’t a defence chopper, and has been seen since late last week, generally in the North Canberra area.

Tonight, it was doing some ‘after dark’ work around Dickson.

After all the Canberra Times aerial shots in Sunday’s paper I thought the mystery had been sold, but it’s still buzzing around!!!!

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Mystery Chopper
Thumper 5:06 pm 04 Apr 06

I believe Radio AM SGS use a fixed wing aircraft.

So, put the tin foil hats back on, the mystery is yet to be solved.

Sssanta 4:58 pm 04 Apr 06

Ahh 2CC, about as helpful as Stevie Wonder in a landmine field

Ralph 4:10 pm 04 Apr 06

I suspect 2CC’s ‘traffic helicopter’ is just a bit of background noise which sounds like a helicopter, and some tweaking to make the bloke’s voice sound like its coming through a cockpit headset.

If they’ve got a chopper buzzing around Canberra, why the fark do they ask people to call in if they come across something on the roads?????

bonfire 3:25 pm 04 Apr 06

the chopper was looking for people who had broken their pledge not to drop cigarette filters on the ground.

a team of shock troops would be despatched for reeducation and contact counselling if one was observed.

annie 2:48 pm 04 Apr 06

Shauno, it’s not about necessity; it’s about being seen, having a local presence.

Hiring a helicopter for this reason is much cheaper than employing more journalists to actually cover the territory. (They have 1 per shift, ie:2, right now).

So it’s not a waste of money. 2CC would have to spend it in the first place anyhow to qualify for that category.

shauno 2:34 pm 04 Apr 06

Speaking of 2cc traffic reports. What a total waste of money having a plane flying around Canberra for traffic reports. The traffic in Canberra is so predictable and only on a few main roads that it’s totally unnecessary.

Absent Diane 12:28 pm 04 Apr 06

the chopper was investigating crop circle sitings near lake george…

wonsworld 11:57 am 04 Apr 06

Maybe the 21 gun salute was for Pro Hart?

Firing paint at the NGA hehehe

Growling Ferret 11:50 am 04 Apr 06

Someone will know – and it may be related to the chopper flying around – who was the (21?) gun salute for at 10:30 this morning?

Ralph 11:24 am 04 Apr 06

2CC’s ‘traffic helicopter’.

Ari 10:03 am 04 Apr 06

I, too, was suprised by the unexpected Hudson on Friday.

I reckon it’s great to live in a town where such rare planes are a common sight.

Thumper 8:57 am 04 Apr 06

Better still, I went and had a beer at the NGA on Friday afternoon and was surprised to see a WWII RAAF Hudson bomber thundering overhead, not once, but twice.

It appeared to be doing fly pasts down ANZAC Parade so I can only think that ANZAC Day preparations are already underway.

As for the chopper, yes, I saw it flying around over civic this morning at about 0730.

Time to put on the tin foil hats all of you out there that are that way inclined.

b2 9:58 pm 03 Apr 06

i saw that unmarked police car in civic too, but it was parked at the loading zone near the afp headquarters.

and in terms of the ones last week, there was a silver one early in the week (possibly to do with blair) and then a smaller white one (probably the canberra times) later on.

TAD 9:50 pm 03 Apr 06

Well the Pilot car is the lead car in a VIP convoy, this week the Chinese Premier. Perhaps the helicopter has something to do with the visit????????????????????????????????

Geoffco 9:39 pm 03 Apr 06

I saw an unmarked (apart from the lightbar & numberplate) AFP car with a funny looking arial and the numberplate “PILOT” cruise through the civic bus interchange about 3 minutes after I saw the chopper hovering over the anu area… Would be interesting to know if they were related…

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