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Mystery fire trucks & pods

By MR15 - 9 October 2010 31

fire brigade pod

Hi all,

Thought i’d share with you some interesting stories going around about two newly commissioned ACT Fire Brigade pod carriers (link to pic below) Lots of questions being asked on why they are based at a very secure site. One senior fire brigade officer quoted in saying: “There are reasons for them being at a secure facility. But I am not at liberty to make further comment.”

Some vistors to the site said they went through security clearance and were blindfolded before being driven there.

Rumours saying that it definately has nothing to do with normal security issues or terrorism/counter-terrorism.

The pods are used for HAZMAT, Urban Search & Rescue purposes etc, but they are also being used for transporting something else…

Another senior MFB firefigher from Melbourne says that this is very unusual; as fire appliances and pods across the nation are based at the fire stations which are already secure.

Anyway I dont know… You can try to contact ESA and persuade them to give you answers but I dont think it will get you far 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

UPDATE: The ESA has had this to say:

The ACT Fire Brigade has two POD trucks (platform on demand) and a number of PODS (similar to freight containers) that are being fitted out for urban search and rescue and other specialist functions.

Other fire services in Melbourne and Adelaide already use a similar system which allows for flexibility in service and enhances specialist capability.

They are not a secret and when commissioned will be located at a fire station as are all appliances and specialist equipment that we use. While being fitted out, the trucks are located in Mitchell.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Mystery fire trucks & pods
Deckard 8:02 pm 09 Oct 10

Transformers. Robots in disguise…

NickD 6:35 pm 09 Oct 10

Why on earth would anyone choose a bright yellow customised semi-trailer to move secret stuff around? – these are probably the most conspicuous vehicles in the ACT.

Doc Dogg 6:30 pm 09 Oct 10

homeone said :

Definately using these to transport AUSAIDs secret pot plants.


Captain RAAF 5:55 pm 09 Oct 10

FEMA death camps have come to Oz! I Told you that society had no way of coping with a disaster, the 15 minutes trapped in an elevator was just the beginning, now the real disaster is upon us!

homeone 5:50 pm 09 Oct 10

Definately using these to transport AUSAIDs secret pot plants.

Chaz 5:09 pm 09 Oct 10

what’s with all the secrecy? if our tax dollars are paying for this crap then tell us what you’re spending it on

Gerry-Built 4:52 pm 09 Oct 10

creative_canberran said :

Besides, what’s beyond terrorism…

Intentional pandemic to ‘thin the herd’?

bd84 3:50 pm 09 Oct 10

Also used for mass donut deliveries to fire stations?

matt_au_70 2:25 pm 09 Oct 10

This post is a a pile of BS, taken out of context from another forum by someone trying to make a name for him/her self, stole the image and made the story up , it was a bunch of guys on a trip taking pictures nothing more nothing less your a tool!

creative_canberran 2:20 pm 09 Oct 10

I think the original poster is a bit dim and just trying to pretend he leads an exciting life. Claiming all fire stations are secure sites is what gave him away, they’re not. You can stroll into one quite easily, they rarely close the vehicle bay doors.
Besides, what’s beyond terrorism… UFOs?

planeguy 2:09 pm 09 Oct 10

Where are these interesting stories going around?

“One senior fire brigade officer quoted….”
Where are these quotes?

“Some visitors to the site said….”
Who did they say it to? Dis they talk to the OP, or is MR15 just reposting something a friend of a friend told him?

astrojax 1:03 pm 09 Oct 10

looks like thunderbirds are go!

p1 12:56 pm 09 Oct 10

Are they based in the secret bunker under the lake?

A Noisy Noise Annoys 12:29 pm 09 Oct 10


vg 12:16 pm 09 Oct 10

My thoughts are this line is total bullshit

“and were blindfolded before being driven there”.

There’s nothing secret about them if you have a picture FFS. They are being used to transport fire fighting equipment. That is all

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