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National Multicultural Festival 2008

By Kramer 9 February 2008 16

The multicultural festival kicked off last night with the launch & fringe festival in Civic. Today the festival continues with my favourite event: the food & dance spectacular in Garema place. From 11am delicious foods and drinks from all around the world will be on offer, and while you imbibe you can watch dancing displays from about 100 countries. More details are on the National Multicultural Festival site.

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National Multicultural Festival 2008
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ant 9:24 pm 11 Feb 08

I went shopping in Civic on sat arvo and never even realised this thing was on… Canberra centre’s got so big now that it’s easy to get trapped into not going outside at all.

Miss the Alcoholic Frolic. We used to get there while the grass was still wet with dew, and stake out a spot on the lawns in the gardens down from Regatta Point, in the rhododendrons. We’d bring deck chairs, the sunday papers, and lots of nice food. Then various of us would venture out to the paddocks to forage and bring back out kill, and word the others up as to what was good.

the hoons were being hoons in the paddocks, but in the lawns and gardens on the perimter, it was very civilised and we’d be long gone before the silly stuff started up.

The victorian policewomen’s marching band was always a highlight… they weren’t from victoria, and they weren’t police, and they weren’t women, either.

NH 1:15 pm 11 Feb 08

Nice to see life in Canberra. It was a great night out and theres lots more activities to come too!

Skidbladnir 9:44 am 11 Feb 08

I tried getting into Civic after I expected everything to be finished, but at 1am there were still massive lines to get in anywhere.

So I just went back to the football club and won myself a jackpot on the pokies, care of some old ladies’ pension.

barney 8:18 pm 10 Feb 08

It was a chance for the Grannies to get on the plonk and fight each other with their walking sticks.

Sands 7:44 pm 10 Feb 08

nah, you still had to get stinking drunk at the Frolic.

VicePope 6:23 pm 10 Feb 08

You mean, there’s something attractive to the masses that doesn’t involve people getting stinking drunk, harassing women and using cars as substitutes for brains and whatever other parts of their anatomy are missing?

barney 3:25 pm 10 Feb 08

lol. Just bring the wheelie bins into Civic!
Seriously though. I completely forgot that the Food day was on yesterday. I missed out, again!!!!!!


Nemo 1:30 pm 10 Feb 08

I think it turned into a huge drunken hoon fest.
People were turning up to commonwealth park with wheelie bins full of alcohol, then sat on the grass in the sun and just drank all day….it was great!

simbo 1:24 pm 10 Feb 08

Does anybody know why it got moved out of Commonwealth park?

GreenAnt 12:55 pm 10 Feb 08

I couldn’t believe the amount of people, and yeah more areas to sit wouldn’t go astray, A wonderful time was to be had though I think.

MelonHead 9:20 am 10 Feb 08

It was very crowded. It was good to see all the effort and intention, but a better venue would make a difference. As mentioned earlier the old Frolic was the go.

Peanut 11:57 pm 09 Feb 08

I got caught in the melee last year and refuse to go this year because the stench from all the assorted cuisines was worse than a very bad public toilet. A larger venue with some breeze flowing through would have made it at least marginally tolerable.

Jonathon Reynolds 11:44 pm 09 Feb 08

Gees… a larger location with grass to sit on?

I think they used to call it the Canberra Festival Food & Wine Frolic which used to occur in Commonwealth Park.

Nemo 11:13 pm 09 Feb 08

I went earlier today and thought the same thing Gnt. The space was too small for the amount of people.

They need to move it to a larger location with grass so you can sit down.

GnT 8:08 pm 09 Feb 08

Just came home from the food and dance spectacular, and it was great. Lots of people, which made it feel like the place was really pumping, though it made it hard to find a park, walk around and find somewhere to sit. Huge variety of food. The dancing I saw was entertaining (Kung Fu and Hungarian dancing) but in previous years I’ve been able to get something to eat then sit down to watch the dancing and eat at my leisure – not possible this year with the crowds, the performances were standing room only.

smokey4 1:50 pm 09 Feb 08

I assume the Japanese are offering their culturally signicant dish of Minke whale burgers.

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