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NCA gets an eager beaver… he wants to change things

By johnboy 12 January 2006 11

The Canberra Times is reporting on the new managing director of planning and urban design at the National Capital Authority, Todd Rohl.

Mr Rohl thinks the National Capital Plan is stifling development and makes a strident defence of the expansion at the airport.

(Just wait until you miss your plane while stuck behind hordes of bargain seekers making their way through the grid of tiddly roundabouts blocking access to the airport)

While I’m all for breakneck development in the non-NCA portions of the city I’m curious. Just what is he planning to change in the carefully constructed ceremonial areas?

What’s Your opinion?

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11 Responses to
NCA gets an eager beaver… he wants to change things
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benett 9:03 pm 13 Jan 06

Well. I had a job interview at the business park out at the airport. I travel via PT as I don’t have a car at this stage. The cost of a bus fair using deans bus lines to the airport from civic will cost you a staggering $5. After realizing the cost of travel via bus to the airport. I cancelled the interview considering I had various other job interviews around the same time. But $5 for a bloody bus ride to the airport is a fair dinkum joke man ! I know that this is getting off the topic. But why has action bus services taken away bus services after 9:40pm to and from town centres ?????? My sister couldn’t believe this after arriving from Sydney for christmas….I can remember a time when I could get a bus home from woden at 11:40 or so….WTF man ! What is going on folks….Should we have more barn yard dancing facilities … ????? Should we cancel all future expansion of residential development…Should we tell people to move to certain areas to provide demand for particular services ? Should we move to another state ? WTF WTF WTF !

Why do all canberrans rely on cars for transport…We are hardly leading the way in that area. And then u have some types of people (like a few on this site that post) that want to stop all types of development or progression…. Lets get our services back. Lets get some life back into the place. Lets stop using cars. 1 person per car to / from work each day 365 odd days a year is not a good thing for the environment…

I think I know the answer…But do people have to die before it can be valid ?

Blah blah blah…

seepi 5:31 pm 13 Jan 06

Adctually – maybe this guy will be able to override some of the bizarre rules in the parliamentary triangle, so the tourist attractions can actually put up useful signage outside the buildings.

Indi 10:30 am 13 Jan 06

Canberra no. plate – yeah, we care a lot!

terubo 9:54 pm 12 Jan 06

Nickname time. I like “Jam Rohl” although “Rockin’ Rohl” is a close second. As long as it doesn’t become “Bog Rohl”, we can all sleep safely.

seepi 7:10 pm 12 Jan 06

This guy comes from brisbane city council, which has a reputation for destroying their river frontage with freeways, and approving any and all development no matter the objections. And now he plans to make the way easier for developers in Canberra. Scary.

Thumper 3:24 pm 12 Jan 06

That sounds like the new gungahlin shopping centre.

A 68 Chevy Impala can barely get through those streets without wiping out pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Maelinar 3:16 pm 12 Jan 06

I have a question relating to developments;

Just when is the point of thinking about a development do you think that the architect thinks to him/herself: “I know, I’ll make super huge shopping areas or other high density structure, and I’ll put in no carparking and roads so small people will need to buy a specially designed small car to be able to drive there”.

I would like to be there at that point, with my shotgun.

bulldog 1:30 pm 12 Jan 06

That’s a great interpretation Indi! They should have written that on the number-plates which were the cause of oh-so-many interstate vandalisms!

Personally I liked the ‘feel the power’ campaign as well.

Indi 12:09 pm 12 Jan 06

feel the power was the best ad campaign I’ve seen yet for Canberra – it got everyone talking (mostly agro) and provided an entrenched perception of Canberra (and apparently its residents) that we live in a superior society, yet want to project signs of an altruistic and caring lot!

Thumper 11:25 am 12 Jan 06

Feel The Power (Again)?

Mr Evil 11:11 am 12 Jan 06

A new advertising jingle for Fairbairn: IKEA, IKEA, IKEA – Oi Oi Oi?

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