NCA working on their rival arboretum

johnboy 19 July 2011 12

The National Capital Authority has the slightly confusing news that they’re planting a formal entrance to the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum, not to be confused with the National Arboretum> further up the hill.

Thirty-six deciduous trees will be planted at the entrance to the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum this week.

Weather permitting, the National Capital Authority will today begin planting the 1.6 metre Pin Oaks (Quercus palustris ‘Free Fall’).

“These trees will formalise the entrance to the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum,” said Mr Gary Rake, NCA Chief Executive.

“It is one of a series of actions to come out of the master plan, which was completed by the NCA in May this year, following community consultation in 2010.

“Other works include tree pruning, a new entry road, conversion of an old amenities block into a picnic shelter and commencement of design for a new toilet block,” he said.

The Pin Oaks will be planted in a row on either side of the entrance avenue, with a second row of trees to be planted closer to the road early next year.

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12 Responses to NCA working on their rival arboretum
Ian Ian 10:16 pm 20 Jul 11

You can never have too many arboretums (or is that arboreta?).

They are the current day equivalent of monorails.

JessP JessP 8:51 pm 20 Jul 11

Why have one arboretum when we can have two!

YetAnotherBlowIn YetAnotherBlowIn 8:46 am 20 Jul 11

Ah, it would appear that you can’t embed images in comments (despite it working in the preview), in which case I’ll need to link to the more effective signage I had in mind.

YetAnotherBlowIn YetAnotherBlowIn 8:40 am 20 Jul 11

I’ve noticed some earthworks in this general direction as I drive down the parkway (and you have plenty of time to notice if you actually adhere to the 60km limit). Have they been attempting to re-align the entrance to the LPNA with Forest Drive in order to really compete with the National Arboretum?
Perhaps the trees should be accompanied by some more effective signage?

Jethro Jethro 10:25 pm 19 Jul 11

At least we can feed our disgruntled elephants.

“Hey any more arboretums around here?”

That conversation need never happen in Canberra.

Spectra Spectra 8:46 pm 19 Jul 11

yellowsnow said :

Seriously though — when will this arboretum mania stop? Whatever happened to building regular parks?

In fairness, the thing was planted out in 1957 – granted, it was only officially named as an “arboretum” 10 years ago, but I’d hardly consider it part of some recent “mania”.

Primal Primal 7:35 pm 19 Jul 11

Why do I keep reading that as “thirty-six delicious trees”?

dungfungus dungfungus 5:36 pm 19 Jul 11

Arboretums can be beautiful places such as the Arboretum Lussich near Punta del Este in Uruguay
Unfortunately, the “Arboretum Stanhope” is starting to resemble a theme park in a public service structured design exotic tree plantation. I hope most of the trees survive so in 10 years time it can be knocked into shape to at least resemble a real arboretum..

yellowsnow yellowsnow 4:52 pm 19 Jul 11

Don’t worry, with all those trees and secluded space it’s only a matter of time before it’s known locally as the Lynday Pryor arBEATum. Not to be confused with Stanhope’s Beat further up the hill.

Seriously though — when will this arboretum mania stop? Whatever happened to building regular parks?

R. Slicker R. Slicker 4:07 pm 19 Jul 11

Ah yes, “The Lindsay Prior Arboretum”. A much nicer name than Yarramundi Beat, as most Canberrans knew it as until around ten years ago 😉

grump grump 3:45 pm 19 Jul 11

When they finish paving paradise we’ll need those tree museums!

MERC600 MERC600 3:15 pm 19 Jul 11

Keep forgetting about the Lindsay Pryor arboretum. So this town is blessed with 3 of them. That will realy drag ’em in off the Hume.

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