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New bus timetables

By johnboy - 10 October 2006 48

Bill Stefaniak thinks the new bus timetables, commencing in December, are going to reduce services outside of peak times re-inforcing the roll of public transport as a shuttle for working commuters and not actually a transport system at all.

The new routes are up on the ACTION site any bus users out there want to comment on how the changes will effect you?

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
New bus timetables
VYBerlinaV8 10:26 am 11 Oct 06

“so are we saying that all government activities should be cost and profit driven? what do we want to call essential services that cannot be run at a profit and need to be paid for with taxes, coz thats what taxes are supposed to be for “

No. The point being made (and quite validly) is that as tax payers we should be getting the best possible service for our investment (our taxes). Government services by their very nature consume $$, they don’t make it. But that is no excuse for unnecessary inefficiencies, incompetence or wastage of resources. Don’t fall into the trap of equating strong business control with the need to make profit, in the case of government they are not related.

Avy 9:59 am 11 Oct 06

The “roll” of public transport? Will they be driving them more recklessly?

bonfire 9:50 am 11 Oct 06

I think ACTION do a reasonable job in peak hour considering a bus network is not ideal for mass transit, and Canberra would be better served by light rail linking town centres, employment centres and work centres – with buses shuttling around those areas dropping you close to your required destination.

However, thats not going to happen until Im Chief Minister.

These route changes wont really affect me. I prefer to use the bus for daily travel to and from work and those times are unchanged.

There is still odd route decisions: any of the 50 series buses should be routed down william webb off ginninderra and then onto william slim. either that or put more than ONE bus stop on william slim.

is there any particular route that has been shafted ?

Yet again sunday seems to be restricted to getting home before 6.30.

Good thing I have the stanley steamer in the garage.

che 9:44 am 11 Oct 06

so are we saying that all government activities should be cost and profit driven? what do we want to call essential services that cannot be run at a profit and need to be paid for with taxes, coz thats what taxes are supposed to be for

VYBerlinaV8 9:11 am 11 Oct 06

Mr Evil – I was thinking using buses even smaller than that (eg Toyota Coasters or even Hiace commuter style vehicles). The wage issue is always a problem.

Also, I’d be interested to see how good an idea ACTION really have of their running costs. A reliable source told me the other days that ACTION bus drivers volunteer their time (God bless ’em) using ACTION buses to take union members to rallies…

Mr Evil 8:49 am 11 Oct 06

As a bus user the new timetables don’t appear to be too much of a problem for me at this stage, as I am mainly only using the services during peak time. That being said, I do feel sorry for some people (not the unemployable/useless members of society – they can walk for all I care!) who may need to use the services during the day.

I think the fact that some services don’t seem to commence until 8 or 9am on a weekend is ridiculous though.

VY, ACTION has tried smaller buses on some routes with those horrid Pommy Dennis buses that they purchased about 8 years ago. I don’t know how much money it really saves though as most of the cost of operating the buses is probably going in wages to pay the person driving them. Maybe we’ll start seeing more Indian or Philipino drivers in the near future?

barking toad 8:42 am 11 Oct 06

All the more reason to build the warp-speed multi-million dollar bus lane so that the buses that won’t be running cannot run on it

VYBerlinaV8 8:39 am 11 Oct 06

Buses, like any service offering, need to be based around client demand to have any real chance of success. Of course it would be very difficult to rationalise services when everyone uses buses differently, but surely there are methods for delivering more effective service, which should lead to greater client numbers, more cash flow, and so on. Has anyone (ACTION included) ever done a real analysis of passenger movements? What about on routes where buses aren’t full? Is it possible to run a bus fleet that varies more in vehicle size (eg largest articulated vehicles between major interchanges, minibuses/vans on suburban routes)?

Surely there must be better ways to accomodate Canberra’s needs than just cutting some services in big chunks. A more granular approach to planning is needed, ACTION!

Thumper 8:23 am 11 Oct 06

It isn’t going to get any better….

Alice Russel-Wallace 8:16 am 11 Oct 06

Basically this means that if you can’t afford to run a car, then your options for moving about Canberra are incredibly restricted. I am not at all happy about the change to weekend timetables that mean that I can’t use route 42 to leave home before 8am on a Saturday and 9am on a Sunday. Let alone the ongoing absurdity of not being able to catch buses after 6:30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

andy 8:09 am 11 Oct 06

Still no buses out to the airport I see.
Of course, since they appear to be cutting offpeak services, buses to the airport would be useless to me, as if they don’t run them during peak periods, why would they run them off peak, when shifties such as myself might consider using them.
Although, an hour on the bus to be at work by 7am, fuck it, i’ll stay in bed till 615, then drive to work in time, and none of the traffic problems people harp about.
(except running the ‘tradie gauntlet’ down william hovell and through glenloch int.

johnboy 7:58 am 11 Oct 06

oh don’t worry, they’ll all read it.

Alice Russel-Wallace 7:54 am 11 Oct 06

This will mean that if I have a work shift on a Sunday (which I often do) I will have to catch a taxi into work (a $20 taxi for a daily wage of $90 before tax…that is not a good return). This is not good at all, how is anyone meant to get into any of the town centres without a car? I thought we were all meant to be moving towards public transport anyway? Perhaps the comments posted here could be compiled and forwarded to the Legislative Assembly, ACTION and the Canberra Times?

johnboy 7:49 am 11 Oct 06

ACTION might not want to know, but I’m interested in hearing from bus users how it will actually effect them.

Pandy 7:44 am 11 Oct 06

What the point/

The guy from ACTION said we are not asking for comments. This is the way it will be done.

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