New Canberra Scene – Shuffling!

Loose Brown 6 August 2008 11

I’ve discovered this gem of a video of one of a series of ‘happenings’ in Garema Place.

It seems there is a new dance style, ‘The Shuffle’. You do it to industrial style techno, and you wear out your sneakers pretty quickly.

And before anyone starts having a go at these guys, their (although sometimes unintelligible) comments are on the main, supportive of each other.

And because the people reading this are probably cutting edge, early adopters of alternative media and opinion internet sites, I am sure you will all be in favour of any emerging social trends that keeps the kids dancing, and making little videos such as this one.

I just want to know where they get their pants from?!?

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11 Responses to New Canberra Scene – Shuffling!
Avy Avy 1:34 pm 07 Aug 08

Wow, welcome to 1992, RiotAct.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 9:51 am 07 Aug 08

Ahhh, this isn’t exactly new, nor did it originate in Melbourne. This style originated in the clubs in the UK, namely London & Manchester. Check out the video clip of Free by N-Trance on you tube for a flashback ( about 2.30 in to the clip. Me thinks many a substance consumed during the filming of that little gem 😉

Regardless, cool moves from these Canberrans and that they are keep ing the 90’s alive. When will the 2000’s come up with something of it’s own?!

fnaah fnaah 9:26 am 07 Aug 08
fnaah fnaah 9:22 am 07 Aug 08

James Brown did this:

Then again, he brought it back from the 20’s:

cmdwedge cmdwedge 9:20 am 07 Aug 08

That’s just the but in Gareema Place.

Melbourne Pride!

darkmilk darkmilk 8:56 am 07 Aug 08

Wow, that brings back some memories from the early 90’s! It makes me feel quite old to think that if I’d kept some of those big pants they might be a niche fashion item again…

From the kiddies who brought you drifting…
That depends on how you look at it! When I remember dancing like this nobody had heard of drifting, it was just what happened when driving my old corolla to uni with worn out tyres in the wet 🙂

mattyf mattyf 1:57 am 07 Aug 08

@ant, speaking as an old time shuffler I can say your description is not that far from the mark!!!

ant ant 10:33 pm 06 Aug 08

Quite bizarre, cross between Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and Irish dancing! Horizontal Irish dancing? With rubbish bins around your legs.

harley harley 9:55 pm 06 Aug 08

From the kiddies who brought you drifting…

Shannski Shannski 6:04 pm 06 Aug 08

The pants = Phat pants, I got my pair from Melb!

mattyf mattyf 5:44 pm 06 Aug 08

Mate! The melbourne shuffle has been around since the early rave days. It’s evolved a bit with the running man version becoming more popular and the music changing from old school rave to hardstyle, but it’s still very much the same beast I remember from the 1990s. Go look it up on youtube.

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